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Bang for No Buck
Cannabis, Mushrooms & Breathwork
by Neopsy
Citation:   Neopsy. "Bang for No Buck: An Experience with Cannabis, Mushrooms & Breathwork (exp115674)". Erowid.org. Aug 11, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115674

100 mg smoked Cannabis
  50 mg oral Mushrooms


Iíve been doing the Wim Hof breathing technique nearly every time I get high since first trying it over a year ago. It intensifies the high to levels comparable to low dose LSD and psilocybin trips. Although the effects are short lived and in many ways different than the ones that psychedelics produce, the combo has been a great driver for spiritual development for times when there is no access to psychedelics.

This summer has been the first time Iíve been a regular cannabis smoker. Daily smoking has also turned breathwork into a consistent practice and the progress has been insane. Just before my most intense breathwork and cannabis experience I had a four day tolerance break, that brought my tolerance close to baseline.

It was approximately midnight when I found a month old bag that I had kept mushrooms in and there was still some tiny crumbs of the mushroom on the bottom of it. No more than a microdose, but even a microdose can intensify highs like crazy. So I checked my pipe too and lo and behold, there was around 0,1 grams of indica I had left in the base and forgotten about. I quickly came up with an idea: I could flush the mushroom bag with water to get all the crumbs out. So I did. After the leftover microdose, it was time to head out to smoke the leftover cannabis.

After finishing the base I was quite baked and even felt a small twist that the mushrooms brought. The next idea was to meditate, but after getting home and starting the meditation I decided it would be a better idea to do the wim hof breathing technique instead. The breathing I did was insanely lazy because of the indica, but still the first round made me see a single frame of a melting kaleidoscopic visual comprised of the primary colors. Never has the first round brought me even close to seeing visuals, so I estimated that doing more and better rounds would give me an unmatched breathwork experience.

Not even ten seconds into the second breath hold I already saw the same image and it slowly turned from a kaleidoscope to a sea of colors that started moving in various ways: sliding, pulsating and even vortexes of color were forming. Besides the visuals, another major effect was something I could only describe as the third eye opening. Although Iíve always been sceptic about the third eye opening even being a thing, I was now feeling insane pressure inside my brain, saw a bright white light come out of my forehead and even felt the presence of a higher spiritual being, a God. All the described effects got stronger and stronger until I had to breathe again.

I did a total of five rounds and every round the effects got slightly more intense, the sea of colours was moving like vibrant, colorful fluid dynamics simulation, I completely drowned in the white light from my third eye and at the end of the last set of breaths the higher being told me: ďYouíre now a better man.Ē It has now been around 20 hours since the experience and the statement has thus far been true. Iíve treated others slightly but noticeably better today and been on a great mood regardless of events that would have pissed me off on many other days. But only time will tell how long the positive effects last.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115674
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Aug 11, 2021Views: 289
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Cannabis (1), Mushrooms (39), Breathing (470) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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