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Pure Adrenaline
Citation:   ThePoobaman. "Pure Adrenaline: An Experience with Yohimbe (exp115461)". May 27, 2021.

T+ 0:00
1 capsl oral Yohimbe (extract)
  T+ 12:00 2 mg oral Deschloroetizolam  
  T+ 12:00 400 mg oral Fluorophenibut  
  T+ 24:00 0.5 capsls oral Yohimbe (extract)
  T+ 24:00 135 mg oral Caffeine  
I am writing this report to warn everyone about yohimbe, or more specifically a certain brand of it sold over the counter which is FAR too highly dosed. This brand contains 451 mg of yohimbe extract per capsule and is advertised as having 2% alkaloid content. That puts each capsule at around 9 mg of alkaloids. This brand is sold by a major American supplement retailer.

While those alkaloids probably aren't entirely yohimbine (the primary substance responsible for yohimbe's stimulant effects), even if it's just ~80% yohimbine the capsule contains three times the normal starting dose of 2.5 mg.

Now let me get on to my personal experience with this stuff. In a couple of words: it was fucking awful. I have experimented with a massive variety of stimulants and other drugs, many of which I have written about in my other published reports. And I have a significant stimulant tolerance, having been prescribed high-dose Ritalin during my teen years and having been a near-daily caffeine/stimulant user for the better part of a decade. I am a 210 lbs bodybuilder who routinely takes large stimulant doses before going to the gym. Before taking this stuff, I read other people's accounts of how strong it was. But nothing could have prepared me for this.

In terms of physical stimulation, the only thing I can think of is that even comes close to what this dose causes is 50-100 mg of ephedrine. I took it at around 1:00 p.m. yesterday and by 2:00 I was gripped with overstimulation and anxiety. I could barely eat, I was shaking, and I could tell that my body was having a lot of trouble regulating temperature because I was fluctuating between feeling ice cold and fiery hot. The whole time I was sweating profusely.

Compared to anything in the amphetamine or -phenidate family, This stuff is completely useless for any kind of cognitive productivity. There is minimal increase in motivation or focus, but there is a tremendous spike in physical energy. This spike is so sharp and dramatic that it puts even intrarectal cocaine to shame. I experienced severe tachycardia which had me considering a visit to the emergency room.
I experienced severe tachycardia which had me considering a visit to the emergency room.
The diarrhea was unspeakably horrible. All of this was about as fun as a strychnine overdose, or drinking an entire pot of coffee. This is a truly adrenergic drug, and as such it feels like pure adrenaline. An adrenaline rush is fun for a few minutes, but the fun stops when it goes on for hours on end.

As for the aphrodisiac effects, they are absolutely real. I had an involuntary and very strong increase in libido and performance, and had four orgasms throughout the duration of the experience. This was incredibly bizarre given how much anxiety and discomfort the substance produced.

The primary and extremely uncomfortable effects lasted about 5 hours. They gradually wore down and became more tolerable. But even 12 hours after taking the substance, I was 100% wired. I had to take 2 mg of etizolam and 400 mg of fluorophenibut to sleep, and even then it didn't happen until nearly 4:00 in the morning, more than 15 hours after I took the capsule.

This morning (or rather, this afternoon, since I slept until noon) I took less than half a capsule with about 135 mg of caffeine. That alone was enough to send me flying to the gym and give me an extremely high-energy workout. I cannot ever take a full capsule again.

I do think that I will continue to use this substance occasionally as a stimulant for exercise, but I really need to stress that nobody should take a full capsule for their first time. Each capsule contains about 700-750 mg of material (I assume that this is the 451 mg of extract plus some filler), so if you weigh out 350 mg or less that is a far more appropriate starting dose. If you're some sort of maniac, and you really need more than that, wait at least an hour before taking the rest of the capsule. Do not push your luck. Do not make my mistake.

Despite my negative experience yesterday, today's experience was a lot more productive and didn't feel like a heart attack.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115461
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: May 27, 2021Views: 1,496
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