Strange Side Effects When Combined
Divalproex, LSD & Gabapentin
Citation:   AntiGovtProtester23. "Strange Side Effects When Combined: An Experience with Divalproex, LSD & Gabapentin (exp115342)". May 23, 2021.

250 mg oral Pharms - Divalproex (daily)
  900 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin  
  2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  3 joints/cigs smoked Cannabis  
  200 mg oral Caffeine  
I have been on Depakote ER 250mg for about 2-3 months as a mood stabilizer and have been taking up to 900mg of gabapentin daily for anxiety for over a year. I often suspect I do not to be on both of these medications, but this experience report is intended to document the combination of the substances I took. I also am a regular caffeine and cannabis user.

Since starting Depakote I have tripped on LSD four different times all producing effects I did not previously experience on LSD before starting Depakote. During all four trips I experienced a great deal of joint pain after ingesting LSD accompanied by moderate pain in my upper left abdomen. I also feel as if LSD greatly increased my acid reflux when also taking Depakote.

This last time I tripped I decided I would take two tabs (roughly 100mcg each) and go for a walk out in nature around a lake near where I live. The come up produced stereotypical effects of giddiness, euphoria, and mild anxiety. I smoked a joint to calm my initial nerves and was quickly thrust into the full trip. A group of random college students had gathered to watch the sunset over the lake and make a small fire so I decided to join. They were all smoking weed so at this point I decided to smoke another joint myself.

After finishing the second joint I started to experience a greater deal of anxiety and decided I would take Gabapentin to calm my nerves as I had usually done in the past while tripping. About 5 minutes after taking the gabapentin I had the most violent acid reflux that almost came in the form of a dry cough which sent the very distinct taste of gabapentin all up my throat and mouth. This was rather concerning to me as it literally felt as if I had coughed up gabapentin powder. My anxiety gradually subsided into the night, however I had been going through a breakup with a longtime girlfriend and had already been experiencing some stresses external to my experience.

I had never had any of these physical side effects from LSD before starting Depakote, which makes me think there is some mechanism unbeknownst to me in which these medications are interacting. I had tried doing research online about the interaction, but there is little to no reliable information. I also felt as if my heartrate was elevated more so than usual when taking LSD, however this could also be accounted for by my recent uptick in caffeine use as I am finishing off a semester in college.

Overall I feel as if Depakote alters the way in which LSD affects not only my physical body but also the intensity of the visuals produced while maybe subtly reducing the overall anxiety produced by the LSD. Due to the number of substances in my body it is often hard to directly pinpoint side effects to one specific substance.

I am planning on trying to get myself off of depakote as I feel it was only really helpful in getting me out of a very anxious / manic state that had been caused by Trazodone.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115342
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: May 23, 2021Views: 1,615
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