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The Trip Was an Eye Opener
Cannabis (Bhang)
by vedu
Citation:   vedu. "The Trip Was an Eye Opener: An Experience with Cannabis (Bhang) (exp115340)". Apr 12, 2021.

300 ml oral Cannabis (edible / food)


Bhang - Never Thought Cannabis Could Do THIS

Setting: One and a half years ago, I had my first intense high on smoked cannabis. Since then, I have been smoking cannabis occasionally. I have not consumed any other recreational drug except for alcohol and tobacco. I stay at a university hostel in India. The festival of Holi is celebrated in India by drinking "bhang", a mixture of milk and a paste of super concentrated cannabis leaves. During the festival, my batchmates and I went to a makeshift cafe where bhang was being sold.

Trip Report:
2:00 PM
I was given the glass of bhang. It was a deep green, chilled, watery and milky liquid with the floral perfume-like fragrance of quality Indian ganja.
It was a deep green, chilled, watery and milky liquid with the floral perfume-like fragrance of quality Indian ganja.
The quantity must have been 300ml. I took a sip of it. Though it was sweet and flavourful, swallowing it made me feel like throwing up. Some of those around me were also feeling sick and gagging as they tried to down it. Once our group had downed it, we went back to the hostel. As I reached the gate, I started to feel off balanced. My speech was sounding sounding wonky. I was feeling oddly energetic and drowsy at the same time. I decided to take notes on my phone every few minutes to document my trip.

2:33 PM
I thought that the bhang had hit, considering half an hour had passed, and I was feeling a slight constant buzz (boy I was wrong and unprepared for what was about to come).

2:38 PM
I sat on a chair in my room and felt pinned to it. I was extremely comfortable though it was a plastic chair. Then, I decided to get up and walk. As I walked, my vision wobbled with my gait . It started to feel like I was in a dream. As I looked around, my distant surroundings like the view of the building's interior facade looked like a painting, broken down into lines, shapes, and colours, instead of being associated in my brain as something commonplace. Then, I decided to go to another room in which many people were present.

2:52 PM
At the other room, I joined my friends and watched them feel the onset of the high. Music was playing in the room and I began doing a slightly agressive dance.

3:00 PM
My body was automatically moving to music. The familiar feeling of seeing in frames like a slideshow began. I had a serious phone call with my parents regarding a personal issue. My voice was wonky but free flowing, it almost felt like I was automatically speaking my thoughts and my brain was on autopilot. As I thought about the matter discussed in the call, I went into a deep train of thought and it felt like the conversation was occupying other senses in my brain, besides sound. I could imagine faint patterns that went with the flow of the conversation.

3:08 PM The Peak
The people in the room were absolutely stoned and we were talking to each other. The effects intensified even further, and I could see trails in my vision. In my trip notes, I wrote that it felt like I was a game character (now that I'm mostly sober at the time of writing, I have no idea what that meant).
In my trip notes, I wrote that it felt like I was a game character (now that I'm mostly sober at the time of writing, I have no idea what that meant).
I could see my vision break up into faint patterns and textures. I saw flashes of moving colours and halos in my vision. At one point, it looked like everything was made of pixels or squares. However, the visuals weren't all that vivid; they were more dream like, or something that I could see through my mind's eye. Like, for a moment, I even imagined a glowing dragon. It almost felt magical. The vision in the edges of my field of view started to get dim, full of grainy patterns, and it felt like I was losing consciousness. The patterns in the corners of my vision even felt watery. Bright objects felt like they were full of life. A friend pointed to the louvers in the bathroom window, and said that they were a stairway to heaven. I looked at that bathroom window through which bright light was pouring into the room, and it felt cinematic and breathtaking to me. Later, I thought that I was about to pass out, so I ran to my room. Soon after, I got to know that more people had entered the other room, and I rushed back to the other room to interact with them.

Some people had started experiencing the negative effects. One person was throwing up, while another was disoriented, moving his body in a weird manner, unable to speak. I was finding it hard to understand what was happening around me. Feeling paranoid and stressed, I ran out of the room, fearing that I would lose consciousness.

As I went to my room and sat on my bed, I realized that this was the longest and the most intense high I had ever felt, and I was lucky to experience it. I felt that the peak was reached and the comedown was beginning, and it was "time to say goodbye". I wasn't feeling as energetic as before. I wanted it to end because of how disoriented I was feeling, but then I told myself that I got to choose how I took the trip as. I could put myself to sleep to end it, or stay up, think positively, and make the most of it. My "auto-imagination" was still creative. For example, I could see a mental image of my room with water gushing in, sunlight flowing in, and so on. Such mental images kept on racing through my mind, and I had no control over them.

4:17 PM
At this point, the comedown had begun, and I was feeling drowsy, disoriented, and my head started to ache. A few minutes later, I was still feeling exhausted and sleepy. I also had a bad headache, nausea and fatigue. Whenever I would try to sleep, I would get jolted out of bed by a feeling of my head spinning like a frisbee. After several tries, I managed to fall asleep at 4:45 PM.

8:10 PM
I woke up feeling giddy with a headache and weakness. At first, I neither knew what time it was, nor what day it was. I could still feel the negative effects. As I got out of bed, I walked to the hallway, feeling giddy, depressed, paranoid, and weak. I tried to go for dinner, but I turned back on the realization that I was too debilitated to make it to the cafeteria. The building felt empty as everyone else was asleep. I was desparate for human contact and a feeling of dread engulfed me.

10:48 PM
The majority of the high had subsided. I still was wonky and slightly disoriented. I ate some snacks and was feeling a bit better.

11:30 PM
This time, I managed to sleep without feeling like my head was spinning like a frisbee.

I woke up at 8 AM the next day, feeling better. I had sobered up almost completely. It felt like I had woken up after days of sleeping. I contemplated on how that was the most intense trip of my life. My extremely low BMI might have been a factor in magnifying the effects. No amount of drags from a joint or hits from a bong had ever gotten me that stoned. My roommate told me that when it came to cannabis, it was the highest he'd ever been in his entire life, in spite of him being a regular stoner. My friends and I discussed the trip that day. It made me respect cannabis as I had never expected such an experience. The trip was an eye opener.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115340
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 12, 2021Views: 1,158
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