Silent Battle of the Fractals
MPT Fumarate & Cannabis
Citation:   nervewing. "Silent Battle of the Fractals: An Experience with MPT Fumarate & Cannabis (exp115277)". Mar 24, 2021.

T+ 0:00
140 mg oral MPT  
  T+ 1:13   vaporized Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 6:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
Base tryptamines are a curious bunch--base tryptamines being defined as a tryptamine without any additional modifications. Or in other words, the names of many tryptamines are prefaced with a 4-HO, 4-ACO, 5-MeO, etc. A base tryptamine is just the base structure without anything added to it.

All of them seem to have low oral bioavailability, or in the case of DMT, none at all, by virtue of being metabolized into inactivity in the liver. Many of them dose orally in the range of 100 mg or more. Many see higher potency via other routes of administration, such as intranasal or vaporization. Most base tryptamines are sold as freebases, ideal for vaporization, the most common route of administration for their use. I for one, am too lazy to obtain or set up a rig for vaporizing tryptamines, so I opt for oral administration whenever possible. Rarely, however, are base tryptamines available as a salt, which allows for greater oral availability and more stability. When I saw MPT fumarate available on the market, I jumped at the opportunity to sample it.
This report is the last of several trials I attempted.
This report is the last of several trials I attempted.
80 mg yielded threshold effects, while 120 mg was similar in intensity to the 140 mg detailed in this report (that being a mild, nonvisual, and functional but noticeable psychedelic)--a fairly shallow dose-response curve. Perhaps higher doses or other routes of administration would yield interesting results.

T0:00- Dose taken.

T0:20- Onset, feeling a bit nauseous and lightheaded.

T0:45- Feeling stimmy, dizzy, definitely a sensation of an oncoming psychedelic. It is woozy with a sensation of stirring some turbulence at the bottom of a watery sinkhole. Something is coming from somewhere deep and dark. No visuals really, some light concentric patterns on surfaces, though this might just be my HPPD. When I close my eyes there are faint morphing shapes and fractals, colored in deep blue. Everything is still subtle though, like a premonition. I just feel a bit off-base, a bit anxious and shaky.

T0:56- There is so much bundled up tension I need to let out, it feels like coils and springs are building up in my muscles, pushing at their boundaries, demanding release. I feel a sense of vertigo, flighty, as if I could be levitating right now.

T1:04- Very nauseous, seeing slight color shifts with eyes open and stripes and concentric patterns on surfaces, though it is still subtle and barely there.

Closing my eyes however, reveals a different world- though it is cast in a perpetual dimness it still makes itself apparent, a pulsing and dancing void, the swirling and undulating walls of its boundaries patterned with fractals and paisley patterns resembling an oriental rug. They close in on me, becoming an esophageal tube convulsing with peristaltic motion, bulging and receding like oil on surface of unseen waves, the patterns dancing along with whatever force propels their surface.

It is a dizzying array of patterns, first something like a grid of paisley forms, their edges adorned with fractal patterns, though soon the whole scene is flushed with a radiating palmetto form, colored in a dull green-yellow-white gradient, washing over and smothering the other pattern with a wall of overlapping scales. Their grip is tenuous though, and soon the space between the scales begins to crack and bulge as spinning violet astral shapes, their points decaying into a red fractal chaos, one that breaks the line of the previous fractals, pierces the armor of the green palmettos, and soon the violet stars flush the scene and claim their dominance. This would continue with all variety of odd forms and patterns, like a food chain in which one eats the last only to be consumed by the next. The next to break through was another set of radiating palmetto fronds, resembling sunbursts or fish fins, cast in orange and violet like a sunset. Continue ad infinitum.

T1:13- Open eyed visuals, shy and reclusive, poke their heads out just a bit- overlapping concentric forms like great clouds of scales materialize on the walls and ceiling, pulsing, waving, undulating. I smoke a bit of cannabis. Mentally, the experience is lucid. There is a sense of dissociation when I close my eyes and sink into the void of the great fractal battle, but I feel entirely functional, I can hold a coherent conversation through instant messaging. I am definitely off-base but probably not in a way that would isolate me from the general public. Itís a very mild drug that lends itself to a degree of intensity of I allow it to, by closing my eyes and sinking into the bed and letting that world take me. But beyond that void, it is something fairly unremarkable. I vape a bit of cannabis oil.

T1:42- I feel restless but I donít know what to do with myself, just sitting still and shaking a lot while I read news articles on the internet. More intense psychedelics have a push to them, a vibrancy that can make just lying on a bed and listening to music an exciting and enlightening experience. This is absent here. If I want to get something out of this substance I have to reach deep into it and drag it out myself, I have to be the one to do the work.
If I want to get something out of this substance I have to reach deep into it and drag it out myself, I have to be the one to do the work.

T2:51- Lots of nervous fidgeting. I need to run out to the market to get produce for dinner later. The market is nearby, an open-air produce extravaganza, with relatively fresh but extremely cheap fruit and veggies of every variety. I am a frequent customer. There is nothing about my current state that makes me hesitant wanting to go out in public, it feels like an entirely manageable task. I just want to get the errand done and be back in the coziness of the house without it hanging over my head.

T3:18- Back at my house now. Interacting with the clerk at the market was awkward--I was taken aback to hear my own voice when I spoke--odd and unnerving. There was also some difficulty with the payment, compounding the overall discomfort of the situation. Walking around presented no issue, I had almost full control of my motor skills, feeling a bit off balance, though I was ultimately being driven by a stimulation and sense of warmth, a barrier against the cold albeit pretty and sunny day.

T3:30- Right on schedule, another part of the MPT experience I have come to expect made itself manifest: A sudden wash of nostalgia, emotional sentimentality, a tug on the heart strings that fills me with warmth and nearly drove me to tears. In this I cite similarity to my experience with 5-MeO-DPT, where there was a sudden upwelling of emotional vulnerability and emotional depth on the tail end of the peak. The great fractal battle that was swirling and churning with my eyes closed earlier no longer presents, no matter how hard I search for it. Open eyed visuals are all but absent now too, signaling that I am indeed crossing into the tail end of the experience.

I really begin to bask in the glory of the sun of the day, now that I am warm and indoors. It really is a beautiful day, it really is beautiful when the glistening rays of this distant ball of fire bless the surface of our rock with light and life and warmth, it is difficult to wrap my mind around something so powerful that it provides us with so much light and warmth from so far away. I want to go to a part of the house with more west-facing windows, to really catch its full glory. I want to engage in something nostalgic and familiar- to play an old videogame I played when I was a child or something to that effect. I want to listen to the music I listened to as a teenager, I want to empathize with my past selves and lay pity upon the poor youth that would be fated to turn into the abject mess of a person I am today. At least the product of that childhood was still alive, something that would seem quite unbelievable years ago. The task of the hour becomes lying comfortably, basking in sunlight, reminiscing on experiences that have made me smile.

T6:00- The experience hasnít progressed much in the last few hours, itís been a slow and gradual downturn. I smoked a bowl of cannabis, ate lunch, and then went out to run another errand I had forgotten earlier. I didnít feel sober, and didnít quite feel exclusively under the influence of cannabis. Interaction was still awkward in that unique self-perpetuating way it is under the influence of psychedelics. Interacting with people while running my errand still felt off and awkward and I definitely didn't feel sober with this interaction but I feel like I am lucid and down otherwise.

T6:30- A friend stops by to pick some things up from our house. I am really not feeling much anymore, even by the metric of interacting with another person. I would consider myself fully back to baseline at this point.

Conclusion: At this dose, MPT is still a mild psychedelic. Perhaps it can be pushed further with higher doses--I feel like I could weather a more intense bodyload. But Iím busy and have many substances to test out and wonít be devoting more time to it in the near future. It is notable for presenting little to no sensory effects, only mild open-eyed visuals. The closed-eyed visual space is simultaneously dim and vivid, triggering a dissociation into an undulating swarm of fractals. This was exciting and interesting, but ultimately the highlight of what would prove to be a fairly boring and lackluster experience. Another unique feature of MPT seems to be a sudden wash of emotional rawness, vulnerability, and nostalgia as the visual peak begins to taper off. This is pleasant and introspective and could probably serve utility to someone if they timed it right, perhaps if they didnít desire intensity in any of the other aspects of the experience.

I have not really combined a fully active dose of MPT with anything else, so I have no comment on how it would perform as a mixer, though perhaps that interesting emotional space and closed eyed space could be compounded and accentuated by something else. Perhaps Iíll revisit that someday in the future, but I donít feel any particular draw to explore this substance further. A curious novelty but not anything particularly astounding. If I were to revisit it perhaps I would try an intranasal dose, and for those looking to investigate this compound further, that may be an interesting avenue to travail.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115277
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Mar 24, 2021Views: 1,908
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MPT (804) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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