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Some Enchanted Evening
Citation:   Roosevelt. "Some Enchanted Evening: An Experience with Cannabis (exp115067)". Sep 11, 2023.

2 hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)
I had arranged to meet up with some friends to celebrate one of my friends' birthday at a local restaurant. I walked about 4km to the restaurant. I only ate some fries one of my best friends, Ben, very kindly bought for me out of his own money. All of our close friends are there and we have a great time until around 7:00 when we finish and leave. One of my friends, Ian, suggests we go for drinks. Now, I'm the youngest in my circle of friends, most of whom at the time were freshmen in University while I was still finishing High School. My friends debated for what felt like forever outside the restaurant about whether or not it was okay to ditch me so that they could go for drinks when another one of my friends, Eddie, tells me that he had some pot in his car and he'd be happy to share some with me. I had smoked with Eddie and other friends before at parties but I had been very heavily drunk almost every time I tried it, and I found any high I could feel to be incredibly disappointing. This would be my first time taking it unadulterated.

Eventually, Me, Eddie, and Ian walked a short distance over to Ian's car. By now it was late, the sun had set and it was getting dark very quickly. We were in the heart of town and, as we got in, Eddie suggested we drive over to Mount Victoria, this hill that overlooks the entire city, and agreed that it seemed like a good place. Ian drove and I remember he had Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" playing as we drove up this twisting and turning road onto a hill. Eventually, we arrived at the top of the hill, this tourist trap-y lookout. By now the sky was black, and our original plan was to smoke either on the lookout or somewhere in the local wilderness, but as we pulled up, we realised that there were way too many cars nearby for us to really be able to do this. After a few minutes and a brief discussion, we pulled off in search of a place where we could be alone. A very short drive later, we pull up slightly downhill, down this backroad, just across from these really creepy-looking public toilets, and we agree this is the place. We get out and, after a short break to piss, we all head down this steep forested trail and "set up camp" by a tree.

Eddie brought an indeterminate amount of pot with him, but it was definitely enough for two cones for each person. Eddie smoked with this device called a "squeegee" (a plastic bottle cap with a bowl built into it, designed to be screwed onto a pop bottle, think something like a poor man's Gravity Bong). He quickly got to work with a half-full water bottle from Ian's car, squeezing it, and loaded the first bowl. Eddie lights the top of the bottle cap (and the weed inside), while I hold the bottle Ian takes it and, almost immediately after inhaling, coughs. He takes another cone. I'm next, and I take two cones. I actually started feeling nervous that I hadn't actually taken any of it in, because the pot went down pretty well, I wasn't coughing my lungs up. Eddie had the last hit, and I tried my best to assist him, but as he lit up, I could definitely feel the effects. I couldn't focus, my lips and mouth became numb and it felt really good to bite my bottom lip. I started smiling.

After we smoked everything we had, we packed up and headed back up to our car. I remember slipping at one point. We weren't walking on the path, rather, an incline of mostly dry and crumbly dirt, but I wasn't too phased, and quickly got myself back up. As I was making my way to Ian's car, which wasn't that far away, I realised how powerful this high would get. I felt lightheaded, dizzy and it felt harder to walk.

We piled into Ian's car with Ian in the drivers' seat, Eddie in the passenger's and me sitting in the backseat. I just tried to sit back and relax. I began to feel my mouth getting dry, which is an effect I knew about but had never actually experienced up until this point. Ian and Eddie were busily discussing how fucked up they were, but I wasn't really paying that much attention. I ended up getting this sensation that I'm living reality in "frames per second," every movement I make feels more intense, slower and in slow-motion. However, the most powerful sensation was a "swirling" sensation through my entire body, especially in my head, eyes and mouth. It was as if my insides were being very slowly churned by a large stick. This swirling sensation felt very blissful and pleasant for me,
the most powerful sensation was a "swirling" sensation through my entire body, especially in my head, eyes and mouth. It was as if my insides were being very slowly churned by a large stick. This swirling sensation felt very blissful and pleasant for me,
and I preferred to let it happen. In my mouth, which at this point had dried up save for some really gross saliva with the consistency of paste, I soon started to feel my tongue involuntarily licking my teeth. I felt as if my teeth were spinning like they were the Wheel of Fortune, and my tongue was like a pointer, although I knew it was just my tongue moving around my mouth. I couldn't stop moving my tongue in a circular motion, around my front teeth and across my cheeks. Every now and again Eddie would screech about how fucked I was to Ian, but, again, I never really cared. I was in a constant and uninterrupted state of bliss.

When I checked the time it was 10 o'clock, and Ian either wanted to get food or to get home. So, against both me and Eddie's wishes and better judgement, he started his car and drove down the hill. I was probably just peaking around this time, but even in my messed-up state I still knew it was unsafe to drug drive, which kept me on edge, although I was still very calm and relaxed. It doesn't help that Ian wasn't the best of drivers even when sober, and wasn't even on his full license yet.

I remember Eddie calling my friends, who were still at the bar, and agreeing to meet up with them so he could head home with them. Despite Ian's horrible driving, we made it to outside the bar without incident and Eddie got out, and we thanked him for the weed. He drove me home. We drive up these backroads and, to my surprise, we get to my house at around 11:30 without incident. I thank him for the ride and hop out, and try to sneak my way into my house.

I live outside my house in an outdoor room, but I still wanted my mum to know I was home safe without raising suspicion, because I knew that, in my current state, I wouldn't be able to feign sobriety if I got caught. I hoped that she had gone to bed, because if she had, I felt like I could text her from my room that I had got home, but as I snuck down the side of my house I could see the lounge light overlooking my room was on, and my mum, and my little brother and sister were sitting, watching a movie. I was paranoid so I just went into my room, locked the door and lay down in my bed. I don't believe she or anyone else noticed me.

In bed, I felt amazing, physical and emotional euphoria. I still felt like I was moving in slow-motion, but the feeling was far more mild now, which I liked, because it felt more manageable. The next thing I remember I woke up at 3:30 in the morning, still a little bit baked. I pulled my phone out from under my pillow and realised my mum had sent me a couple of texts just recently, and was scared for my safety. She thought I might have been kidnapped or something like that. I very quickly texted her back to let her know I was in my room, and had been since around 11, and said I was just feeling very tired. It turns out she had spent the entire night staying up waiting for me to come home.

This experience I had was very strong and I found it to be overall a very interesting and relaxing experience. After waking up at 3, I fell asleep again and slept for 6 hours. When I woke up, I felt totally sober, yet both physically and mentally relaxed, a state of mind and body that lasted for about a week.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115067
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Sep 11, 2023Views: 309
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Devices (302), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Relationships (44), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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