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Stimulated for Quite Some Time
DOM, Alcohol & DOC
by Henk
Citation:   Henk. "Stimulated for Quite Some Time: An Experience with DOM, Alcohol & DOC (exp114985)". Jan 29, 2021.

T+ 0:00
2.5 mg oral DOM  
  T+ 3:00 200 ml oral Coffee  
  T+ 3:00 500 ml oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 6:14   smoked Tobacco  
  T+ 6:45   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 0:00   repeated buccal Nicotine  
  T+ 10:44 1 mg oral DOC (blotter / tab)
  T+ 14:26 2.5 mg oral Etizolam  
  T+ 21:57 1 mg oral DOC (blotter / tab)
  T+ 21:57 10 mg oral Amphetamines (capsule)
  T+ 23:10 1 cup oral Coffee  
  T+ 27:43 16 mg oral Amphetamines (capsule)


Background and intentions

I have had a fascination with psychedelics since I was 15 after doing mushrooms which I could legally purchase in a store back then. More recently I discovered PiHKAL and in 2019 began purchasing some of the materials that were mentioned there. This includes DOM which I had purchased around Christmas 2019, but since then only tried once before. The time I took it before is probably two or three months ago. Iím not certain on its effects back then since I took it when drunk. I took one 2.5mg blotter woke up tripping with slight visuals, but went back to sleep. I really canít remember anything apart from that.

I feel psychedelics have made me a nicer person in general. Not that I was a bad person, but I feel it truly enriches oneís life. I say this because having done psychedelics is at often times a lot of fun, but can also really put me in my place (bye ego). Iíve had times where there is an amazing afterglow for weeks, but have also experienced times where I was so glad to not be tripping but experience the ďunaltered worldĒ. Even though at times it has been difficult using psychedelics, I count myself lucky as to never have had a ďbad tripĒ. I donít think psychedelics has caused any harm to me. It really just puts things into perspective and allows me to enjoy living my life even more.

I was hoping to experience DOM without being drunk and compare it to DOC. I really like DOC, amazing trip with a lot of euphoria but somewhat clear headed thinking. I had been thinking about doing DOM this weekend throughout the week and planned doing it early this Saturday. I donít think tolerance is in play, or at least very low. I had 25mg 4-HO-MET previous Sunday and 5mg of 2C-E on Monday. A little bit of speed during the week. A lot of drinking though, probably over 130 grams of ethanol every evening (6+ beers and some liquor). My drinking habit has become a bit extreme since lockdown, but Iíve always been able to consume large amounts without too much trouble.

Previous experience with substances that severely alter the consciousness or generally makes one not sleep for long stretches of time include: most of these numerous times DOC, LSD, 1P-LSD, 2C-B, 2C-E, 4-HO-MET, mushrooms, LSA seeds, salvia, racemic amphetamine, 2-FA, 2-FMA, 3-FPM, 4-FMA, 4F-MPH, MPH, MDMA (pill and crystal form), cannabis (not a regular user, even though Iím in the Netherlands), ketamine. I feel I have experienced slight stimulant psychosis in the past, even though I was sane enough to recognize it in myself, it is a bit frightening. I have also recognized this behavior in others and it is not fun. Thankfully itís nothing a good nightís sleep wonít cure. I say this because the DOx compounds donít usually go well with sleeping for long stretches, so I try to prepare myself.

I also feel compelled to write a detailed experience on DOM since even though it has been first tried in 1963, it has relatively few experience reports.


Had meant to tidy my apartment before the trip, but didnít get around to it. Iím a messy person in general, which is I why I try to clean so tripping is easier, not stumbling over stuff. Had 6 large beers on Friday evening/night and went to bed late at 02:00. I donít use any medicine or supplements.


It was a tiring week in general, working over 45 hours and going to bed late nearly every evening with a lot of beer. Woke up on Saturday at 11:00 feeling pretty tired, went back to sleep and woke up around noon, spent another 1-2 hours in bed before getting up. Feeling really lethargic and even slight headache which is very unusual for me, usually the only headaches I get are from heavy drinking, which I hadnít the previous night (for my standards). I suspect a slight caffeine dependency to blame though. I donít usually get headaches when not drinking caffeine, but I am a regular caffeine drinker for the past 16 years. I can drink over a gram of caffeine per day easily, but also go a day without entirely and not have headaches. Also been doing some nicotine pouches the past few weeks. Must say I still like nicotine even though I quit smoking regularly years ago. I feel ďlockdownĒ due to covid-19 might be wearing me down a little bit. Really not a lot of social stuff going on, even though I am busy during the week with work.

The experience

I will shortly reflect on the day before taking DOM, since it better illustrates set and setting. Be wary it might be a bit long, so feel free to skip to retrospective.


Alone, in my apartment. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon end of November, not too cold out with temperatures around 8-10 degrees Celsius during the day. Not a lot light out this time of year. Especially when only getting out of bed at 14:00, heh. I like it when it rains though, I feel strangely attracted to dreary weather and especially love snow.

I had to cycle to my motherís home in order to ďfixĒ a computer system of mine. I made one 200ml cup of coffee (with 17 grams of coffee, Iím a nerd Ė I know) and ate breakfast. Shortly after 14:00 I go out on my bicycle and cycle the short ride there, about 10 minutes. I donít remember the headache being there, so I guess itís gone by this point. I fix the issue swiftly, pet my motherís cat which was sleeping on the chair when I got in. My mom isnít home this weekend. I head out after fixing the issue and instead of going directly home I decide I go for a bicycle ride for leisure. I havenít really been exercising a lot lately, usually I practice martial arts twice a week. But we canít now because of social distancing.

Itís not raining when I start the bicycle ride. I cycle through a busy area of the city and really enjoy it. This is where I grew up and it really brings back memories. I really enjoy just looking at people moving around the city. I used to do this a lot a few years ago. The bicycle ride takes me out of the city along some country roads. There is a lot of traffic out, not a lot of cyclists though so I donít encounter much traffic directly. I cycle a route I used to take a lot when I was younger and went out to Amsterdam with friends. Itís fun doing it again. It starts to drizzle a bit but I donít mind. I head back over a bridge over the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, a major waterway connecting Amsterdam to the Rhine. There is always a lot of ship traffic here and I enjoy watching the large cargo ships as I cycle alongside a bicycle path that is right next to it, heading back home. I encounter few others, since it is a rainy, dreary day and hardly any cars pass this road. Itís mostly a bicycle path. When getting back near the city outskirts my battery died (electrically-assisted bicycle). So the last 6 kilometers I have to power purely by myself. It get home at around 16:30, pretty wet and cold from the bicycle ride, I didnít bring rain gear since I wasnít planning on doing this long route. The complete bicycle ride has taken me nearly 2 hours and I have travelled about 40 kilometers.

I was still not sure of taking DOM since the start of the day felt less perfect.
I was still not sure of taking DOM since the start of the day felt less perfect.
However, the bicycle ride made a really great impact on my mood so I decided I would try a low dose. I planned on taking 5 mg (2x 2.5mg blotter), but decided to start lower. This is where I started to take notes. I will report on experience after taking DOM and write my short comments that I took and reflect at the end. It might not be too interesting reading the notes as they are short. They do however pretty accurately reflect the timeline.

16:49 (T+00:00): I take 2.5mg blotter and just wash it away with water. I feel leaving DOx blotter in my mouth first doesnít add much other than foul taste. I have done it before but really cannot say if it really speeds up onset. After taking the blotter I take of the wet clothes and jump in the shower. The top part of my legs and knees is very red because of the wet denims that I had on while cycling.

17:05 (T+00:16): My knees are really itching badly from the cold and the rain. After showering I put on some leisure clothes and make two toasties and eat them with ketchup as Iím feeling slightly hungry and suspect my appetite wonít get any better after taking DOM, having previously experienced no appetite for over 24 hours with DOC. Iím pretty good at forcing myself to eat luckily. I suspect this is where a lot of people make mistakes and experience negative side-effects from malnutrition.

17:32 (T+00:43) Nothing yet. I believe Iím watching some youtube videos about stuff that interest me at this point.

17:39 (T+00:50) Maybe an alert, colors feel different and more alive.

17:42 (T+00:53) Definitely starting to feel something, feet are beginning to feel lighter.

17:55 (T+01:06) I feel some energy starting to rush through my body. Not sure what to do with it yet.

18:11 (T+01:22) Iím starting to yawn a lot. I sort of feel tired but also feel very energetic in my legs.

18:14 (T+01:25) Definitely something starting with regards to visuals, very slight though.

18:17 (T+01:28) As I feel tired and not sure what to do during come-up I decide to lay on bed, watching some stuff on my phone.

18:22 (T+01:33) Body feels relaxed, but also tense. If that makes senseÖ Not sure how to explain. Definitely a (++) on the Shulgin scale now.

18:31 (T+01:42) Feel slightly chilly, I tuck in my shirt.

18:38 (T+01:49) Definitely feel some sexual energy growing. I can see how this material can help in that area. But I donít pursue.

18:42 (T+01:53) Stretching my legs feels really nice. Also I feel my nasal passage is very ďopenĒ. I struggle with hay fever during the summer time and am a heavy snorer so it feels nice to be able to breathe.

18:57 (T+02:10) Feels like plateau is reached.

19:15 (T+02:28) I feel my muscles spasm in my legs, definitely some body load. Very benign compared to DOC though. DOC at 2.5mg can really feels like itís eating me up at times. Especially at the end. Iíve had times I felt my hands were actually clenching a fist and hard to undo this.

19:27 (T+02:40) I note there is no euphoria felt, still yawning a lot. In a sense it feels like a ďcoldĒ substance. At least at this dose.

19:40 (T+02:53) I note a metallic taste in my mouth, a friend invites me to play a game of Counter-Strike online and I accept. I feel like making a coffee first though since I feel that Iím lacking energy. This might not be entirely objective at this point.

19:44 (T+02:57) Iím in the kitchen listening to techno music on my portable speaker making coffee as I notice that Iím starting to dance around a little bit to the music. It feels nice dancing and I must say I rarely do this alone, let alone at home. Definitely the DOM that makes me do this and the music sounds good. As Iím making myself a cup of coffee I donít feel as coordinated as Iím used to. I end up taking 18 grams of ground coffee with 200ml of water.

19:49 (T+03:00) I get behind my computer with my cup of coffee ready to do some gaming. The coffee tastes the same it always does. Iím on teamspeak with the friend that invited me and two other friends join. Two of them are my best friends that I have known since I was 10 years old, but I consider them all close friends, even though the third friend have never met in real-life.

19:55 (T+03:06) I notice the visuals are still slightly increasing. Still only a (++) though, during the games we play the visuals are noticeable but not in a way that they impact my gameplay. Itís mostly colors that are more vivid and objects seem to breathe when Iím standing still for a while in game.

20:18 (T+03:29) I feel Iím a bit tense and not sure if Iím being completely natural. Probably me overly reflecting though. I think I could have passed off being sober. Iíve tripped with these friends before but I donít tell them I took DOM. I donít suspect they notice. I decide to drink a 0,5 l bottle of beer to release the tension a bit. Also this is what weíve been doing throughout the week, so it feels natural to take a beer. Itís my only one though.

20:24 (T+03:36) I stand in the mirror noticing my pupils are slightly more dilated than usual. Not that big really.

After this this point in time notes were taken on my computer, before that I wrote them down in my notebook. The following notes were taken while playing Counter-Strike with my friends.

20:27 (T+03:39) Colors more vivid, definitely.

20:28 (T+03:40) Playing the game is much fun, I even notice a really very much ďforcedĒ smile on my face. I.e. the DOM is making me smile a lot. This is not a regular type of smile. :) Not unpleasant though. I guess the DOM might be boosting my emotions a bit.

21:03 (T+04:15) Body load is certainly there. Still really easy going compared to DOC or 2C-E.

21:36 (T+04:47) Intense laughter. We usually have a lot of fun playing, but I note that this amount of laughter seems somehow enhanced because of the DOM.

21:46 (T+04:57) Body feels tight, not as tight as with DOC though.
21:46 (T+04:57) Body feels tight, not as tight as with DOC though.

22:39 (T+05:50) Done playing games. Another friend joined in the meantime so it was the five of us. Playing Counter-Strike was really fun on DOM. It definitely did not make me feel introverted, perhaps a little bit of the opposite actually. I continue with hanging laundry that I put in the washing machine earlier. It feels somewhat chaotic doing this, but this might be mostly because I feel Iím thinking about a lot of stuff while hanging the laundry. It seems the laundry is hanging just fine, but the the thoughts make it feel as if I keep re-starting the laundry hanging. Even though any on-looker probably would not think the same.

22:45 (T+05:56) I put on techno music and currently it feels to me that it doesn't feel as "together" as it usually does, as if there are multiple sound tracks playing and I can discern them very well . Even though I played this set earlier this week and it felt more ďwholeĒ.

22:55 (T+06:06) Even though I'm slightly dancing/moving to the techno as I was hanging the laundry, my extremities feel cold.

23:01 (T+06:12) I notice that while staring out the window while hanging laundry, I don't feel as if I don't want to be seen. I note this because it is not like with mushrooms or LSD, that I feel like I donít want to be seen by the outside world. It's now ~23:00 and there are few people outside, but still some cyclists and foot traffic that could see me, if they would look up three stories.

Also I note that there is a lot of gas and it smells foul, definitely suspect it has to do with the DOM.

23:03 (T+06:14) I feel like I should start writing this report, but want to experience outside first so I go stand on my balcony. Standing there I decide it's time for a cigar, Iím not a regular smoker anymore, but enjoy a small cigar when tripping usually. While standing outside I accidentally inhale and nearly puke, this normally doesn't happen, probably old habits from smoking cigarettes. Or DOM made my mind wander off.

I realize I'm not going to be asleep anytime soon and the thought appeals to me. It seems DOM really is a catalyst in thinking about stuff, even though I don't feel really organized in my (physical) actions a lot of times.

23:24 (T+06:35) Body feels really nice, the lights in my room feel like they are morphing continuously, definitely colors seem a lot warmer. I change the colors to something blue since it feels better.

23:34 (T+06:45) I feel goose bumps, I get these a lot during this trip. I note that sometimes I even have to twitch my head a little to get rid of the tension. Some sort of ďelectricĒ energy surging through my body from time to time. This happened after I switched the music to drum and bass, the music and lyrics stir something in me, leaving me feeling strong emotionally.

At this point I start writing down the report in a text processor. I open up a bottle of fizzy wine (750ml, 10.5% ABV) that I got as a gift end of 2018. I donít really drink wine usually, but it adds nicely to the DOM and I donít think really affects it much. Also, I only had one beer which is probably the reason I open it.

01:47 (T+08:58) At this point Iíve typed most of what is written currently in this report. I look at the wall and my vision is no longer distorted in that I would say stuff is moving. It feels ďsomethingĒ is there still though. Body load is definitely this still there. Colors still seem to shift continuously, breathing in a sense. Since starting to type this report Iíve also taken two 3 mg nicotine pouches buccally. While writing the report so far I feel like I should take more psychedelics. I decide not to though. Just to limit the amount of substances used and present an accurate timeline for just using DOM. (For nowÖ)

01:51 (T+09:02) At this point I move back to the living room and sit on the couch planning to watch some Netflix. I note that I feel relatively tired. I donít feel like going to bed still though. I took notes of my heart rate throughout and it really wasnít much higher than usual. Currently 82 bpm. Probably raised more due to alcohol and nicotine than the DOM really. I take the physical notebook to the living room to further note experience.

02:01 (T:+09:12) I feel like eating a little so I make some instant noodles and eat them. It tastes the same as it always does.

02:24 (T+09:35) Feeling tired now. Still felt like opening a bottle of champagne though (750ml 12.5% ABV), which I did.

02:43 (T+09:54) Thereís some very loud fireworks outside but Iím not really rattled by it, so not really any paranoia is there.

02:51 (T+10:02) Feel really emotional watching a animated show about WW2, even though I was hesitant at first. It seems DOM might still be making me feel a little more emphatic.

03:33 (T+10:44) Despite this having been a lovely experience, something compels me to take 1.0 mg of DOC, so I take half a blotter of 2.0 mg and wash it down with water. Shortly after though I fall asleep. So I guess at this point I could have just gone to bed without trouble sleeping.

04:55 (T+12:06) I wake up on the couch, DOC definitely started to do something, visuals increased. I notice there is still a glass full of champagne on the table. I put it in the fridge and walk to bed, falling asleep again. The bottle of champagne is half empty.

07:15 (T+14:26) I wake up in bed, feeling very restless. Definitely a lot of DOC magic going on, visual field is very much littered with green specks. Itís raining outside. I notice Iím yawning a lot, pretty good body load. Feeling this is not a state that is very beneficial currently I decide to take 2.5 mg of etizolam to try and sleep a bit. This seems to work, I probably sleep within a half an hour.

14:19 (T+21:30) I wake up again. Visual field is definitely still distorted, more so than at 03:33, when I took the DOC. Body load is still there, not in a an annoying way.

14:34 (T+21:45) When urinating I note the color of the urine is dark, but nothing too bad. So I guess Iím not really dehydrated that much. I tried my best drinking water along the way. Since the glass and bottle of champagne is still in the fridge, I drink the rest of it. The fizz is mostly gone. It doesnít taste as nice as it did the night before.

14:47 (T+21:57) General state of mind is OK, just feeling a bit strung out and tired. Still up beat and in a good mood. I take the other half of 2.0mg DOC blotter and 10mg of amphetamine in a capsule. Intention? Not sure, maybe just have a good time. At least it will provide some insight in whether or not I can keep re-dosing DOx-compounds with effect after nearly 24 hours.

15:42 (T+22:53) Visuals increasing again, so DOC is definitely still adding effects.

16:01 (T+23:10) Some euphoria is slightly growing. I make a cup of coffee (13 grams).

16:11 (T+23:22) Visuals still increasing, still not over (++) though.

16:16 (T+23:27) The sun is setting, the colors it projects onto the wall are pretty beautiful to look at it. Feels like I should go outside and at least enjoy the last bit of day light.

16:52 (T+24:03) I decide to head out for a walk, sun has already set though. I plan to go to the shop and buy some groceries too. Iím definitely slightly tripping, the world is mostly the same though. Especially colors are brighter and water seems crystal clear. Walking through the neighborhood the body load is definitely there and I donít feel as composed when walking. It feels very ďspeedyĒ walking. I notice Iím looking around at my environment a lot.

Mentally, Iím slightly hesitant before entering the shop but actually it all goes fine. I donít stand out at all and everything feels natural and relaxed going about doing business. Even while we currently have to wear masks and what not. So no paranoia at this point.

Navigating traffic by foot was easy for me, perhaps I was a bit more cautious than usual.

17:46 (T+24:57) Get back home, toilet (no diarrhea, but not too good either, I suspect DOM/DOC to play a part) and shower. Back to writing report after that. When getting behind my computer I notice visuals stronger than when I was outside.

18:35 (T+25:46) Body load is still there, pretty nice feeling to be honest. Still get muscle spasms occasionally.

19:16 (T+26:27) Going to game again, I feel so strung out though. Not sure how this is going to work out. Also drink 6 beers (44cl 5.0% ABV) starting from this point.

20:32 (T+27:43) At this point my actions feel like itís purely hedonism. Visuals still there, body load there. Music still sounds very stimulating. I take another 16mg of amphetamine in a capsule. At this point I must note I am completely aware that my state of mind is altered and does not feel ďnaturalĒ. I am definitely not completely myself.

21:38 (T+28:49) Bzzzzzzz, still going strong. Sorry, I tried writing down something more useful at this point but did not manage.

00:05 (T+31:16) Still awake playing games. I cannot begin to think how rough tomorrow, Monday morning, will be. At this point body load is nearly gone though. My mind feels calm, stimulated. Visual perception still altered but not really a lot. Taking these relatively low doses didnít really do much in the visual department.

01:04 (T+32:15) Still not asleep, drinking more alcohol. Very much ďawakeĒ.

02:05 (T+33:16) Going to bed now. Still feeling too awake though. Wish me luck. Still a very slight body load from any of the DOx that I have been taking for so long now. I sleep within 10 or so minutes. Didnít take anything to ďhelpĒ with sleep. I guess the alcohol might have helped though.

Next day, Monday morning

09:45 (T+40:56) I wake up, feeling a bit tired but other than that fine. Probably mostly lack of proper sleep than anything else. Mentally I feel back to baseline, physically however I feel that still something might be there, ever so slightly. No headache though and not feeling dehydrated. I reflect upon the note that I wrote before at midnight that it might be rough, but it really isnít too bad. I have felt worse from just alcohol in the past and I can work just fine. I feel hungry so eat breakfast soon after waking up.

16:28 (T+47:39) I can work just fine, but find myself not having a lot of focus. No really big tasks to complete though, so itís okay. Iíve only had one coffee (5grams) today, usually I drink more. No headache throughout the day. General sense of well-being. Appetite is back to normal today.


Even though I cannot say with 100% certainty that this was DOM that I took, since I have not had this blotter tested, I am pretty confident that it is DOM. How I come to this conclusion: Iíve purchased this off a dark web vendor that seems to only really sell niche psychedelics. The seller seems genuine in trying to sell this kind of rare stuff. Apart from that Iíve tried DOC (still legal in my country at time of writing) and this is definitely similar to, but also very different from DOC. As DOC seems to me very euphoric in nature and this experience did not have that same sense of ďforcedĒ euphoria. It did however definitely promote any mental state I was in.

It seems to me that DOM has a very ďneutralĒ character, at least at this dose. I felt I really needed to make the most out of it myself. While with substances like LSD or DOC there is some sort of (extreme) euphoria that naturally drives one to some state of mind, whereas with DOM I really need to take preparations and take matters into my own hand to perhaps guide it a bit.

I understand what people mean by DOM having a ďdark sideĒ. I donít really think there is a ďdark sideĒ to the compound itself. I guess it might come across as a ďdark sideĒ because there is less to none euphoria by itself. I do however not really get a lot of euphoria from amphetamine itself, but they do leave me with a general feeling of ďgoodĒ. I donít take high doses of amphetamine though. DOM definitely amplifies euphoria gained from other situations as I noted some very strong smiling, somewhat comparable to MDMA, but less intense.

With regards to sociability, at 2.5 mg I find DOM to be a good socializer, as long as I could get over the fact that I was probably over-analyzing myself, i.e. I was more aware of my thoughts and reflected upon what I said more. I found myself thinking at several times: ďdid that come across as natural?Ē It probably did though. It seems DOM primarily made me feel a bit hesitant in social situations, but it worked out fine. Iíve done 2.5 mg DOC in social settings previously and donít find myself ďclosing offĒ at all. While if I were to be alone this might happen a lot more.

In general DOM increased my awareness about thoughts a lot. I definitely experienced emotional enhancement, though acceleration and increased music appreciation. No nausea was experienced.

Combination and comparison with DOC

At these ďlowĒ doses it seemed I could re-dose and think there is not much of tolerance being developed. Taking a total of 4.5 mg of DOx-compounds did leave me with very little appetite. Apart from the instant noodles I ate an apple, and thatís about it I believe. For me the body load with DOM was very mild compared to DOC.

At this dose DOM did not bring me up higher than (++). Especially when doing stuff the effects seemed to slide into the background. Iím definitely up for trying DOM at a higher dose in the future. I think a higher dose might more profoundly show a full range of effects.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114985
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Jan 29, 2021Views: 1,432
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