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I Wanted to Kind of Make It Stretch
MDMA & Cannabis
by infideltozealot
Citation:   infideltozealot. "I Wanted to Kind of Make It Stretch: An Experience with MDMA & Cannabis (exp114466)". Jun 11, 2020.

T+ 0:00
  vaporized Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 0:00   vaporized MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 1 tablet oral Pharms - Sildenafil  
  T+ 1:30   vaporized Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 1:30   vaporized Cannabis (flowers)
  T+ 1:30   repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30   repeated insufflated MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 48:00   vaporized Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 48:00   vaporized MDMA  


MDMA and Cannabis Concentrate. Therapeutic

I have never done anything besides alcohol and cannabis, cannabis concentrates prior to this. I smoke .15g of cannabis concentrate daily. I smoke cannabis flower blunts intermittently. I secured MDMA from a laboratory operated by a graduate student. I have every reason to believe it is pure or I would not have gotten it, including a test kit. I invited a girl who also wanted to try it over. I met her once before and she seemed very genuine and nice. She brought another female friend unexpectedly. They brought cocaine.

Before they came, I wanted to know what the MDMA would be like
I wanted to know what the MDMA would be like
so I would at least be a little experienced to tell them how it went. I heated up my dab rig for cannabis concentrates (a cannabis bong with a quartz “banger” bowl attachment which you heat up with a torch lighter). I took my spoon I use for dabbing my cannabis concentrate and got a dab of concentrate. I then put a crystal the size of a single large grain of table salt (so I didn’t think much at all) onto the tip of the dab spoon and put it into the bong bowl. The cannabis smoke tasted very sour. I exhaled.

Instantly there was a strong head rush and I thought what did I just do. Everything tingled a little. Face felt flush. My heart did not beat fast and I was surprised. The middle of my chest HAD to be pressed. I pressed my hand to it. Oh my god it felt so relieving. I smiled. I was very happy. I had everything set up for company and so sat down at the table and worked on a coloring book I had purchased prior unrelatedly. I enjoy coloring in the lines and thinking, it is kind of meditative. Doing it now was almost like going to a place you see everyday and seeing things you never saw before. Many things in my life became clear about what is important. Mainly the fact I have a family who I love and loves me, house, car, and upper middle class lifestyle. It felt silly to want a Ferrari or to be mad I don’t have one, and might never have one. I had never thought that once in my life. I have always wanted one. Now it seemed so silly. Like it was just a car. I felt extremely motivated to concentrate on my business and family instead of anything else or other people. I also took a Viagra pill because I wanted everything to work down there and had been told it might not without the Viagra.

The girls arrived about an hour and a half later. I was already on cloud nine. No problem with the member. We each smoked cannabis flower, cannabis concentrate, and took a 15mg line of cocaine sprinkled with 25mg of MDMA. I guess that should be visa versa lol. Over the session I did about 4 lines, so 100mg total. The feeling was a rapid onset of energy, rush to the head, and it felt REALLY good to take a deep breath. Everything felt like it was working out very well. I was really scared to do it because I have never done anything besides alcohol and cannabis. But it felt ok. Not worrisome. And of course, having wonderful company helped. I am usually a good talker, but now I felt James Bond suave. I’m sure it helped my audience was feeling themselves as well as I was.

First thing I want to say. My male member immediately became VERY small. For about 30 minutes after the MDMA Cocaine line, I could not even get it to work at all despite having two girls there who wanted it to and I was also very horny. I laughed it off and talked amazingly to them for the next hour. I felt like the smoothest talking person in the world. Everything vibed so well. About 2 hours after the line (therefore about 3.5 hours since the smoking) I got my male member to work with much effort from everyone. I did boosters of the same type of lines through the night off different parts of their body. We had deep conversations and connected on many levels. Our session in bed was about 6 hours. I never was able to orgasm. In fact, I pretty much lost feeling which I would have down there after about 3 hours. I still enjoyed the experience very much as it was not all about sex. There was so much more going on. Laughing. Loving. Caressing. Tongues. Penetration was only a small aspect of the experience.

The girls both said they were extremely horny, but it was hard for them to reach the point of orgasm at first. It took us about 30 minutes of solid work to get each of them to reach an orgasm. After that, I was jealous (lol) how much fun they were able to have and enjoy orgasming multiple times. Everything got very freaky and we played out several fantasies and did things I never thought I would do. For instance, we went outside around 4am and had sex in the street. The streetlights are not good where I live, but still, it was reckless. But it was fun. It was spontaneous and adventurous. It was the best experience of my life. I felt extremely wanted, and desired. Both women stated they had never experienced anything like that in their lives. Neither had I.
We mixed a 750ml bottle of Patron Tequila in with this whole night between the three of us as well.
We mixed a 750ml bottle of Patron Tequila in with this whole night between the three of us as well.

We stayed up all night after the session. Chilled. Smoked. Nobody crashed. I heard about the come down so was waiting. They got ready to leave as the sun rose saying they felt like they were on a cloud. We weren’t sure the trip wore off or what. We felt normal. We kind of thought it must still be working because we didn’t feel the come down effects. We still were vibing hard together and it was going on 12 hours. My member got hard, they jumped on it, and all of the sudden it felt like an entire gallon of milk pouring out of my penis. Not ejecting like it normally feels. It felt slow and like a flood gate opening. It felt like I was not in control of my body. It felt like my soul, or insides, draining from my body. It was over and I collapsed. Literally started shaking and sighing out in extasy. I felt so good, sighed on the floor for at least 10 minutes and my body twitched spontaneously but it was not harmful twitching. It was like uncontrollable shaking popping up in different parts of my body. We cuddled for a bit after and it was all really nice, then they went home.

It was the early morning, my stomach hurt, not like something I had felt before though. I hadn’t eaten for over 14 hours I guess, so I made some eggs. The had no flavor. My mouth was so dry. I drank a ton of water because I was aware of dehydration and was surprised how dry my mouth was. It was hard to swallow. It didn’t taste bad but it was like my body wouldn’t even take food lol. I had a protein shake which I took a couple sips from and was ok. I took some alka-seltzer and water and that really helped.
I continued to have a lot of energy. I ended up having a very productive day and getting some things organized for my work I had been needing to do. This task I had been dreading was like no big deal. I just did it and it was cool. I realized I was pretty good at my job and not to worry about things so much. I came home and fell asleep around 5pm and slept all the next day.
This is why I am really writing this. I suppose this could actually be its own separate experience report below, but I think this worked because of the first experience.

At this point I had 25mg of the MDMA left and I wanted to kind of make it stretch. I didn’t and really don’t plan to do it again (although it has been a life changing experience for me). So I remembered how much more intense smoking it was than snorting it. Sooooo….I took the 25mg of MDMA I had and poured it into about a little more than half gram of cannabis concentrate and mixed it together.

Wow. I took a very small does of it in my dab bong as explained above. It got me feeling amazing for about 4 hours. Not so geekd out that I couldn’t do things. I actually did a lot of things. I started smoking this little mixture of little a little dab usually when I would have 6 hours to spare before a good sleep session. I never smoked it outside the house or went out. I always made sure to have activities lines up such as painting, a meditation tape, a light workout tape, or a music playlist at the house. The music playlist was the best. Music sounded so amazing. It still does but not like it did during this time period. I was on Covid lockdown so everything fell into place perfectly. Somehow what I consider a very small amount lasted the whole two weeks I am ashamed to say. I probably did it 6 times in those 2 weeks. Very small little amount each time.
I probably did it 6 times in those 2 weeks. Very small little amount each time.
I kind of felt like a weird drugie. Was I addicted? I didn’t know but what I did know was I had forgiven myself for my past mistakes, acknowledged I have and will continue to learn from them, and to concentrate on people not things.

The sauce ran out. Yes I scraped the inside of the glass jar. Yes I did break the glass jar to better scrape out what was left. Lol. Yea felt like a drugie for sure. But then again I felt like why waste it. Then the sauce ran out for good. During this two week period of use I lost 24 pounds. I never had an appetite, but did drink an Ensure old person type protein shake that is to have all the proper nutrients in it at least twice a day, and try to get some sort of carb down my mouth at some point in the day. Food really had no appeal and many things didn’t even taste like anything. My mouth was pretty dry most of the time and I drank tons and tons of water regularly. Something interesting, when I would take a shower my fingers would prune up in about 10 minutes. Usually it takes like 20. I think this could be a symptom of dehydration but I was drinking so much water I don’t think so. I was a bit overweight, so loosing weight wasn’t a problem. I got a gym membership and use it, and am in pretty decent shape now still.
During this two week period I was highly successful at my job, which I usually am, but this time it felt like butter. Part of my job is client relations, among other things, and I was able to talk to people on a whole new level. I still am doing great in my position as normal and it still feels pretty easy to me (my job requires 7 years of school to get credentialed and is mentally intensive). So its not like it was stocking shelves (which I did do for years so not looking down. I also cleaned floors). What I am saying though is that I could do a high paying, high pressure, demanding job and enjoy it.

Its been about 3 months now. I still smoke cannabis but not as often as I used to (which was daily). Sometimes I go through the day and get in bed and go wow, I forgot to smoke. I have smoked cannabis since 19 (so 10 years) everyday. That is very life changing to me. I feel a huge degree of empathy for people on a more dynamic scale than I did before. Sometimes before I talk to people I just think, I wonder if this person is having a good day. I didn’t used to think about other people like that. Someone yelled at me at the gas station for I don’t even know what I did and I said “are you ok man?” in a really truly caring voice because I was really wondering like what’s up with this poor guy, it’s a wonderful day and he’s out here yelling about what? Before these things have happened and I have been very confrontational. I have taken anger management classes in fact before this because I do suffer from those types of temper issues. It no longer seems worth it to fight. There is so many good things to do and not enough time to do them all in. My relationship with my parents is better because I just tell them I love them and don’t bother to fight with my dad over politics anymore. In fact he tells me his crazy things and I just laugh a little and hug him because who cares. He's my dad. He loves me. I love him. What do I care what his political views are.

I am fearful my life perspective will revert to what it was before (massive pressure on myself to succeed, be perfect, and follow the rules, not be embarrassed). But it has not yet. If it does I think I would consider doing what I did with the concentrates again.
There is very little information on smoking MDMA that I could find. I just wanted to add to the conversation with my experience and say that if mixed with cannabis concentrate in a 1 part MDMA:3 parts Cannabis concentration ratio and taken in very small little doses in a dab bong, it is an effective use of a small amount.
in a 1 part MDMA:3 parts Cannabis concentration ratio and taken in very small little doses in a dab bong, it is an effective use of a small amount.
When inhaled, the onset of a physical “cocaine” like rush feeling hit my brain and limbs, but not my heart. My chest right at my sternum felt deep and pressing/touching it felt and continues to feel great, a relaxing relief. The roll starts within 15 minutes and I felt an extreme sense of empathy, peace, and priorities. Over the two week span I did it about 6 times and I never felt like the high was fading or I was chasing a high. Just a little dab and off on a 4-6 hour long meditation/inner touch adventure. Always had a notepad and to this day look back on it and am impressed with some of the thoughts I wrote down. Its almost like I can look back at that paper and remember the feeling of love for my family, friends, and thinking that is what life is all about and is important.

I have done shrooms a couple times, and sometimes in large amounts in the hope and wish I would have the “spiritual journey” which MDMA actually and unexpectedly gave me. I hope this might help another person have that same experience.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114466
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Jun 11, 2020Views: 2,180
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