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Relaxed and Brain-Dead
Skullcap & Tobacco
by Lago
Citation:   Lago. "Relaxed and Brain-Dead: An Experience with Skullcap & Tobacco (exp114371)". May 12, 2020.

1/2 cig. smoked Skullcap
  1/2 cig. smoked Tobacco


This report is of my first experience with Skullcap. I am writing this a couple of minutes after smoking it while I'm experiencing the effects; so I apologize if I'm not being clear or if my grammar seems "off".

I've experimented with a wide variety of psychoactive substances over the past 20 years. I've tried every popularly known recreational drug, and quite a few research chemicals. I haven't endulged in anything in the past 3 years except for alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. I drink 4-7 nights a week, but never more than 2-3 drinks per night. I haven't drank anything tonight.

Before smoking the Skullcap: I am fairly relaxed physically except for lower back pain I've suffered for the last week (old injury acting up) I'd say the pain is 4/10. Mentally I'm a bit stressed due to work, my own fault for procrastinating with my paperwork. But for the most part I'm not far from my baseline.

10:08- I rolled a cigarette with about 50/50 mix of Skullcap and cigarette tobacco. It's hard to give an exact weight for the amount of Skullcap, it's very light when dried. The 4oz I ordered filled a 1gallon ziplock, so the amount in the cigarette was less than a gram. Volume wise it would be about half a teaspoon. The bag I bought is dried leaves, flower, and some stem, and the material is ground to the size of common spices cut with a spice grinder.

10:12- I began feeling the effects after 2 puffs from the cigarette. The first thing I noticed was my back pain withdrawing, and my muscles relaxing.

10:16- By the time I finished half the cigarette, I was feeling strong effects, at least stronger than I expected from the plant or this amount. I'm noticing some faint visual effects, mainly lights being brighter and shapes forming and moving in my peripheral vision. My face feels droopy and my head feels heavy. I'm experiencing some euphoria starting from my chest and radiating outward. The rest of my body is completely relaxed and it was troublesome to stand. My thoughts are drifting and I keep forgetting simple words.

I started writing this round the time I finished the cigarette (10:23), and I can feel myself coming down as I'm writing this part(10:58). It was very difficult writing this. I keep forgetting words, losing my train of thought. I've had to re-read the above paragraphs a dozen times to remember what I am trying to say. I had to use a thesaurus to remember certain words, and Google to remember how to spell some words.

10:23- Around the time I finished the cigarette and while beginning this report, the effects increased significantly. My back feels great, the euphoria reached my entire body, my mind was completely adrift, and the visuals increased to what I liken to some mid-grade marijuana.

11:02- Overall I'd say this was a very positive experience and I'm certainly glad that my order yeilded much more material than I was expecting. At this point I'm back down to where I was at 10:12, and getting pretty sleepy.

To recap, the main effects I felt were/are: Euphoria, Muscle relaxation, Mild visual effects, pain reduction, Anxiety reduction, severe short term memory loss, Drowsiness, and Happy.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114371
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: May 12, 2020Views: 375
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Skullcap (232), Tobacco (47) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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