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Whoops... Was That What I Think It Was...
4-Fluoromethylphenidate, Codeine & Deschloroetizolam
by Brad
Citation:   Brad. "Whoops... Was That What I Think It Was...: An Experience with 4-Fluoromethylphenidate, Codeine & Deschloroetizolam (exp114121)". Erowid.org. Oct 15, 2021. erowid.org/exp/114121

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral 4-Fluoromethylphenidate (capsule)
  T+ 0:10 120 mg oral Codeine  
  T+ 0:10 600 mg oral Acetaminophen  
  T+ 0:10 10 mg oral Deschloroetizolam (capsule)
  T+ 0:10   repeated smoked Cannabis  
I was at my friend Dave's and we were preparing for another psychedelic weekend, 4-AcO-DMT this time as Dave had kind of resigned his fear of RC's and was trusting me to an extent that concerned me some; I had working knowledge of the RC scene, but that hardly made me an expert and I told him so many times. When we tried 3-FPM as an alternative to cocaine (I was already familiar with the drug), Dave almost immediately fell for the stuff, which I mysteriously "ran out of" when his curiosity was turning to obsession. I knew how addictive the stuff can be, so just never reordered so I wouldn't be lying when I said I didn't have any.

RC speed has always freaked me out. Can't say why, but experimenting with uppers has never been a pursuit I enjoyed. Even known stimulants aren't really for me and I can be overwhelmed by even caffeine in high enough doses. What makes this apprehension so vehement was one night at Dave's when I was holding some 4-flouro-Methylphenidate before it was banned. People preferred it to the shitty Speed being turned out in this country, and I always carried a couple 100mg capsules when I headed out, you never knew who was going to want a shot of nitro in their life, and a toot of 4F-MPH would definitely do that: 100mgs is far too much 4F-MPH to consume in one sitting, fortunately the folks who were interested all insufflated their speed. It was advised they not do more than a bump, which got my legion of speed freaks so excited they stopped bothering with Meth and would just come see me for a cap. It was cheaper and often much stronger than the Shake n' Bake crap infesting this city's crystal market. It was my glory, I felt like Walter White, or Johnny Druggie Seed, sowing my terrible roots wherever boredom or the longing for escape existed. Then one night I got mine.

Dave and I were preparing to drop a 25mg capsule each of 4-AcO-DMT, which never happened since I was priming with what I thought was 10mgs of Deschloroetizolam. Dave has poor lighting in his living room however, and I misidentified the container I had put the DC-Etizolam in and the one I kept 4F-MPH caps in
I misidentified the container I had put the DC-Etizolam in and the one I kept 4F-MPH caps in
, one jar was solid white, the other semi-translucent, in better lighting it would've been pretty hard to mistake the two, but in the shadows of Dave's living room, I didn't even notice the stark contrast in capsule content (100mgs is clearly more material than 10mgs, how I made this error I can't rightly say).

I only noticed something was wrong when nothing much was happening after 10 minutes or so, whereas DC-etizolam usually kicks in about the same time as its parent compound, 5 minutes or so and there should be some noticeable depressive effects, what I was noticing instead was a rise in tension and my jaw felt oddly tight. It was my jaw that gave it away as my teeth started grinding. I looked at the DC-Etizolam jar and the 4F-MPH jar and found my DCE untouched and one of the 100mg 4F-MPH caps missing. As a sweat broke out all over me, I realized what I had done.

I explained to Dave what I had done ("Fuck, those were for idiots to snort over a night! I just overdosed!") and began searching for downers as the speed began picking up. Holy shit this stuff was strong, no wonder Speed freaks were so in love with it. I rummaged out two of my RX pain killers (2x Tylenol 4, 60mgs codeine each) and the DCE cap I had been intending on, swallowing all three with a throat that felt increasingly tight. I couldn't tell if it was the drug or sheer panic at having taken something like 8x the "Heavy" dose range for 4F-MPH, this sensation soon added a jaw clenching component that made me think of lockjaw and the fact 4F-MPH is an RC with no safety profile. The downers were helping, and Dave and I smoked a joint to calm me down a bit, but I still needed a Rave soother, or failing that, some gum. 5 or 6 pieces to chaw like a mule. The opiates and the downer probably kept me alive that night, though Dave never quite got used to watching me stack drugs and was worried about my consumption, he would remain that way until the 4F-MPH backed off and I could speak and operate normally, quite sure I was going to survive. Go figure, I didn't have much to say with the specter of death having so nearly taken my sweaty hand that night. This is the most dangerous experience I ever had in 20+ years of drug use.

I suppose the best advice to be gleaned from this story is always look twice at what you're taking if you're going to load up like Hunter Thompson.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 114121
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Oct 15, 2021Views: 4,045
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Deschloroetizolam (780), Codeine (14), 4-Fluoromethylphenidate (728) : Small Group (2-9) (17), What Was in That? (26), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Combinations (3)

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