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Learning From Orbs
DMT & Cannabis
by lewp
Citation:   lewp. "Learning From Orbs: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp114111)". Feb 27, 2020.

15 - 50 mg vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis  


This was early into my serious exploration with DMT and before people talked about entities as a fact of the psychedelic experience with DMT. My roommate Derek and I had ordered a gram of dimethyltryptamine from the darknet (in the glory days of a reliable and organized marketplace). This DMT looked amazing. It was off-white with only a slight yellowish tint, whereas the DMT I had seen before was very oxidized.

We received the package on a Friday so we planned to do DMT throughout the day on Saturday.
we planned to do DMT throughout the day on Saturday.
We were very excited about "going deep" we were calling it. We were vaporizing out of a oil burner (crack pipe) for the first time, so it took us a few tries to get good at vaporizing without burning the DMT.

We started out with doses at 15mg and we were getting heavy visual effects but we agreed so far that neither of us had blasted off yet. After we were familiar with the pipe and we felt comfortable with the substance we decided to try a dose that would guarantee break through. Somehow we reached agreement on 50mg. There was a break in time that probably helped with our tolerance also.

Derek went first. It was obvious this was a lot more material. He started coughing and looked really uncomfortable for a second before he slumped back and dropped the hot pipe in his lap. I quickly scooped up the pipe and then watched him go through it. He still looked uncomfortable, was sort of rocking his body, and his eyes looked like they were moving very rapidly behind his eyelids. At some point his eyes burst open and he looked really concerned. Without saying a word he stumbled to the kitchen and vomited into the kitchen trashcan. He started laughing after that "I don't feel so good but that was crazy".

It was my turn so I picked a song that I liked that I figured I would enjoy, Mastodon - The Last Baron. Derek didn't vaporize all the material and I added another 50mg to make sure I got the full deal. Hit play and started heating it. The smoke was more harsh but I didn't cough. Three big pulls and I handed the pipe to Derek because things were starting to move.

I closed my eyes and immediately lifted into a existence of pure black. I didn't know what it meant and it was easy to forget who I was and what I was doing. I just floated there for a not very long before I was pulled back into my body. The 13 minute song was over but Derek didn't know how long it had been.

We continued to trade off experiences, and experimented with dosage, different music, and longer waits before trying again. We decided 40mg was a good dose for this potent DMT. My music choices ended up on more soothing electronic type music but Derek stuck with metal (not that it's a bad thing). We also decided that smoking cannabis was a positive influence.

When I finally broke all the way through it was right before Derek had his final DMT experience. This time when I inhaled it was obviously more intense for some reason. I ended up in the black non-existence realm for a moment before I started flying through it. I started passing these huge glowing orbs. They were different colors and looked like stars but up close. They didn't seem solid and had a glowing effect sort of like a neon light. Finally I "landed" on this "planet". One of the colored orbs approached me and without using words it explained that it was going to show me something important and that I needed to pay attention in order to remember what it wanted to show me. Then the orb merged with me. We became one. I realized that I was also a bright white orb and I could still feel the orb inside me. I could hear it in my head too, alongside my consciousness. It told me "don't worry". So I said "ok". Suddenly it ripped itself out of me and took with it one of my emotions. I was no longer afraid. This thing had just removed all my fear. When it separated it zoomed away and was gone.
This thing had just removed all my fear. When it separated it zoomed away and was gone.
I was just sitting there for a moment before a different color orb approached me. It explained that it was here for the same reason as the last one. So I quickly submitted and it also merged with me. It told me, again without words and as a neighbor in my head, "don't be sad". And then it ripped itself out and took all of my sadness with it. This continues with different orbs until happiness was the last thing ripped out of me. It wasn't really pleasant but wasn't bad either. It just was. Then I realized there was nothing left. I was this black-ish glowing orb. Void of color. I started expanding and growing. I was becoming everything. Not only living things but the dirt and rocks and water too. Then I opened my eyes and I was back in my human body.

To this day I can't pretend to know what everything meant, but I take it as some sort of lesson on mindfulness. It pointed out that there will always be a mixture of emotions inside me but if I can notice them before they dictate my behavior then it becomes a lot easier to not be a slave to my every whim. I'm still fascinated with the power of smoking a little pinch of powder.

Derek and I continue to smoke DMT, planning on finishing the gram. Later Derek had an experience that really shook him. Like extremely afraid. He put down the pipe and said "I don't think I will smoke DMT again". He said he had seen his children in the future.

Whoa. That is scary.

2020 Addendum:
I originally wrote this report years ago. The first paragraph contains a few cringy comments that were mostly incorrect or ill-informed. I think what I was trying to say was I was lucky to have this DMT and this experience.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 114111
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Feb 27, 2020Views: 1,143
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