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Through the Fog with the Dog
2-Fluorodeschloroketamine, Ketamine & Wine
by Uncle Iroh
Citation:   Uncle Iroh. "Through the Fog with the Dog: An Experience with 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine, Ketamine & Wine (exp114038)". Feb 24, 2020.

T+ 0:00
  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 0:00 47 mg insufflated 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:41 37 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:52   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 2:30 37 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


Hi, I'm Uncle Iroh. I'm a drug enthusiast with a penchant for exploration. In my time, I've had the privilege of experiencing several varieties of dissociative substances. Today, I would like to tell you about my first experience with 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine (2-FDCK).

My evening began with a glass of my favorite white wine and some tasty snacks. I am very, very slowly sipping on a second glass throughout this report.
I am very, very slowly sipping on a second glass throughout this report.
With a settled stomach and no obligations in the foreseeable future, I decided to imbibe in some 2F-DCK. This substance came to me in a sandy, off-white coloration and size. After some due diligence dosage double checking, I settle on a ~50mg introductory dose.

As the baggie tap would have it, I end up with 47 mg in the tray of my freshly calibrated .000 scale. I crush & chop the substance into a fine powder and sample a lick of that familiar mystery-mint flavor off the edge of the card I used to line it up.

17:00 (T 0:00) Up my nose it goes with a flat, dull buzz of a sting that's gone within a minute of its appearance. I begin an episode of programming and await the mental shift.

17:05 (T 0:05) I'm feeling as if my head is swimming. A warm, fuzzy tinnitus encapsulates my cranium and I'm left wondering what's coming next. I'm writing all this as it's happening, so there's not much difference between my stream of consciousness and my report... or at least that's the ideaaaaaaaand here's the drip. More of that tasty amine flavor! A slight sense of confusion and visual delay abide. It takes longer to focus on new objects in my surroundings when I shift my gaze, but only slightly. An energetic, elevated tingling sensation is felt in (what I perceive as) my limbic system, especially the armpits and fingers. It's a similar feeling to an LSD comeup in a way, but only this specific part of the experience. With my LSD experiences, this feeling persists throughout the majority of the trip in waves. During this 2F-DCK experience, it lasted about 10 minutes. This point of the experience constitutes a (+) on the Shulgin Rating Scale.

17:10 (T 0:10) It feels as if the onset of this curious substance has come to pass. Another drip. this one's extra saucy. I let it ruminate in my mouth for about a minute and swallow it. This tinnitus is interesting. The other time I have experienced this sensation on dissociatives was with a rather large dose of nasally-ingested racemic Ketamine. I do not feel as if I am close to a hole whatsoever, so wherefore do I hear this ringing in mine ears? A puzzle indeed...

17:20 (T 0:20) I'm most certainly coming down. Already? Yes, yes, unfortunately. My tolerance is practically zero for this substance, so I'm taken aback by the dwarfish duration. Did I do enough? Is this a bunk batch? After due consideration, I feel as if my head is sort of foggy and mildly overencumbered. The bastions of my consciousness are not entirely amused by this experience's fleeting and almost 'dirty' high, but then again this was an introductory effort and I don't want to jump to conclusions too quickly. Another dose is in order.

Side note: my head specifically feels more wobbly than my limbs do. This is a departure from a “traditional" racemic Ketamine experience in which my arms and legs catch an equal or greater level of wobblesauce than my head does... interesting...

17:36 (T 0:36) I'm impressed with the duration of this drug ... am I? As I tilt my head left to right, my eyes exhibit a lethargic tendency which causes my vision to slur. It's like being visually drunk! The Confusion has been gone for a bit now, and my breathing feels a bit belabored. This gives me a touch of hesitation, as I'm experimenting alone (well, with my loving dog) and do not wish to stop breathing. I don't reckon that will happen. Gonna go back to watching television again. I realize I've not made it through even 10 minutes of the episode because I keep pausing it to type notes and wobble around in my chair. Perhaps this 'comedown' I mentioned earlier was a false descent. I would estimate I'm on the 'lower' end of a (+) at this point.

17:44 (T 0:44) Ugh, I've developed a weird soft-headache. It feels like my head's clogged... like a head cold. And I'm not sick in the slightest. Drinking a jar of cool water feels welcome and refreshing, and I yearn for a dissociative experience that's not so cumbersome or dopey. When I double-checked dosage recommendations earlier, I read that 2F-DCK is described as being 'dreamier' than Ketamine, but in this instance I think a better word to describe it is 'foggier.' It feels like I've taken a nap for too long and just woken up somehow feeling more tired than I did before I fell asleep.
It feels like I've taken a nap for too long and just woken up somehow feeling more tired than I did before I fell asleep.
Not exactly an experience people would line up around the block for. Then again, maybe it's just me? I'm going to switch to some good old-fashioned down-home just-like-mom-used-to-make Ketamine and see if it was 'something I said,' so to speak. NOTE: This batch of K has been conspicuously short-acting with a quick attack. Please keep this in mind as I proceed in comparison!

17:54 (T 0:54) 74 mg racemic Ketamine weighed and powderized via plastic card.

18:05 (T 1:05) Tactile stimulation is slightly enhanced (running fingers through hair, petting dog, and feeling blanket feel nice). Besides that, I'm just about back to baseline (±). In retrospect, the high I have just experienced instigated a flurry of additional thoughts not captured by my stream-of-consciousness writing. Most were metacognitive, Hunter Thompson-esque ruminations about report writing itself. What does it mean? What is its purpose? What functions can it serve, and to what ends? I personally appreciate and employ the vicarious nature of others' reports in such a way as to arrive at a safer, better-informed, and more enjoyable (predictable?) approach to drug use. I like knowing what I'm getting myself into; or at least a semblance. In the transient tails of this experience, my mental processes are gently placed on pause at intermittent intervals. It's not entirely unpleasant or productive.

I perform a quick neti pot wash, then separate the 74 mg of K into 2 "eyeballed" lines of roughly equal quantity. Let's see how nicely these two siblings play with each other.

Side Note: You hear about people "eyeballing" lines of powders, but every time I try it I just end up having a really bad time and scratching my cornea a bunch. Maybe people think the drug absorbs better through your eye, but it doesn't work like that for me and just stings and burns really bad. Maybe if you dissolved it into eyedrops it would help more? tee hee :)

18:41 (T 1:41) (T2 0:00) Zing!!! This line stings a bit more than its (the) former. I whiffed half, so let's call it 37mg (a dose that typically lands me on the mild side of a (+). This went up the opposite nostril as the last time, and the extra pain may have been influenced by the recent wash.

18:46 (T 1:46) (T2 0:05) Initial effects of gentle tinnitus, swimminess, and floating are setting in. I'm awash with calm. I feel puddle-headed. Like my noggin is a half-full glass of water and when I tilt it sloshes. Not entirely unpleasant! The tinnitus is significant! I wonder what causes this. I feel like taking my dog on a walk. Walking outside is a common urge of mine when on the (paradoxically energetic) upswing of a dissociative dose.

18:52 (T 1:52) (T2 0:11) As I'm mentally ballooning from a (±) to a (+), I take my dog on a walk up the hill across the street. I smoke a cigarette to "pull myself out of the fogginess," and it just ends up making my stomach feel upset. I feel queasy. I'm simply perturbed on this walk. It's dark, cold, and overcast. Impossible to walk on this ice... no footing at all. I almost fall several times. My dog gives me sideways looks like, "What the fuck dude? Get your shit together," as I slip and slide clumsily. She has no problem gripping the terrain with her claws. This is not a pleasant setting, so I head back home.

19:26 (T 2:26) (T2 0:45) Shelter! Feeling warm and safe again in this welcome change of setting, I settle back into my zen zone. With lots of water and a television distraction, the queasiness retreats. I soon come around to the idea of finishing off this second line I so confidently laid out earlier. I'm not quite back at baseline, but have meandered back into a realm of consciousness where I feel comfortable redosing with uncompromised confidence.

19:30 (T 2:30) (T2 0:49) I nasally vacuum the last of the evening's ketamine (37 mg). The ketamine's effects are predictably in my light-to-common range I was aiming for; that familiar life-at-an-arm's-length easiness, and I proceed to bask in a comfortable chair watching television... Enjoying my wandering thoughts while their shepherd is at sea.

The remainder of my evening is peaceful and relatively uneventful. I find slumber easily, and awake feeling refreshed, clear-headed, and positive.

Retrospective / Noteworthy Miscellenea

Dosing Timeline
16:30 (T -0:30) Wine (1 glass, oral) A second glass is sipped over the next 2ish hours.
17:00 (T 0:00) 2-FDCK (47 mg, intranasal)
18:41 (T 1:41) Racemic Ketamine (37 mg, intranasal)
18:52 (T 1:52) Tobacco (1 cigarette, smoked)
19:30 (T 2:30) Racemic Ketamine (37 mg, intranasal)

There are a few things that are worth keeping in mind about my quasi-experimental method at play here:

1. I had initially intended to tango with 2-FDCK exclusively, and did not. I attribute this to the undesirable effects I experienced in the second half of the substance's demonstration.

2. Although my intention was not to compare 2-FDCK with Ketamine side-by-side this time around, I ended up doing so in a not-so-scientific manner. I did feel *near* baseline prior to administering each line, but a tried-and-true assessment of my mental state was not attempted in any serious fashion. For my purposes, a simple mental check-in was all it took. Should I venture that experiment in the future, I would do so with a more measured approach.

3. The 'fogginess' of the 2-FDCK was swept clear by the combination of fresh air, movement, nicotine, scenery change, and of course Ketamine. Although I did not entirely enjoy my walk, it brought me out of the undesirable head space and back to a state where my final dose of the evening was enjoyable in its own sense.

I did not find these two substances to be particularly interactive with each other. I also did not ingest them in time increments such that they would both be perceptually active simultaneously, so the lack of interaction is not surprising. However, the combination with a glass and a half of wine may have brought on a mildly "dopey" synergy
the combination with a glass and a half of wine may have brought on a mildly "dopey" synergy
. In my past experiences with Ketamine, I have not found alcohol to have an especially 'downer' effect in combination, so this may be a difference or it may simply be a fluke comparison. Either way, it was a distinction between the effects of the two in combination.

An injury I sustained the day prior to this experience left me with a mild throbbing foreheadache. I was cut betwixt the brows a la Harry Potter and the bleeding was profuse. Having scabbed over, I do believe this injury's interaction with 2F-DCK was agreeable as I could no longer feel it. Medically speaking, 'twas a mild to moderate dermal anesthesia.

This report consisted of roughly 60% live-and-direct notetaking and 40% post-experience supplementary content. I do not often have difficult or unpleasant experiences with substances, so this one seemed to be a salient candidate for documentation. My mindset going into the experience was generally content, and I was in in a pleasant setting for the 2-FDCK, so I'm not sure what else could have gone sideways to impart the mild dysphoria during the 2-FDCK portion. Future experimentations, perhaps at different dosages, are in order. All in all, it was a pleasant night with a few minor bumps (pun intended) and that's fine by me!

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114038
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Feb 24, 2020Views: 4,871
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2-Fluorodeschloroketamine (778), Ketamine (31) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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