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Inconclusive Mixed Bag of Effects
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Inconclusive Mixed Bag of Effects: An Experience with BOD (exp113688)". Oct 30, 2019.

T+ 0:00
    Vitamins / Supplements  
  T+ 0:00 120 mg oral Caffeine  
  T+ 1:00 15 mg oral BOD (powder / crystals)
First BOD Experience: Inconclusive Mixed Bag of Effects
10-14-2019, Columbus Day
by Xorkoth

12:00 noon (T+0:00) - Ingested 15mg orally. The substance is a dense powder with hard crystals that clunked down onto my measuring tray with an audible click. The powder is white and the crystals are milky white/clear (though just tiny chunks, it's quite possible a large crystal would be clear). I have a gram of it, as I have a gram of many other things, and I store them all in the same size amber vials. With some substances, a gram takes up nearly the entire vial, but with BOD, it comes up to less than halfway full. I let the powder dissolve on my tongue, and crunched a crystal between my teeth. As always, I want to know how new substances I try taste. The taste of BOD is extremely unique and unusual. At first, I detected no taste at all. After a few seconds, it started to develop. Surprisingly, it was really hardly bitter at all. It almost tasted slightly savory, with slight bitter undertones. Really unusual.
It almost tasted slightly savory, with slight bitter undertones. Really unusual.
I felt no need at all to even chase it with water, and still haven't, as I finish this paragraph, 10 minutes later. Probably the least nasty tasting RC psychedelic I've ever encountered. The aftertaste is almost pleasant.

My mindset going into this is multi faceted. I recently ran out of some n-ethyl-hexedrone I got. I binged on that and 3-MMC quite heavily 2 weeks ago, for 6 days, and either crashed hard or came down with a mild flu, or both, and abstained from all drugs for 5 days. But then 4 days ago, I cracked the rest of the hexen out and did a smaller binge until it was gone. As a result I am a little low on sleep, but I did sleep last night. I am feeling pretty good, though a bit tired. I have not had any psychedelics for 2 weeks; my last trip was a low dose of BOHB 2 weeks ago. It's a beautiful day outside and I have some errands to run, and other than that I am going to spend the day with my girlfriend who is leaving town for a while in a few days. Perhaps we will go for a hike. I am encouraged by the recent reports on this, and I am hoping that I will experience some of that great humor I keep hearing about. 15mg should be a solid moderate low dose from my reading, so it seemed like a good place to start. I must admit that a portion of my sudden decision to try this today is that I am craving stimulants because of the recent binge. I don't think that will prove to be negative, though, as hopefully BOD will fulfill my lizard brain's desire for "a thing" while also providing some introspection on my behavior. And if it's anything like some other psychedelics, it may prove to be energetically healing, as well.

I have not eaten yet today so this is on an empty stomach. I did consume some protein powder (primarily to help my brain re-stock its dopamine reserves), and a pre-workout supplement that had about 120mg of caffeine and some other supplements in it. I hadn't decided I was going to take this yet, and I consumed them about an hour before I took the BOD. I probably would have omitted or reduced the dose of caffeine, but it's alright.

12:45pm (T+0:45) - Feeling the first signs of the drug. It reminds me somewhat of a gentler DOX type of body feeling, as well as 2C-D. It is a light feeling, rather nice. I don't feel additionally stimulated over what I already felt from the caffeine. Currently I am sitting at my computer posting on Bluelight, which is fairly engaging.

12:55pm (T+0:55) - It's becoming somewhat jangly. I have a slight twinge in my stomach and am getting some light chills. However it's not bad, just not entirely comfortable. I have read of the come-up being somewhat rough for some people but then clearing up once it fully develops, so I'm not too worried.

1:10pm (T+1:10) - I'm feeling a little more used to it, though it still feels rather jangly and is getting stronger. I'm getting some funky burps, strange tasting burps, but I'm not nauseous. I am finding myself occasionally grinding my teeth lightly, and I suppose I do feel somewhat more stimulated but it not on the level of, say, DOC. I just made a call to a place about something I need to take care of today, and did alright, though I felt somewhat awkward.

2:10pm (T+2:10) - It has gotten more leveled out now. My vision appears crisp and colors are bright but no visuals thus far. I have been very engrossed in making some long posts in response to some views against other groups of people that I find really sad and wrong-headed. I feel quite warm and open towards others, though speaking with people has a bit of that awkwardness that psychedelics can cause. I wouldn't say I am filled with good humor, but I am in a good mood and contemplative. I don't think this has fully developed yet though. I'm about to head out with my girl and we're going to run some errands.

5:20pm (T+5:20) - Well that was an adventure. My car's battery light hasn't shut off since I got the alternator replaced, so I went and got a new battery. But the light is still on. The guy who replaced the alternator said he suspects it has something to do with the breathalyzer ignition interlock device I have installed in my car. So I probably just wasted money but I guess it's alright because this is a better battery, and the other one did get run down to zero. Anyway, after that we had to go to the ignition interlock place to get a false violation removed from when my alternator got replaced. While we were there, and I was waiting, I ended up talking to two other people who were waiting who had multiple years of experience with the things. They gave me a lot of tips which was really nice. Those devices are such a crock, apparently you need to wrap them in a plastic bag when you're not using the car, and regularly change the mouthpieces, because otherwise bacteria can build up and give a false positive eventually. That seems rather ridiculous but on the other hand I have a booklet with pages and pages of things that can cause false positives, provided as literature from the company. But I digress... the point is that talking with other people was rather pleasant. I did feel some awkwardness/tension, but it would have been much worse with most psychedelics (but not particularly present if sober). I was able to joke around and I felt I came across as being at ease, even though I was somewhat self-conscious.

After that we went to the Asian food market that's right next to there and I spent about 45 minutes trying to find all the stuff I need to make some miso ramen later for dinner. I ended up learning quite a bit about Japanese ingredients that I didn't know before. I basically had to look at everything and try to figure out what it is, in order to find what I needed. I ended up picking up a few extra things too that I came to realize through some research on my phone are things that I should have as staples for Japanese cooking. I've been getting into Chinese and Japanese cooking lately so it was an informative trip. I was easily able to problem solve in an orderly fashion. In fact I probably wouldn't have had as much patience ordinarily to really delve deep. I had to make some decisions because I couldn't find something, so I had to figure out how to best substitute it. It was quite fun, undoubtedly the best part of the long errand journey.

Throughout the afternoon, every time I was in the car, I was listening to NPR, which was presenting me with all manner of grave situations (with a nice break for an interview with Elton John that was really interesting). It gave me a lot of stuff to chew on, which was what I was already thinking about at the beginning of this experience, too. I would say that, probably because of that, I have not really felt much of a sense of giddiness or hilarity. But at the same time, I can see how it could go there, if I was in a different setting. I also am undoubtedly experiencing some stimulant crash to some extent. All those things considered, I feel quite positive and pleasant. I do have some body tension that is pretty constant, one of the real indicators of that for me is that I will find myself subconsciously holding my breath a lot, and not breathing normally. I don't know if that's a normal thing for people but it happens for me pretty consistently when I have body tension as a result of drugs and it has become somewhat of an indicator of how tense I am. I don't feel tense mentally, but physically I am in a somewhat clenched state. It would be better if I wasn't, but it's not a big deal because I don't feel bad, just not fully relaxed. My heart rate and blood pressure do not feel elevated and I don't feel anxious in any way.
My heart rate and blood pressure do not feel elevated and I don't feel anxious in any way.

Visually, it has been a very pretty day, the Fall colors are finally starting to show and it was sunny and beautiful. I felt that at the peak, the colors were intensified and my perception of beauty was enhanced, but there were no visuals to speak of in terms of distortions or anything. I do feel past the peak now. I can tell it's not going anywhere for a while. I just realized I have not yet eaten a single thing today. I just stuck some bread in the toaster so I can have peanut butter toast, but I didn't ever feel particularly hungry, to the extent that I totally forgot I hadn't eaten yet until now.

We're going to hang out at home for a bit, and then still to come, we're going to the laundromat and the store to get a few more things. I think that, although some other setting such as a day in nature, or a friend gathering, would surely provide a better environment for this trip, the fact that I've spent the day doing normal stuff is a good opportunity for me to judge various aspects of this state. I can't help but compare it to 2C-D, since it is 2C-D with a methoxy on the beta position. It does share a lot of similarities to 2C-D, too. There is a general warm, sparkly feeling, with minimal sensory distortion and nothing particularly distinguishing about it that stands out over other substances, except for its general sense of ease and functionality. I feel both sober and tripping at the same time. This is similar to my experience, at least, with low to moderate dose 2C-D.

8:30pm (T+8:30) - The last few hours have been kind of unpleasant overall. I started to get a restless body feeling and a bit of a runny nose, and the body energy, which had been neutral to positive, began to turn a bit unpleasant. It may or may not have been kicked in by drinking a beer. I did drink one beer, rather quickly, because I had it in the fridge and I was feeling like it would be relaxing, and that was when the body energy started to get weird. I mean generally alcohol helps me to relax, but since I've never tried this drug before, let alone combined alcohol with it, I really can't say. The increase in bodyload certainly directly followed the beer. That was about 2 and a half hours ago and I mostly now feel back to where I was before the beer, but more down. I definitely still feel it in my body and mind. I've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with my girlfriend (she got a new tablet in the mail and it won't turn on or indicate it's charging), and also had to get my kerosene heater working for the first time this year which was a little nail-biting because it wasn't working and it's how I heat my house, but it appears that I solved the problem.

The BOD is fairly background at this point, it's mostly present as a slightly restless and clenched body feeling. A situation came up on Bluelight involving needing to address some problems one moderator had with another and I really wanted to pass it off to someone else because it was making me feel stressed, but I had to reply since I was posting elsewhere and it was my responsibility (and also a friend). I definitely felt less equipped to deal with that sort of situation given the BOD. I mean I wouldn't have liked it regardless because I dislike confrontation but BOD did not make it easier, in fact the opposite. The restless energy had me feeling somewhat out of sorts which has not entirely disappeared. Whereas earlier I felt nice, though short of euphoric, the last few hours I have felt, while not exactly dysphoric, somewhat unpleasant and uneasy. I am still not all that hungry but I need to make dinner as I have barely eaten today. We decided not to go do laundry because she didn't really feel like it and neither did I because it just got too late. So now I also won't be making ramen today since I still need some ingredients. I'll probably just heat up some canned soup or something.

I'm communicating a bunch of mundane personal thoughts right now because I'm struggling to find something to report about. Essentially right now I kind of wish it was just down, but it's easily manageable. My girlfriend and I are going to try to find a movie to watch, maybe a funny movie will put some sparkle back in this. I do think that a general crash from the last couple of weeks is a big factor here, that and possibly an underdose, where I got the physical effects but the psychedelic effects were not able to develop fully. It feels like an experience that never quite unfolded all the way.

The Next Day

5:15pm (T+29:15) - The rest of the night ended up being more pleasant. As time went on I became more relaxed again, though the drug hung on for a long time with just a slight grip. I found myself in a good mood, getting very into stimuli. My stimuli were a few hours of Bluelight posting and trip report reading, which I enjoyed a lot. I also made a personal admission to a friend online which I needed to get off my chest, and that felt good. The strong urge to do so came out of nowhere but I'm glad I did it. I got very into things I was both reading and writing. Then, at about midnight (T+12:00), my girl and I sat down to watch some TV. We ended up watching a 2 hour long movie on Netflix, called "Her", which is about a guy (Joaquin Phoenix) in the near future who gets a new artificial intelligence operating system and they fall in love. Sounds silly but it was a really good movie, I found it totally captivating, funny and sad, it really hit the spot for me, I've been thinking about it all day.

After that we went to bed. I felt tired, but I was unable to shut off. I enjoyed snuggling with my girl for an extended period of time, savoring it because she's shortly going to be gone for a month or so. I was comfortable but awake, yet exhausted. Somewhere between 4am and 5am (T+16:00 to T+17:00) I drifted off to sleep. I slept a dreamless sleep that nonetheless felt light. I woke up at about 10am, a little late for work, and felt SO tired, and remained feeling tired all day. But I felt generally good other than tired, and still do. I had a very busy work day, but was able to juggle all the multi-tasking. Now I am about to go to band practice. I suspect I will sleep very soundly tonight.

All in all, it was a mixed bag. I think, first and foremost, that I did not choose the right time to try this.
I think, first and foremost, that I did not choose the right time to try this.
My primary motivator was stimulant craving, during a post-hexen-binge crash. So not only was I taking it compulsively on a whim (I hadn't even he slightest thought about taking anything when I woke up), I was feeling low from dopamine depletion. And then I decided to do a bunch of errands during the peak which, though I was thinking it would be good for, were actually rather unpleasant errands overall and made it difficult to focus on anything positive or steer my mind in a positive direction. There was substantial body tension which began unpleasant, got somewhat pleasant, and then became quite unpleasant for a while, and faded into neutral/slightly pleasant at the end. There was a long stretch of time in the middle where I wished I hadn't taken it and my mood was lower than normal. During the peak I had a good mood and felt some positive effects, but they were not very strong compared to the drawbacks. The feeling was a bit generic, more generic than 2C-D, but somewhat similar to 2C-D (mentally/visually, not physically). It's hard for me to tell how much of that was due to dosage (I suspect it was a bit of an underdose for me, but not even sure about that), how much was due to my set and setting, and how much was due to the nature of the drug itself.

After the rough period, I did have hours of really nice, engaging times. It lasted a bit long, especially since the last half was pretty much just trailing effects. With DOC, or mescaline, or AMT, I love the long duration because it stays very interesting and full-bodied the whole time. With BOD, I kind of just wished it would go away at some point. All this said, I had a rather good time, in the end. More experimentation is needed. At some point I will raise the dosage, probably to 25mg, and make sure my set and setting are good. And we'll see more of what this drug does (or does not) have to offer. It's also worth noting that the existing reports (from PIHKAL up to recent reports) are all over the place, with some reporting it being not worth the bodyload, and some saying little bodyload and wonderful giddiness and laughter. So it's quite likely there is a lot of personal variation with this. There isn't much, if any, research done on putting a methoxy on the beta position of phenethylamines, so it's rather uncharted territory.

Until next time... stay safe, and take this report with a grain of salt. And don't be reckless with the dosage, it lasts a long time and it feels like if you overdosed it could produce, at best a lot of discomfort for a long time, and at worst, very dangerous levels of stimulation.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113688
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: Oct 30, 2019Views: 3,115
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