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Citation:   Xorkoth. "Not Bad: An Experience with 2-Methyl-2-Butanol (exp113080)". Apr 25, 2019.

T+ 0:00
5 ml oral 2-Methyl-2-Butanol (liquid)
  T+ 1:00 2 ml oral 2-Methyl-2-Butanol (liquid)
  T+ 1:00 100 mg oral Caffeine  
  T+ 2:55 4 ml oral 2-Methyl-2-Butanol (liquid)
  T+ 4:20 2 ml oral 2-Methyl-2-Butanol (liquid)
  T+ 5:10 4 ml oral 2-Methyl-2-Butanol (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 25 mg oral Pharms - Propylhexedrine  
First Trial, 4-5-2019

I received the 2m2b in a 100mL bottle. Upon receiving it I opened it and smelled it, and was greeted with the strong odor of rubbing alcohol with a strange, almost minty overtone to it. Going into this experience, my mindset is pretty good. I've got a few hours to myself before my girlfriend comes home and then we're gonna hang out. I have been on the edge of discomfort all day because of lingering withdrawal or PAWS from phenibut cessation a few weeks back.

The reason I have acquired this is because I want to see if I can use it to replace ethanol.
The reason I have acquired this is because I want to see if I can use it to replace ethanol.
Apparently the mental inebriation is much less with this, and it is much less toxic than ethanol, and has no calories, and it's cheaper, and possibly more euphoric. I dislike the side effects of ethanol, and I only use it a couple of times a week, so if I can replace it with this even sometimes it will save me calories, money and toxicity.

5:20pm (T+0:00) - Ingested 5mL of 2m2b in 5 "O" sized gel caps. I had read that it won't dissolve gelatin but there was some leakage; I don't know if it was dissolving the geltin or if it's just such a thin liquid that it dribbles out the edges of the gel cap. Either way I got a taste of it directly on my tongue. And since some had dribbled onto the table, I licked the dribble up. It really wasn't as horrible as people say. It tasted like a combination of acetone and mint. It was certainly in the realm of "DANGER GET THIS OUT OF MY MOUTH", but I handled it, swallowed, and followed up with a few drinks of water and a fingerdip of peanut butter and all is well.

5:25pm (T+0:05) - I had my first burp, and it wasn't the best. It had that burning sensation of alcohol on the way back up and I got the acetone/mint taste again. There is a faint unpleasant taste in the back of my mouth/throat. But it's no big deal. I feel the beginnings of a stomach warming sensation reminiscent of ethanol which is one of the things I love about ethanol. I can feel a faint lovely feeling beginning in my extremities.

5:30pm (T+0:10) - I'm becoming aware of a little bit of tinnitis. The feeling is growing. I am experiencing an ever so slight vision lag when I turn my head. This is a lot like ethanol so far but I can tell it's only beginning and will get stronger.

5:35pm (T+0:15) - Slight discombobulation when I walk. It's easy to walk, but I feel a little bit of wobblyness. I have a little bit of that bleary-eyed feeling I associate with ethanol. But just a bit. I slightly want to redose 1mL but I know it's way too early. My plan is to redose 2-3mL after a couple of hours, if it seems like a wise thing to do. I'm considering taking a walk outside. I need to make sure to not redose past maybe 8 though as I need to wake up in the morning and meet at the band house for a dress rehearsal, and then we're driving to West Virginia to play a show tomorrow night.

5:45pm (T+0:25) - This is a lot like ethanol only lighter, so far, less intoxicating and slightly less comfortable.
This is a lot like ethanol only lighter, so far, less intoxicating and slightly less comfortable.

6:20pm (T+1:00) - Not much development and it feels like I had 2 drinks or so. At that level I generally feel more of the sides and not as much of the full effects. So I'm dosing 2mL more. Along with 100mg of caffeine.

6:35pm (T+1:15) - Some increased urine production but not as much as ethanol. Also a desire to eat. I'm feeling more accustomed to this now with some of the same overtones of euphoria as with ethanol. And the next dose is probably just kicking in. I'm feeling more hopeful this will be a nice experience. It was not un-nice before but it was lacking something with a slightly edgy feeling. However I sometimes feel that way from ethanol too until I hit sufficient dose. I suspect I will reodse another 2-3mL later. My girl is coming home eventually with the rest of dinner. I made some pho broth yesterday, my second attempt, so she's bringing home bean sprouts and related things to put in it. Looking very much forward to it. Right now I feel nice. This is actually less physical so far than ethanol, and more of a head buzz, but also less of a stupefying effect.

6:50pm (T+1:30) - This so far lacks the warmth of alcohol. No warm extremities. No careless euphoria, but I do feel nice. I also feel much more with my normal state of ability to make decisions. Some discoordination but not significant, I think I'd be worse at typing and walking if I was as drunk as I feel intoxicated by this. But perhaps a little hard to make a direct comparison. As this goes on I like it more. Certainly the second dose hasn't kicked in all the way yet. I really want to eat more food but I am going to refrain from snacking on everything in the house. In this way it reminds me of alcohol... and again if this were alcohol I would have too little impulse control to not be snacking.

7:10 (T+1:50) - The state has become more stable. I'm watching TV, and texting, feeling nice. Nothing earth-shattering. Someone compared it to a cross between alcohol and GHB but to me it's virtually nothing like GHB. GHB feels nothing like alcohol at all and is a flood of intense euphoria and loving feelings. This feels like alcohol but different... really none of the GHB-like effects to speak of. At least not yet. My plan is to redose 3mL more at about 8 or thereabouts.

8:15pm (T+2:55) - Redosed 4mL. Girl just got home with pho fixins, and I'm preparing those. We're gonna eat it and watch the second half of "Across the Universe" that we started last night. The high was starting to seem like a standard alcohol intoxication but, again, way more functional. Looking to try to push it. This will be my last redose so I wanted to make it a solid one so I can see what this is about. I'm having a good time but nothing too exciting yet. Cleaner than alcohol, certainly, also slightly less satisfying so far but I may just have not dosed high enough yet. I do have a pretty high alcohol tolerance.

8:20pm (T+3:00) - Got the 2m2b burps already. I don't mind them too much but they burn a little. This stuff starts hitting me fast just like ethanol, but it takes longer to reach full effect.
This stuff starts hitting me fast just like ethanol, but it takes longer to reach full effect.
I can already feel an increased warmth just beginning to creep up. I feel more comfortable than I have at any point yet, and my extremities feel a little warm a la ethanol.

9:40pm (T+4:20) - I have had 2mL more, for a total of 13mL. Feeling heavier now but still very mentally present. Watching TV with my girl and we're gonna go to bed early. I plan to take 2mL more and see how well this work to sleep deeply, in about a half an hour. Sitting there on the couch, I consistently get the feeling this would be fantastic with nitrous, I don't know why. Perhaps something in the feeling reminds me of nitrous. Actially it reminds me of coming off nitrous when you're just about done feeling the buzzing. Might be the slight tinnitis.

10:30pm (T+5:10) - Up to 18mL and this will be it, about to go to bed after a snack. Typing and walking are relatively impaired now. This feels very little like GHB as some have claimed. The only similarity I see is that on both I bite my nails like crazy. But there is none of the intense euphoria or mania. Which is all to the good because when I have have GHB I do it constantly and develop problems. I feel tired and I think I'll be able to pass right out now which is nice. Let's see if there's a hangover tomorrow. By all accounts there won't be. This is nice stuff but it's not an alcohol substitute... it's something different but similar.
This is nice stuff but it's not an alcohol substitute... it's something different but similar.

A few days later

I just got back around to finishing up this report. I read back through my notes and fixed a few typos, but they were quite coherent. I had difficulty waking up the following morning because I was still quite substantially sedated. This stuff really does last a long time. I woke up at about 7:30am, and had to get ready to get dropped off at the band house and have a couple of hours of practice, and then travel 4 hours away to play a show at 10pm. I got to the band house at 8:30, and I felt quite tired and still inebriated, physically at least. I was really wishing I could have stayed asleep. I needed to wake myself up and occupy my time because everyone was still asleep, so I decided to walk about a mile to Walgreens and pick up some propylhexedrine. I ended up having to walk to Publix because Walgreens was out, but I got it. When I got back, I dosed just a little bit, probably about 25mg, which really perked me up and got me in a much better mood to play music. It's not that my mood was bad, I just felt sluggish and uninspired. It wasn't a hangover though so much as it was me still being on 2m2b, it hadn't worn off yet. The nice thing about it was that there was no headache, no shitty feeling, no shitty stomach the next morning, no dehydration. It really didn't have a hangover, but I wished it wouldn't have lasted as long. I felt trailing effects from it probably until 3 or 4pm. But at that point I felt fine.

Overall, I liked the experience and I will certainly use the rest of what I have, but I was hoping for more. I like the effects of ethanol more, I think, at least from this one trial. Contrary to some reports, I find ethanol more euphoric. However ethanol feels far more toxic and exacts a higher price. I really felt quite mentally coherent the whole time, and I didn't even have a slight bit of memory haziness, unlike ethanol which produces substantial issues with impulse control and decision making, and makes my memory hazy. At a similar level of physical intoxication on ethanol I would have been an idiot. It's hard to tell if playing music would be possible on 2m2b, because I didn't try. I may try tonight at band practice because it's the main reason I bothered getting this stuff, to replace ethanol in situations where I like to drink.

Tl;dr - A little less euphoric than ethanol, and much longer lasting, but more clearheaded and functional, far more potent and less toxic, and no hangover. And substantially worse tasting.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113080
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Apr 25, 2019Views: 5,461
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