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Puking God (Bad Time Pal)
Ketamine, LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   Wisteria. "Puking God (Bad Time Pal): An Experience with Ketamine, LSD & Cannabis (exp113031)". Mar 28, 2019.

4 hits oral LSD (liquid)
  1 cup oral Coffee  
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
    insufflated Ketamine  
I’d like to say that even though it sounds like I’m an idiot- I have actually done psychedelics before, both LSD and ketamine multiple times before. I know the risks of mixing substances, and I haven’t done much more mixing than some weed with whatever I’m doing (mdma, alc, xan, etc.). I’m pretty cautious with drugs for the most part.

I have these dropper bottles I bought from the store that I was going to use for microdosing LSD, but I grabbed the wrong bottle from the drawer. This bottle was empty but the inside was coated with a thin facial oil (I think CE ferulic) and I didn’t realize until I dropped some of my pure stuff over in it. I was pissed, it was a big bottle, and I put like 4 drops in there.

Later that night I was going to a “shesh” with some friends, in which there would be some psychedelic present that we hadn’t decided on yet. My friends show up, I tell them my fuck up and one suggested that I just do the acid right then anyway, and if I was tripping at the party then they would do their best to accommodate me, and if I wasn’t then hey I could smoke or do something else. So I had this moment like “Fuck it guess I’m either tripping balls tonight or this shit is straight destroyed.” I just fill the bottle a quarter of the way with some distilled water, and drank that. We go get some coffee and some snacks, walk around a bit, find ourselves at our friends.

We get the chonger out, we’re doing hella rips. We’ve got good vibes, I believe we were listening to a lot of Yeasayer and then eventually like some “HipHop Beats to Study to” for just ambience, cause I think we were getting a little fussy with each other’s music. I smoke several rips, I did like a small piece of a dab- I feel NO-THING from the acid I took earlier.
I feel NO-THING from the acid I took earlier.
Like absolutely nothing reminiscent to LSD, just the heaviness of weed. And at this point the parties going on, several friends show up, one after another, and they’re all staying for a while and sharing the like deats. (“Yeah my brothers been in the Virgin Islands getting some major tang.”, “I recently found out that I have a heart condition, so I can’t do *as much* coke as I have been doing....”, for example) This carried on throughout the night with everyone being at totally different levels of sobriety. And then, one of my own friends drops by, to share some of the shit he just got.

Now, I’ve done ketamine, but I like my sinuses a lot and that shit tastes nasty. However, once he busted it out, everyone wanted a taste. He, however, offers me the first line (after his). And of course, you gotta get while the gettin’s good, and I wanted to feel something that night so- I do the line.

And it hurts, I rub my nose for a second, chat with my friend for a second an then realize I have to pee. I stand up, feel some kind of vertigo. Everything slows down a bit, like my vision is one of those scanners in a movie that locks onto tiny movement and interesting patterns. I recognize, instantly, that for the amount of ketamine I did, I should not be feeling it so strong. I am now in the bathroom, hyper aware of my existence in the bathroom. It smells like piss, and this turns my stomach and I puke into the toilet.

After I puked, I felt so much better. Like near the point of like ascension better. I actually felt my clouds of depression, the anxieties, the everything. I felt so at peace with my being, I felt beautiful. I felt like a god- because I recognized that I was one, and I said this aloud many times to myself in the bathroom, very much like a severely mentally ill person does.

As I raised my head from the toilet, I went to share my revelations with my friends, but I was stopped by another involuntary puke. Followed by another. Not a problem, I’m still very much tripping, and accepting the puke as part of a cleansing of my spirit. I recognize that I must purge my nastiness to begin again.

Well, the purging did not stop, and frankly my optimism about this whole cleansing my spirit shit lasted like 5 minutes
the purging did not stop, and frankly my optimism about this whole cleansing my spirit shit lasted like 5 minutes
, after all, gods do not puke uncontrollably. So I guess I was pretty humbled in that moment. I sat by that toilet for 15 more minutes, vomiting more than what I thought my stomach could hold. I leave the bathroom, and my friends have come to check on me. They escort me upstairs to a guest bedroom, and I lay down for a bit before I’m up again, my stomach not wanting to lay down. My head hurts, and while I did still have something in my stomach, the only thing I keep coughing up is a bit of water that I keep trying to hold. My throat just keeps contracting like I need to purge. My mouth is dry, I feel like I might dehydrate. So I’m just holding water in my mouth, letting it absorb into my mouth because every sip brings gagging.

I lay back down, and my stomach is shifting again. And then I smell something. A litter box. It’s right next to the bed, between the wall. Once I find it, I can smell it perfectly, and see it has indeed been used recently by the house cat. And I just can’t help myself, the sight of cat shit and the smell of that deodorizing litter working overtime. Ugh. I vomit the rest of my stomach into the cat box. Then I keep retching but can’t puke, which was even worse. I fell into an acid sleep, where I'm like asleep but really not cause I feel like I was actually awake the entire time and the night just went by very quickly.

I awoke, my friends came and brought me a bagel. I felt pretty good actually, despite the mush of my stomach being spilled into the litter box. I had a pretty good week, and became actually rather happy and stable for like a month. Which is really surprising to me because I thought that torture would fry my brain into oblivion, but I find myself being much more decisive than I was before- which is an odd takeaway from this whole thing.

TL;DR: I took some acid that didn’t have any effect on me, so later that night I did some ketamine at a party. It made me think I was god, and then I spent the rest of the night vomiting into a litter box. Thought I was going to die, may have actually made life a bit better for me.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113031
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Mar 28, 2019Views: 1,086
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LSD (2), Ketamine (31) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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