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Puke With Sparkles
LSD & Cannabis - Hash (edible)
by Huxley
Citation:   Huxley. "Puke With Sparkles: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis - Hash (edible) (exp112687)". Dec 17, 2018.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  50 mg oral Cannabis - Hash (edible / food)


“Puke with sparkles”

This was definitely what they call a Learning Experience.

I have been curious for a little while now about the combination of LSD and edible hash. My experiences with each alone over the past year have been excellent, so what could be better than a synergy of two good things? But things don’t always go as intended.

The plan was to trip in the bedroom in darkness which would be a new experience for me (my previous experiences had been outdoors in daylight). I took one tab of road-tested LSD plus some home-made chocolate containing about 1/20th of a gram of Moroccan soft dark brown hash. It may not sound like much but I have also road-tested this hash and it is potent stuff. From experience I knew that this amount of hash would be enough for a three-hour medium high.

T zero was 2300 hours. This was to be a night-time journey.

The good

I had always thought that CEVs were the poor relation of OEV: something one gets with low quality / low dose acid that isn’t potent enough to generate “proper” visuals. Well now I know better. Once things got going at about T+2, I lay on the bed with my eyes closed and the room darkened. The result was spectacular. I cannot recall the detail but I saw a multitude of glittering colours and a sense of intense hyper-realism. It was as though I had borrowed the visual cortex of an eagle. The resolution, detail and chromacity (if there is such a word) of the visual impressions was quite remarkable. Equally remarkable was the sense that this was not just an illusion but that I was actually seeing - just without the need to use my eyes. I had no desire to open my eyes. Nothing in my rather dull bedroom was going to compare with this. To add to the effect, I had a sense of intense surround-sound hearing even without any music or other sounds. It was not that I was hearing things that were not there. It was more that the tiny whispers of sound in an otherwise quiet room became symphonic in depth and intensity. This was an experience in the nature of psychedelic perception and raised for me some fascinating philosophical questions as to the nature of “real” perception and how the mind creates sensory impressions. Yes of course it was all just chemicals, but that is hardly an explanation, merely a restatement of the question.

The bad

That evening I had had an excellent supper of roasted cauliflower and potato followed by some fine gruyere cheese with cucumber, topped off with fruit yoghurt. For some reason, though, when I ate the hash chocolate the cannabis flavour left a nasty aftertaste. Too strong and too hashy. Like a combination of burnt coffee and too much chocolate.

About two hours into the trip, things started to take a bad turn. My mind began racing in a way that was not pleasant and hard to control. I began to feel claustrophobic. Opening the windows did not really help. I tried playing music but that didn’t help either.

Soon I began to feel actively unwell (I may have felt unwell earlier and just not acknowledged it – but now it was inescapable). The sensation grew into one of actual nausea. I stumbled into the bathroom. Shortly afterwards (maybe T + 2.5), the puking began. And what puking. At least three, maybe more, bouts of deep stomach emptying vomits spaced over what seemed like hours. The acid was in full flow so whilst I was racked by nausea and bouts of vomiting, I was still seeing gorgeous multi-coloured sparkles. What a waste.

This was not an Ayahuasca style cleansing purge. This was more like tripping with norovirus. Eventually at about 5am (T+6) I stumbled back into bed with the trip subsiding and managed to get to sleep. I woke at about 8.30am (T+9.5) feeling weak and tired but otherwise more or less back to normal.


It is hard to know exactly what caused this to go bad after such a promising start but the obvious culprit is the combination of a full stomach and the addition of the hash. Once previously in Amsterdam I smoked too much cannabis and ended up puking my guts out. This time the amount of hash was not an issue (I have taken the same amount from the same batch quite a few times with no gastric issues whatever) but I think my body just cannot tolerate LSD and hash on a heavy stomach. With hindsight the nasty aftertaste from the hash chocolate was a clear warning.

Also, I get the feeling that the hash put my mind into overdrive which is a problem when confined to a small room at night with no prospect of sleep for many hours and nowhere to go. There were a few moments when I genuinely thought to myself “what the fuck is the point of this? Never again”.

Fortunately the human mind is very good at blocking out the bad and focusing on the good.
This was not a bad LSD trip in the traditional sense. The pure LSD element was stunningly beautiful. But the simple lesson is that if I don’t feel physically well then no trip is going to be enjoyable. There is no pleasure to be had in recreational puking, even if the puke comes with sparkles.

1. LSD with eyes closed/darkness is beautiful.

2. Empty stomach not full stomach.

3. Don’t mix acid and hash at the outset. Acid first. Then maybe top up with hash only after a few hours and once the trip is well-established and going nicely.

4. Outside not inside. Choose a warm day in a safe secure natural environment where there is space to move around.

Peace and good tripping


Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112687
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50 
Published: Dec 17, 2018Views: 1,501
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LSD (2), Cannabis - Hash (93) : Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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