Beware of the Underestimated Weed Brownie
Cannabis Edible
Citation:   Han Solo. "Beware of the Underestimated Weed Brownie: An Experience with Cannabis Edible (exp112337)". Oct 28, 2018.

  oral Cannabis - High THC (edible / food)
Let me preface this experience report by saying: I know there are people that eat this kind of dose and don't struggle with it. This is one of my first experiences with oral weed and I know my weed tolerance is pathetic but that is what makes so different.

The backstory: Weed had just become legal in my state and I was one of the very few people that never tried pot going through school. My mother is schizophrenic and I was always far too scared to take the plunge. I had done edibles maybe half a dozen times before I ate the 600-milligram brownie in this experience report, and overdid it once and had 1 regrettable experience with a 75 mg edible but it doesn't even compare.

I can't provide any times on where the experience started and ends because it all happened in my sleep and I will admit I was stupid by putting that brownie in the same place I keep actual food with my history of sleepwalking and eating. I knew my limits with weed and I had just gotten that brownie the day before. I saw the dosage and I was astounded by how much THC was in it and believe me when I say, I absolutely had no intention of eating the entire thing.

At some point early in the morning, I slept walked to the cupboard, grabbed the brownie and ate it and went back to bed and the next memory I have is waking up in a full anxiety attack, I couldn't breathe, the walls were breathing and melting. I couldn't form sentences or even walk I was so astronomically high. It felt like I weighed 2000 lbs and I was absolutely convinced I was going to die from this god damn brownie. I knew I had to leave some sort of message for my mom, explaining how I had died so I tossed myself out of bed, onto the ground and proceeded to crawl to my computer. I couldn't manage to get myself into my computer chair and I tried for lord knows how long try to remember my password and also try to have enough coordination to type it in, from the floor. I was so high that I was completely nonfunctional in every single measurable regard.

After failing to get onto my computer, I gave into the sedation forces of the brownie and just laid in the middle of the living room completely naked for an unknown amount of time until I awoke to having to use the bathroom. I crawled from the living room to the bathroom and at this point, I still couldn't walk or function at all, so I sat on my knees and pissed in the bathtub. After that, I crawled back to the living room where I was unable to stay awake any longer. At roughly 3 AM the next day, I woke up and I could walk again, but I was still high as hell, but it was manageable.

The brownie gave me the worst weed hangover in the world which lasted a grand total of around 4 months of DP/DR, confused thinking, and bipolar depression. I absolutely never want to get that high ever again.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 112337
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Oct 28, 2018Views: 3,145
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