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Penetrating the DMT Dimension
DMT (M. hostilis Extraction)
Citation:   DMTrypr. "Penetrating the DMT Dimension: An Experience with DMT (M. hostilis Extraction) (exp112316)". Dec 4, 2018.

3 g oral Mushrooms (tea)
  2 hits smoked DMT (extract)
    smoked Cannabis  
Let me just say upfront that nothing could have prepared me for Dimitri, but I'm writing this report in the hope that those who read it will be slightly more prepared than I.

I have been aware of DMT for more than a decade, but it was only within the past several months that the substance became available for first-hand experimentation. The appearance of a trustworthy source of DMT, a source that happened to be a long-time and trusted friend (whom I will refer to as 'A'), coincided with a spike in cultural and personal interest in this most potent of psychedelics.

Over the course of the previous year, I had immersed myself in learning everything that I could about DMT. This included multiple readings of Rick Strassman's 'The Spirit Molecule' (at the time of my experience I was about halfway through the second reading), Graham Hancock's 'Supernatural', Terrence McKenna's 'True Hallucinations' (audiobook), listening to numerous podcasts (Joe Rogan, etc.), watching 'The Wizards of DMT' episode on Viceland's Hamilton's Pharmacopoeia series, and talking to friends/acquaintances who had direct experience with the drug. Despite all of this seeming preparation and 'homework', however, the actual moment of DMT experimentation was not planned.

The 'official' agenda was a daytime rafting trip followed by a night spent at A's lake house where we had intended to consume a few grams each of dried mushrooms. These original plans played out without incident.

The rafting was a lazy, enjoyable ride down a crystal clear spring-fed river and, expecting to consume mushrooms a few hours later, I had only a light lunch. After lunch, we made our way to A's lake house, stocked up on some groceries, and got settled in for the night.

The house was a comfortable setting for a trip. Perched at the edge of a large recreational lake, it was remote enough for us to feel safe getting a little 'weird' without drawing too much unwanted attention. It was decorated with Persian rugs and other interesting artifacts, and the lake itself presented a spectacular view. Easily visible from within the house and through large full-length windows, large trees swayed and aquatic grasses rocked up and down with the undulating water.

The mushrooms were prepared as a tea with approximately 6 grams of dried mushrooms (cultivated by A several years prior but kept frozen and therefore still potent), the juice of a lemon, a few bags of actual tea, and a few sugar cubes. We split the tea into two portions, quickly drank it down, and made our way outside.

Within about 30 minutes we could feel the mushrooms coming on and as the waves of psilocybin/psilocin began to interact with our neural circuitry, a relatively strong trip set in.

Between bouts of raucous laughter (A: 'What are you doing?' Me: 'Oh nothing, just lost in the grass.' Both: LOLZ!), deep conversation, and sumptuous visuals, I had a sense that I was being shown a 'peek' beneath the skirt of the universe. Not unlike previous mushroom trips, there was a feeling of being on the verge of 'figuring it out'. 'It' being the mystery of how our mind/consciousness interacts with physical matter and if they are separate, unified, or some as yet unknown and unknowable third, fourth, or fifth thing.

After several hours, much of which spent watching shooting stars burn up in a pristine night sky, we both felt pretty 'down' and made our way back into the house to smoke some cannabis and wrap up the night. Back inside, A mentioned that he had brought some DMT with him as well as a glass pipe to smoke it with. This was not completely new information as he first told me this earlier in the day when we were still very sober and floating down a river, but I had written it off considering mushrooms to be 'enough' for a solid night of fun.
I had written it off considering mushrooms to be 'enough' for a solid night of fun.

For some reason, however, I felt the spontaneous urge to take advantage of the opportunity to actually smoke DMT. Given the research I had been doing, I didn't want to end up like a sex expert who had never gotten laid, which is to say, someone who knows many concepts and ideas yet lacks direct and personal experience.

Without giving myself too much time to reconsider, I expressed my interest to A who gave me a brief tutorial on how to use the glass pipe and then loaded it up with what I imagine to be about 100-150mg of light yellow crystalline DMT.

The material smelled reminiscent of new sneakers, a trait I took as a positive indicator of it being 'the real deal' since many trip reports comment on the vaguely 'plastic' taste and smell of DMT smoke. A is also well studied in biochemistry and so my confidence in his ability to carry out an extraction was high.

I positioned myself on the couch and A sat nearby in order to supervise and 'sit' for my experience. My initial effort to hit the pipe yielded a wispy hit, but I repositioned the lighter and got a much thicker and fuller inhalation. After a partial exhale, I hit the pipe again, another full hit, and began to hold it in. A took the pipe from my hand and said something along the lines of, 'Are you good?' I responded with a 'thumbs up' but by this time I was rushing towards the most profound and deeply psychedelic experience of my life.

With my thumb still 'up', I heard a 'huuuuu...' sound, which had a goofy character to it. The sound soon gave way to what I can only describe as an origami-like unfolding of 'normal' reality. One way to visualize this would be to imagine sitting in a house with everything carrying on as it normally does. Then, within a matter of seconds, the walls fall away and you realize you that everything you ever knew and thought you knew, was simply a movie set, but instead of a movie set, it was the ultimate energy of the universe experienced as blistering colors of consciousness.

As 'normal' reality fell away I had the thought, 'You've done it this time,' and soon I was alone, more alone than I had ever been, alone as the sole being in a universe located within a room that itself was all of existence. The 'room' was a swarm of color and energy predominated by blue, yellow, and green and in the center of the room was an object. Constructed of 4-5 sliding blocks of consciousness-energy that morphed and evolved before my awareness it was just my consciousness and the object and the room and eternity.

At this stage, I had no awareness of my body, no concept of humanity, no idea of space, or time, or dimension. It was simply this utterly bizarre experience of isolation and consciousness and energy. It certainly felt like 'this was it' and that this was 'forever', but at some point, perhaps having opened my eyes 'in real life' I saw a pair of eyes looking back at me. This was the first inclination in what felt like eons that there were other beings in the universe. I was not sure, however, and suspected that this being might also be me. I said, 'You're still here?' and it said, 'I'm still here'.

I looked away and the eyes and the being triplicated, I looked back and said, 'You're still here?' and after repeating this sequence for several seemingly infinite loops, I began to realize that this being was actually my friend A. He said, 'We stacked mushrooms with DMT' and that's when I remembered that I had taken a drug and that I might actually come down. I slowly began to realize that the room, although fully engulphed in psychedelic flames and spiraling geometries more elaborate and intense than anything I've ever seen, was actually the living room of A's lake house.

Slowly, slowly, normal 'reality' continued to condense and return to its conventional form. A was talking to me, asking me how long it felt like it lasted, to this I responded with something along the lines of, 'How long? How long? Time is only a concept, it has no meaning. It's all concepts.'

As my awareness returned to my body I rubbed my fingers together, ran my hands over my legs, and gradually reestablished the boundaries of my body and its relationship to the physical world.

Mostly 'down' after about 10 real-world minutes, I held my head in my hands awash in a sense of relief that the terrifying loneliness of existing as a unified being was over
Mostly 'down' after about 10 real-world minutes, I held my head in my hands awash in a sense of relief that the terrifying loneliness of existing as a unified being was over
, that I wasn't permanently insane, and that I was 'back'.

When able, I stood up, capable of saying little else but, 'Dude', over and over again as I walked around and shook out my arms and legs, still feeling suffused with a strong tryptamine energy. I said to A, 'You cooked up some shit!' and at some point, he decided that he wanted to try smoking some himself.

He had experimented with the material before but found it difficult to break through, experiencing visuals but not much else. Sitting for his experience, I watched him hit the glass pipe, taking it from him when he was done with his plasticine lungful.

A's trip was characterized by violent retching and nausea and while it was underway, I felt my own consciousness turn back towards 'the DMT dimension'. It was not a full-blown trip like I had just had, but it was as if I had taken a light dose and was back in a definitely altered state.

When A had fully come down, he reported having experienced intense visuals, lattices, and grids, but it was apparent to both of us that our experiences were very different.

I proclaimed at that time, and still hold it to be true today, that what I experienced on DMT was a 'top three' life experience. The other two being my birth and other being my eventual death.

I wouldn't characterize what I experienced on DMT as a re-birth however, it was more akin to a re-conception. My consciousness had become one and the same with the universe and gradually, through some force of will or intention, had condensed down into a vibration capable of taking root in physical matter.

A and I continued to discuss and attempt to process 'what happened' for several more hours, until, at approximately 3 or 4 am, we both gave way to exhaustion and went to sleep.

The next day I felt a little tired but was physically fine. Psychologically and spiritually I had much to work out.

Several weeks later I'm still working through the experience.

Did DMT take me to or tune me into another dimension? It certainly felt like it did.

Was it simply a 'drug' experience? Possibly.

What I do know is that nothing could have prepared me for Dimitri, and as intense as my experience was, I know that there are depths, and levels, and dimensions I have still yet to experience under the influence of this most peculiar molecule.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112316
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Dec 4, 2018Views: 2,850
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Mimosa tenuiflora (74), DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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