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Slipping Away Into Color and Lights
MIPT, Hydrocodone & Various
by PinkOfFloyds
Citation:   PinkOfFloyds. "Slipping Away Into Color and Lights: An Experience with MIPT, Hydrocodone & Various (exp112234)". Aug 22, 2018.

  repeated oral Hydrocodone  
    repeated oral Pharms - Alprazolam  
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
    oral Cannabis  
  1.5 drops oral MIPT (liquid)
  1 hit smoked Unknown  
  3 lines insufflated Cocaine  


This one was a long time ago, 7 or 8 years to be exact, I had gone to a friends apartment who had some liquid MIPT. I was intrigued as usual by the unusual substance and have come to a rather strange conclusion but I will not reveal the secret yet- I want to emphasize I had came for that purpose only to trip out and get high nothing fucking insane like I'd usually get into when I was a teen.

Anyways- fast forward I'm already buzzed on arrival as I had ate 20mgs of Norco and a 1mg Xanax drank down with some white grapefruit juice I keep at the house to this day to potentate my kratom, opiates and benzos (keep in mind at this time I was not really a full blown opiate addict like I became entering MMT aka methadone maintenance which I kicked in the ass using kratom). But I do suffer pain and currently suffer Ramsay Hunt Disease & minor stroke, abnormal liver function.. Do not use RC's or medication in high doses please. I had these pills recently enter my bloodstream and I was a little high but not like usual face down nod-out stoned. I would require maybe 60-80+mgs of norco for that. Sigh I hate having big tolerance :(

We had no fucking idea how much MIPT to take I was serving as guinea pig for the substance but my friend joined, keep aware he shares this apartment with another person who is not to bright in the slightest. And it could of killed him- so I suggested 1 drop of the substance and wait a minimum of 3 &1/2 hours before redosing in case a ceiling effect occurs at a certain point or gets stronger- or isn't that diluted. So we probably each took 1&1/2 drops of the substance while friend A thought 'No you need a whole dropperfull' I argued that's a ridiculous idea. Friend B who was not here would later find out what a dropperfull of MIPT can do to a man... I feel sorry for him.

It came on relatively fast, I was already stoned from eating a cannabis cookie and smoking out giant bong loads of smelly buds. I didnt feel to different *at first* just a curious feeling and a light grungy yet light as a feather *at once* type of body high. I didnt feel like this was going to be to strong I said to my friend but I was unaware, I seemed to be slipping away into color and lights. I remember seeing flashes of bright light that would literally pierce my vision. The body high becomes anxious and playful, aware in a weak way not strong like LSD. But then again this could be dose-dependant as friend B would have a full-on freak out experience. Friend A did not say to much but sat back and breathed while a Robin Trower track began to play. The song was classic 'Bridge Of Sighs' I can really get into music on this one. I felt like dancing but it was not the place. Everything was right in the sense of the word- just so shiny and so dim in some areas- I forgot the sun had dropped.

We did drive about 3 hours in to a headshop & met friend B who worked here and was slipping me 2 hydrocodones and we were smoking a blunt with the dude. He had asked how the substance was obviously and I felt pretty down to earth on this one
I felt pretty down to earth on this one
& so did friend A who is usually quite immersed into it. Friend B also asked how much did we take and I clarified to only take one drop idc how big you are man be careful. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

We got tired and exhausted from having a light fiasco running around a unspecified part of town and riding back to the apartment (I think we ran out of weed :p) so we ditch the car run up the stairs and I take another 1 of my 1mg bars to chill so I can possibly sleep for even 10 minutes after I'm done with these end-game bong loads. I would of loved to stay outside personally as I thought this was a pretty strange substance and I wanted to get more from it but now I'm stuck in this apartment and my tripping buddy fell asleep Friend A (probably ate some pills) was no longer with me now.

Now as I prepare to space out I see a pipe on the floor and think thats not safe and pick it up, it smelled funny, 'Must be some different kind of weed!' I thought- so I hit it and ZOOM my vision went tunnel and my heart began pounding out my chest like I just hit some damn crack. Now things began to echo and spin in my head, I felt like I had just been punched in the fucking soul by whatever kind of synthetic cannabinoid was in there and instantly my mood changed from content and peaceful to crazy and pissed because I hate that shit! I still sat at this desk and spaced out and everything was very geometric, gyrating and dripping. But at the same time it felt very normal instead of 'whoa whats going on man!!!' kind of a experience. It was pretty strange.

My back began to ache badly so I took the 20mgs of hydrocodone friend B gave me and 2mgs of xanax around 6am and I felt sleep deprived - friend A seemed worse off than I- SO we decided to snort some really strong cocaine. Busted out 3-4 healthy lines for each of us- I was tired in a sense but not so much! I was rushing my face off my mind and body were flowing with electric energy which I rode out the rest of the day. I went home and lay in my own bed to sleep once again that night and recover from my MIPT experience.

The next morning I see I have several missed calls from friend A. I called him back and asked what could POSSIBLY be going on. Turns out Friend B did not listen to me and possibly A's advice either and ate a whole dropperfull. I was baffled as I experienced vasoconstriction as well during the height of my trip which I attribute to anxieties but I can imagine what he felt.. Friend B spent almost his entire trip in the bath-tub screaming and crying and experienced hands coming out the walls to grab him and overall had a scary experience. Thank whatever higher power is out there he lived in his trial by MIPT.

Conclusion: Pretty artsy psychedlic, atypical, decieving in actions and inent. Will not use this one again.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 112234
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Aug 22, 2018Views: 1,272
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MIPT (251), Hydrocodone (111) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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