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3-FA: Hip Hip Hooray
by Anatoli Smorin
Citation:   Anatoli Smorin. "3-FA: Hip Hip Hooray: An Experience with 3-Fluoroamphetamine (exp111774)". Apr 8, 2018.

T+ 0:00
23 mg oral 3-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:43 30 mg vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 5:37 29 mg insufflated 3-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:55 68 mg insufflated 3-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:35 125 mg vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 8:55 178 mg insufflated 3-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 10:34 104 mg vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 11:15 175 mg vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 12:14 4 mg buccal Etizolam (blotter / tab)
  T+ 12:32 148 mg vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 13:04 2 mg buccal Etizolam (blotter / tab)
  T+ 13:04 250 ug buccal Clonazolam (blotter / tab)
  T+ 13:46 2 mg sublingual Etizolam (blotter / tab)
  T+ 13:46 125 ug sublingual Clonazolam (blotter / tab)


I have had only one experience prior to this with 3-FA. This previous experience involved a 54 mg insufflated dosage of 3-FA used as a booster on a 2-FMA initial dosage. This is my first attempt at oral administration with the substance. I am interesting in finding my threshold - light effects dosage range that could be applied as a study / work aid. In the past, I have used 2-FMA very successfully to fulfill this “office performance enhancer”, but I am curious how 3-FA might work for this purpose.

The powder is a very fine and nearly pure white. It has a strong amine smell [I think less noticeable than 2-FMA] but it still smells a bit like new tires. The powder clumps together easily.

My last stimulant use was nine days ago with 4-FA. I don’t believe there is any tolerance in play for today’s experience. I did take 4mg of etizolam yesterday at about 9:00 PM and could still feel the trailing effects when I woke up this morning at 7:30 AM. My typical etizolam “hangovers” dwindle to baseline by 10:30 or 11:00 AM. Although it might make my departure from baseline on the 3-FA slightly more difficult to pinpoint exactly, I am confident the leftover benzo effects did not affect the stimulant in a significant way.

[T + 00:00] 9:45 AM
I weigh out and ingest 23mg of 3-FA via parachute crafted from a single ply of tissue.

[T + 00:16] Peel banana.

[T + 00:17] Eat Banana.

[T + 00:35] 10:20 AM
I am feeling slightly more alert, without any ‘high’ to speak of in mind or body, I do feel more awake than I might normally be.

[T + 00:43] 10:28 AM
Still not much going on: I decide to try a small amount 30 mg vaporized of sativa dominant cannabis to see if I can kick-start the 3-FA. If the cannabis does not have the desired effects I will re-dose again in 15 minutes.

[T + 00:49] 10:34 AM
Cannabis did the trick; the pleasant left over benzo fuzziness has been tuned up with the 3-FA. I am feeling very relaxed mentally as I take on a heavy Monday workload. There is a hybrid euphoria of stimulation from the 3-FA and a “don’t worry be happy” mind set which I attribute to the etizolam. I am rather enjoying this unintended combination.

Several new issues are waiting for me in my work inbox, but instead of my normal stress and frustration, I react with an “oh well, lets get these things fixed!”.

[T + 01:05] 10:50 AM
I am just barely a + on the Shulgin Rating Scale. I am experiencing mostly mental effects such as faster thoughts and an increased ability to multi task. I switch articulately between tasks at natural and logical stopping points; I am not bouncing around to the point of becoming unproductive.

The substance feels mentally clean although I am more aware that I have ingested a chemical than I am with my other, more often used 2-FMA. While the presence of the substance exists, there is no body high or euphoria yet.

[T + 01:29] 11:14 AM
Time seems to be passing very quickly. I have gotten a fair amount done but I feel like I took the compound half an hour ago.

I have a strong sense of positivity regarding everything I am doing. Working, texting family and plans for the future all glow with optimistic themes. I just feel good! This is nothing like the extreme ‘loving everything’ feeling that I might get from a substance such as MDMA. This is more like the great mood one experiences when walking out of the last class of the school year marking the beginning of summer vacation.

[T + 01:36] 11:21 AM
The leftover benzo sensations seem to be washed over completely by the stimulant. I am still pretty relaxed and carefree, but this seems to be coming from the 3-FA now. While the words “relaxed” and “carefree” appear identical on paper whether describing benzos or stimulants, they are distinctly different in that nature and style that I am experiencing them in. The ‘relaxation’ of a benzo for me is more of a numb, stumbling and dopey set of sensations. With this stimulant the relaxation is now more of a buzzy, euphoric and uplifted set of feelings. ‘Carefree’ via benzo is a lack of consideration for anything, a complete “fuck my worries” attitude. Carefree with 3-FA is an ultra positive and elated mood that pushes me to find succinct solutions to any thoughts on my mind.

[T + 01:43] 11:28 AM
I guess that I am nearing the peak of the effects, and simply curious as to how long this will last. This feels far cleaner and less fidgety than Adderall. I feel smooth and elevated rather than tweaky and jittery.
This feels far cleaner and less fidgety than Adderall. I feel smooth and elevated rather than tweaky and jittery.
For me this is more of a ‘work from home‘ substance than one to be on at the office. I could see myself getting impatient if waiting for a response at work, where as at home I can switch to a non work task and continue the productivity. I also have intermittent sexual thoughts. While not unusual for a euphoric stimulant I am surprised to experience them given the low dosage I have chosen.

[T + 02:03] 11:48 AM
I note slight jaw clenching, not hard grinding, but I am intermittently holding my teeth tightly together unnecessarily.

[T + 02:16] 12:01 AM
Appetite suppression is minimal thus far. I am hungry now and select a greek yogurt to munch on. I am also pleased to find no fidgeting or physical restlessness. With stimulants, particularly with less euphoric stimulants, I have experienced various manifestations of restlessness. This could be as extreme as rapid pacing around a room or as mellow as bouncing my leg up and down. Currently I have none of these from the 3-FA.

I notice that the intensity of all effects are retracting slightly. I am most definitely still under the influence, but this may be the beginning of the comedown.

[T + 02:37] 12:22 PM
Absolutely experiencing a decrease in effects. The level I am at is still very useful as I am still more alert and motivated, but less so than an hour ago. I am making lists for errands to get done and tasks to do, but I’m not sure I’ll follow through on everything without a re-dose.

I plan on going to the gym today, so I decided to do that soon, leaving me able to re-dose after cardio / heavy physical activity.

[T +02:53] 12:38 PM
I take a heart rate reading on my walk to the gym. I get a normal result of 60 BPM.

As I complete 30 minutes of biking cardio I take a second heart rate reading that results at 114 BPM. This is normal for me [while sober] given the duration and intensity of the exercise.

[T + 05:03] 1:50 PM
Just completed my workout. I did not notice the 3 FA having any affect on my physical abilities. No extra strength nor any loss of strength.

I feel the majority of the effects have dwindled away now. I am not at a proper baseline, still experiencing some stimulation as mild as it may be. Increased focus? Increased motivation? Less distracted than normal? The answers to all of these questions are “maybe barely”.

[T + 05:21] 2:08 PM
The positive and uplifting effects are gone – I’m now in the mood to throw on Netflix or just veg on the couch. Unfortunately ‘couch-potato’ mode is not yet an option as I still have some work assignments to get done in addition to a few non-work related tasks. I set up my scale and prepare my next dosage.

[T + 05:37] 2:24 PM
I insufflate 29 mg of 3-FA. I can feel the powder clump together forming a blockage at the back of my nasal cavity. There is a sharp sting that dissipates rapidly and is gone after 10 seconds. There is a fresh, almost minty taste to the drip that fades into an amine chemical flavor aftertaste. There is no numbing, burning or irritation, only the fore mentioned taste. Overall 3-FA is a very easy chemical to insufflate.

I chose this route of administration to fight the inevitable insomnia tonight and to try and find out what a slightly more intense dosage of this substance might feel like.

I have two more “must do” tasks at work, then another major under taking. My goal is to knock out the two then either dig in to the other, or switch to fun productive (non work) items on my to-do list.

[T + 05:44] 2:31 PM
I seem to feel a little pick me up already.

My nasal cavity is clear but something about the 3-FA’s physical consistency makes it a struggle to get the powder all the way back up my nose, even with water insufflation following the substance ingestion.

[T + 05:54] 2:41 PM
My tired / lazy mood has disappeared, but no other noticeable effects from the re-up dosage have manifested yet.

I am not well versed in dosing this substance, often with stimulants (euphoric and non-euphoric) I find I need to re-dose at higher than the original dosage if I am looking to increase effects [instead of simply extend]. I decided to be cautious with this, re-dosing similar to original dose but going with the insufflation ROA. I will wait an hour or so then debate another re-dose.

[T 06:10] 2:56 PM
Impatience creeps into my mind. I want more effects, and I want them now. I feel mentally clear, with the ability to make educated decisions. I am not feeling antsy or fiendish.

My nose is still stuffy so I try water insufflation again, but this offers no relief. Maybe insufflation is not the best ROA for this substance despite the lack of pain experienced while doing so.

I am happily surprised that one of my work tasks is no longer required and the other was quick and easy. I have NO desire to start a big project though.

[ T + 06:37] 3:23 PM
I just finished a nice drumming session – I stayed away from creative stuff and was very happy to drill rudiments building physical strength and muscle memory. The drumming did not last as long as a normal practice session. I am almost having trouble staying focused on a single task; I get bored with everything I start to do.
I am almost having trouble staying focused on a single task; I get bored with everything I start to do.
I can’t decide if I want TV on as background noise or music or silence. I am not sure what exactly to do. I have some writing to edit, which was my goal to work on during the re-dose, but it doesn’t sound appealing in the least. I will dive into the writing and see how it goes.

[T + 06:44] 3:30 PM
Whoa, time is flying by, I feel like it was morning just an hour or so ago. I have some euphoria that is most obvious when I close my eyes. The euphoria manifests itself as an infallibly positive mood and a slow pulsing of glowing energy emanating from the center of my forearms. If I begin a task or deep thought, this euphoria disappears. I was hoping for a bit more and think I will re-dose my re-dose.

[T + 06:55] 3:41 PM
I insufflate 68 mg though my unused nostril. This sniff is pretty darn painful making my eyes tear up, but again, within 10 seconds the pain drops away. This nostril also feels clogged although a drip is present even prior to my water insufflation.

[T + 06:57] 3:43 PM
Still feels clogged – I can’t feel smooth airflow in the recently used nostril, but the other seems to be clearing up. Depending on how this dosage does, I may stick to oral or other non-insufflation ROA’s in the future. I only chose insufflation for the anti-insomnia rationale, especially considering my personal sensitivity to insomnia induced by stimulants. I already anticipate requiring benzos to sleep or if this is enjoyable enough, perhaps re-dosing and going all night.

[T + 07:02] 3:48 PM
OH YA! We are moving now! My energy level is going up, up, and away. I don’t think this chemical works as a study aid as nicely as 2 FMA. It has just a little too much euphoria to drive me to want to re-dose and start having some fun. I certainly would not want to be like this at the office.

My mood is absolutely serene, I feel very positive. Additionally I recognize an increase in empathy; I check in on my partner Kai and her sister who is going through chemotherapy currently – Kai is visiting her this week.

I am still being productive right now, but only on “fun items”. The big coding project at work? Ya – No. See you tomorrow on some 2-FMA. For now, I’m much happier editing some writing and listening to music. Music enhancement is significant and I find myself in the mood for whatever genre comes on from the diverse playlist.

[T + 07:16] 4:02 PM
I can feel the air across the hair on my neck, arms and legs. There are no windows open right now, but my skin is on high alert and is registering a notable breeze.

The sensations are not overly euphoric; this doesn’t feel like a roll. It is much more pleasurable than taking 100 mg of Adderall. The energy is calm and I feel like a natural and enhanced version of myself.

The chemical has some sexual characteristics, with desire drifting into my mind more often than when sober. The sexual component is less intense than MDMA, 6-APB or 4-FA at similar dosages.

[T + 07:35] 4:21 PM
I prepare 125 mg of a sativa dominant cannabis that I promptly vaporize. Upon exhaling, I get an immediate increase of intensity in the goose bump sensations. Taking deep breaths feels amazing. I’m at more than a + now, getting closer to ++, but not there quite yet. The laziness and boredom from earlier are gone. I’m perfectly content on the couch now. I can certainly see this being a fun social substance, but I’m not unhappy to be alone.

[T + 07:51] 4:37 PM
Iced lemon water tastes amazing, I realize I have had cottonmouth since I smoked. Beyond the heavy thirst I have no appetite at all. I’m listening to music and talking to a few people via an online chat. I am not doing much, and couldn’t be enjoying myself more.

[T + 07:57] 4:43 PM
Effects seem to come in waves, the peaks of which are nice but the valleys leave me underwhelmed. I expected a bit more from this dosage.

[T + 08:36] 5:22 PM
I would venture a guess that I am at the peak of the experience now, or darn close to it. I’m still not in a euphoric mental state, although empathy is far easier to attain than it is sober. I have more confidence to go along with the empathetic feelings. I feel open and able to speak my mind freely without my normal worrying about not saying the right thing. I am articulating my thoughts well and feel as though I am talking from my heart.

Physically I feel nothing short of incredible. I’m literally radiating from the center of each limb outwards to the surface of my unbelievably sensitive skin. My skin’s ability to feel airflow, temperature and touch is astronomically heightened.

The 3-FA is enjoyably smooth even at this full blown “high” that I have now find myself in the middle of. My outward appearance is one of normality. I am not speaking too quickly, following tangent thought strings, nor pacing around or fidgeting.

[T + 08:20] 6:16 PM
I have just returned inside from a walk with my dog Gee. The effects are lessening ever so slightly now. In the snap of an instant it is obvious that I have left the unbelievably glorious peak. I have only experienced this phenomenon of instantaneously becoming aware of the exact moment the peak has ended on one other substance [4-FA].

I do have a desire to re-dose, to get back to that absolute peak, but I don’t feel particularly fiendish.
I do have a desire to re-dose, to get back to that absolute peak, but I don’t feel particularly fiendish.
I can tell if I ingest more I will either be up late tonight or be taking some benzodiazepines to assist with sleep, perhaps both. Knowing that I can work at home tomorrow and do not have a particularly busy schedule, I decide to get a taste of 3-FA at a heavier recreational dosage.

[T + 08:55] 6:51 PM
I prepare and insufflate 178 mg into the nostril I used for the initial insufflation earlier today as it feels the most clear. There is almost no pain at all this time although my nostril still feels clogged. I immediately follow the powder with water sniffed up the same nostril.

[T + 09:01] 6:57 PM
I can tell the re-dose is going to be a jetpack to my current condition. Already my body can barely contain the radiating internal sunbeams of positivity. I take multiple deep breaths, each one feeling like the most earth shatteringly pleasurable thing I have ever felt. I sit and lean back so that I am nearly supine, my head and shoulders propped up on a large pillow. I have zero desire to do anything except try and wrap my mind around this rushing, flying, fast pace sensation that is somehow also sedating my body and simplifying my thoughts. I am feeling very fucking good, very fucking quickly.

[T + 09:05] 7:02 PM
A sense of surreality is creeping over my existence and perception. Work, friends, and anything not in my immediate present space seems distant and far, hard to truly connect to. These “non–now” topics are clouded if I try to bring them into my mind but I don’t put much effort into it as I don’t care to think about them. Right now is what is important.

[T + 10:08] 8:05 PM
I’ve been carried away, with the assistance of music, into a magical headspace that consists of a glowing positive attitude, the best mood one can imagine, and pure sparkling happiness. I place my current condition at a +++ on the Shulgin Rating Scale.

[T + 10:34] 8:31 PM
I vaporize 104 mg of indica dominant cannabis. As expected, a fresh rush of pleasure washes over me with each hit I take.

[T + 10:51] 8:48 PM
My typing is becoming slower and my vision just doesn’t seem to work quite like it normally does. I can focus on less than normal – there seem to be “holes” or spots of my visual field that are out of focus. I also note that the keys on my keyboard have a shining white aura on three sides of every key. I am in such a blissful state that I am not put off or worried by the focusing problem. The shimmering around the keys I theorize is an exaggeration, induced by the combination of 3-FA and cannabis, of the normal shine from the oil my fingers have left on the keys.

[T + 11:04) 8:51 PM
Small squares flash rapidly, dazzling white and brilliant blue, everywhere, all over, everywhere and majestic purple swirling clouds behind them. Wait what? Ahh, my eyes have fallen shut in my blissful state without my realizing it. As peaceful and centered as I feel, my closed eyed visuals are oppositionally sharp, rapid and spastic.

[T + 11:15] 9:02 PM
I vaporize 175 mg of indica dominant cannabis. I am a little impatient with the extra process of weighing out the ground cannabis. I know it will be useful for writing this report, but I just want it in my system as quickly as possible so I can bump up these effects again! Each time I inhale and then exhale the smoke, I am treated to a short [five to ten seconds] rush that feels glorious.

I take a few minutes and pet and cuddle with Gee. She has been napping at the end of the couch for most of the day. Her fur feels softer and smoother than normal and I feel an extra connection to her during these moments of ear pulling and tummy rubbing.

I am still riding along at a +++ on the Shulgin Rating Scale of effects intensity, but I can feel my body and mind begin to tire. I might be less “speedy” and overtly euphoric than I was an hour ago. I think I’m starting the long decline towards baseline. Knowing how long this gradual decline might be, I retrieve some etizolam to have nearby.

[T + 11:49] 10:36 PM
I am certifiably on the decline now; I feel a twinge of disappointment with this realization. Although I am still heavily stimulated, seemingly years away from sleep, with a body full of waving pleasure: now that I have taken the first steps off the summit of Everest, everything seems a bit underwhelming.

The comedown is typically not my favorite portion of an experience, particularly of a stimulant. 3-FA is proving pretty manageable now that I have come to terms with the fact that I am not going to extend the evening with more of the substance. Even more so than during the peak of the experience, I feel very content sitting in a comfortable spot on the couch. I do not have any excess physical energy forcing me to walk around, twiddle my thumbs or tap my feet. This very much so reminds me of the almost sedating stimulation that I often experience with low to medium dosages of MDA.

[T + 12:14] 10:52 PM
I have no intent of sleeping soon, but since the tail end of last night’s etizolam blended so nicely with the commencement of my 3-FA experience, I decide to start mixing in some benzos earlier than I might normally when preparing to end an evening. I sublingually administer 4 mg of etizolam that is laid on two blotters [2 mg each].

[T + 12:32] 11:10 PM
I vaporize 148mg of indica dominant cannabis. There is less of that rush that I have been experiencing all night. In fact, I don’t really feel the cannabis much at all.

[T + 12:54] 11:32 PM
I still just feel a decline in effects of the 3-FA, steadily but very slowly. I estimate I would not reach baseline until well into tomorrow if not for the benzos. I’m surprised to feel no effect from the etizolam yet, typically I find the effects kick in faster than this.

[T + 13:04] 11:42 PM
I administer 2 mg of etizolam and 250 ug of clonazolam via a buccal administration method [both substances have been laid on blotters]. My sense of taste seems to be about normal as the clonazolam’s chemical flavor seems the same as it always does.

[T + 13:21] 11:59 PM
Some sedation is coming on nicely now. My body has felt incredible for hours on end, but now it’s really starting to melt. The remnant nostalgia for the 3-FA high is abolished completely.

[T + 13:46] 12:24 PM
The synergized effects of the 3-FA and the newly added clonazolam and etizolam are extremely enjoyable. I’m surprised how “benzed out” I feel. Thoughts have slowed down significantly: my mental state is beginning to match the floaty and sedated condition of my body. I hypothesize in my notes that the last cannabis I smoked boosted the 3-FA sensations and in doing so “hid” the come-up of the benzos, allowing their effects to be very much so present as the cannabis tapered off.

I have Netflix on, but I don’t care to pay much attention to the show. I want to turn it off and replace it with music . . . But that involves getting up. I’m so content and comfortable on the couch that I procrastinate completing the simple task.

[T + 13:40] 12:28 PM
I finally rally the energy to turn off the television and put on some relaxing music. While on my feet I don’t notice any stumbling or other coordination problems. I fill a water bottle, gather a few pillows and dim the lights in preparation of really settling into my spot the couch.

[T + 13:46] 12:34 PM
I add another 2 mg of etizolam and 125 ug of clonazolam, sublingually this time. I also vaporize 204 mg of indica dominant cannabis. I can tell my memory from this point forwards will be a little hazy in the morning. I make sure to jot down some extra notes and employ a voice recorder for the remainder of the experience. [I was indeed correct, there were some notes that I didn’t recall writing when I reviewed them the following day.]

I am one with the couch. I have curled up into a ball, in a heavenly state of comfort. I am no longer thinking, just watching the colorful closed eyed visuals that have appeared in the past few minutes. The visuals move to the music but are simple in design. They are surprisingly unchanging. I watch a spinning series of cylinders, each with a ball at its top and bottom rotating slowly, like a carousel. All the balls are the same dull pink color while the cylinders are similar variations of a light blue. All the shapes shrink and grow, not in tandem but rather each shape seemingly responds to a different tone of the music.

I know I could move to bed and fall asleep swiftly and effortlessly. I have no desire to do so, I want to continue to enjoy laying. All worries and thoughts of life outside my current environment have melted away; they are completely gone, removed from reality, not accessible to my brain.

A dopey smile curls across my face as I shift from one unbelievably comfortable position to the next somehow even more comfortable position on the couch amongst pillows, blankets, and Gee.

[T + 14:27] 1:15 AM + 1
I wake up. I’m confused, I think it is the night before it actually is and I’m in the middle of sleeping. I can’t recall falling asleep at all and I have this strange sensation that I was awake for a period of time that I also don’t remember prior to nodding off. I felt as if I woke up out of nothingness. My eyes take some extra time to focus, but I remember when it is and what is happening within a few seconds.

[T + 14:35] 1:23 AM + 1
I wake up from my second nod. I feel a little sweaty and overheated. I go to pee and refill my water, adding some ice this time. The cold liquid quenches my thirst and eases the cottonmouth that I didn’t realize I had. I still maintain relatively normal balance and gross motor skills.

[T + 15:31] 2:19 AM + 1
I make a note about how incredible and relaxed I feel physically, as well as how I feel incredibly positive. My mental space is a mix of sentimental memories of the past and positive thoughts about the future. The notes are riddled with typos and capitalization errors.

[T + 19:57] 6:45 AM +1
My alarm is going off. Fuck that, I’m absurdly comfortable. I set a new alarm and navigating my phone is difficult.

[T + 20:57] 7:45 AM + 1
My alarm is going off. Fuck that, I’m absurdly comfortable. Knowing that I have to get up for work, I decide to treat the situation like a Band-Aid. With a groan of displeasure I jump to my feet, grab my work computer and start the login process to start my day as swiftly as I can. The personal laptop is still open to the music I had playing when I passed out. Surprisingly, by the time I have brushed my teeth I no longer am dying to go back to sleep. I actually feel like I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep.

I take Gee outside to go to the bathroom: typically not my favorite task after a short night. It is lightly snowing with almost no wind. The world seems like a surreal wonderland, as we are the only people around. The cold air has a rejuvenating power. I grin openly and pick up the pace. We end up walking much farther than the average morning.

[T + 21:52] 8:40 AM +1
I find it a little hard to focus on my work. I am still feeling the two benzos and I believe some 3-FA as well. There is more going on than the lovely empty headspace and body buzz that are typical for my benzodiazepine afterglow. An underlying energy is detectable as well as a sense of determination to be productive.

I do some of the simple and repetitive tasks on my to-do list, but I can’t force myself to take on anything more complex. I still feel a little removed from real-life. The ‘hangover’ from the 3-FA and the two-part benzodiazepine cocktail is really enjoyable even though it is not particularly well suited to working. Luckily today is a slow day on the work front, and I am able to enjoy the waning glow of effects.

[T + 26:46] 1:34 PM + 1
I am not particularly hungry, but food is now becoming appealing again. I consider myself back at baseline completely now.

A few comments in summary:
3-FA was not particularly well suited as a performance enhancer in a work environment. It certainly has some of the effects I look for in this type of substance [boost in energy and motivation], but it was just slightly too enjoyable. It felt physically good to the point that I found myself wanting to do more. I also did not find that the chemical induced any extra desire to complete work tasks, it seems much more suited for a productive day around the house [cleaning or chores]. For me 2-FMA is a vastly superior option for a study / work aid. That being said, the 3-FA was not massively psychedelic nor was it the most euphoric stimulant I have come across. Its relative 4-FA is more of a “roll” for me than the 3-FA, with more effects on tactile sensation and empathy. So while 3-FA did not seem to be at either extreme of the stimulant spectrum, it did have some loveable qualities. It was smoother and less pushy than 4-FA or MDMA. I think in low to medium sized dosages it would be a very useful and enjoyable in social situations due to its pleasurable, but very controllable, effects.

I did not experience any issues in terms of negative effects during or after the experience. My heart rate stayed comfortable throughout the experience and I had no other discomfort or pain in any other manner. I did not experience any anhedonia or mental problems in the two days following the experience. I did notice that the following day [after the timestamps stopped] I was a little spacey. I had a hard time remembering things. This included recalling things that occurred after the experience as well as events that occurred just before the experience. Examples of these respectively: remembering if I had already fed the dog that night, and remembering what rotating workout I am on after yesterday’s session. The memory cloudiness is almost certainly a result of the etizolam and clonazolam rather than the 3-FA.

The substance seemed to mix nicely with benzodiazepines, more so than other stimulants, which can seem to fight, rather than synergize with each other. I think I will take a longer lasting benzo [rather than etizolam] soon after the peak of 3-FA the next time. I suspect that will induce a very enjoyable comedown. Cannabis also paired very nicely with the 3-FA, providing instant increases of effects and helped boost the overall intensity also.

That’s all for now folks.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111774
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Apr 8, 2018Views: 8,602
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3-Fluoroamphetamine (680) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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