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My First Escaline Trip - 35mg
Escaline, Cannabis & Yoga
Citation:   Mighty Baby. "My First Escaline Trip - 35mg: An Experience with Escaline, Cannabis & Yoga (exp111735)". Apr 28, 2018.

T+ 0:00
35 mg oral Escaline
  T+ 2:00   vaporized Cannabis
  T+ 11:30   smoked Cannabis
I recently obtained 3 grams of Escaline from a vendor in my country. I have never tried Mescaline or any other analogues. Highlighted in bold are things I wrote down during my trip.

I dosed 35mg at noon (12h00). I finished eating my breakfast, a sugary bowl of fruits and yogurt by 12h30. I thought I was starting to feel a little spaced out and definitely nervous. I grabbed my headset and phone and laid in bed listening to Pink Floyd, allowing myself to slip into an almost sleep like state. I don't remember much of the next 45 minutes laying down other than a feeling of peace.

At 13h15 I decide to get up and see how I feel. As I walk around it becomes much more apparent I am tripping. I'm not getting mind fucked, nor are my visuals strong at all. But occasionally I look at things and I swear I see it from more than one angle. My muscles are tense, including my abs. It feels like they are putting pressure on my stomach, forcing up some food. I start to salivate a lot, a telltale sign that I'm about to puke. I vomit a mouthful and immediately take a hot shower, which felt amazing on my tense constricted muscles.

At this point I started to feel stupid for dosing. The idea was to take a small dose to see how I responded but other than that I had no intentions or plans going in. I could have taken less (20mg) and accomplished the same thing. I get out of the shower and cry a bit in bed. I do too many drugs.

I allowed the moment but I pull myself out quickly and go to the other room and start doing yoga and dancing. It feels so good so I decide to vape some weed. I return to yoga and dancing. I would strike a pose, hold, and pull out as a song was picking up and burst into very energetic dance. My tense muscles were able to move very quickly and precisely to every beat and I was in ecstasy. I realized mid yoga pose that if yoga made me feel this good on a psychedelic, I could achieve a similar state sober. I cried again at how good I felt and how I needed to do this more often.

I realized there is a little of every feeling inside of me. Music allows me to isolate that feeling (the one being expressed by the music), blow it up, and release that energy through dance, singing and yoga.

I went to clean my dishes after. This is one place where my OCD usually manifests itself. As I struggled to clean following my ritual, which was anxiety inducing, my mind began to turn back on me. Criticizing. I was scared. What was I even doing right now? What was I even doing in my life?

It's normal not to know. Be scared, it's okay.

The thought came to me in the voice of a wise old man. Patient and understanding. It told me that being scared is part of life, and that I shouldn't avoid things I am scared of. I shouldn't avoid things I don't know. It's normal to be scared and not to know. But where do I go? What do I do?

If it feels right and is right, don't think about it anymore. Just do it.

As much as I criticize myself for every little thing, I'm not a bad guy. I would never hurt someone. If something feels good, I shouldn't over analyze it. I shouldn't get paranoid about other people. I should just do and be.

I ate random food until about 19h00 when I left for my girlfriend's, who lives about an hour away. We did some stuff and eventually, around 23h30 we smoked some good weed, which brought back the trip a little.

We're a relatively new couple, and despite being friends for years before hand it was still very difficult to be myself. Even telling the truth, things came out sounding like a weird lie because of how unconfident I was. She was patient with me.

We danced to Pink Floyd. I was shy and unsure what to do with myself at first. Normally I dance to energetic tantric music that bounces and wobbles a lot. She took the initiative and got on the floor and began contorting.

I sat down next to her and began to feel out it. It was a little weird at first but then I started to feel it out a little more. Eventually we were side by side, rolling, spinning, wiggling, kicking, and playing with each other on the floor to the rhythm of whatever song was playing. It was so much fun and we laughed so hard.

After that we went to sleep :)

That was my trip! A little long but I hope you all enjoyed. If I were to compare it to anything at that dosage it would be acid. Visuals were mild, things were colourful and some objects flowed a bit (my curtains mostly). Compared to acid and mushrooms I would say the peak hits a little harder, thought that might have been the weed. I would prefer to do this substance outdoors where I can move a lot instead of crammed up in a depressing little apartment.

I wanted to smoke DMT around 17h00 but because I had nobody to hold space I skipped out on it. Next time I will take 45-50mg and likely have someone over to try it.

8/10 a solid experience given I didn't have the best set and setting.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111735
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 28, 2018Views: 1,434
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Yoga / Bodywork (202) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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