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Work, Play: Insightful Day
by Anatoli Smorin
Citation:   Anatoli Smorin. "Work, Play: Insightful Day: An Experience with 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (exp111663)". Erowid.org. Feb 28, 2018. erowid.org/exp/111663

T+ 0:00
2 mg sublingual 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:03 20 mg oral 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:02 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 8:25 150 mg vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 10:27 135 mg vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 14:07 55 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 14:07 1192 mg oral Acetaminophen (liquid)
  T+ 14:07 23 mg oral Pharms - Doxylamine (liquid)


My hope for this substance is to use it as a performance enhancer. I do not have aspirations of using daily, although I would not be opposed to this for stretches of time and may test a daily dosing if initial experiences are positive. I hope to find the following effects relatively minimal: euphoria, tactile enhancement, rushes or ‘speedy highs’ and insomnia. The effects I would like to find present are: increased ability to focus [in regards to intensity as well as duration], small increase in overall energy and faster thought processing. I am essentially looking for a clean, non toxic, study / work aid. The substance has been sourced in its Hydrochloride form from a long time trusted vendor who reports this batch tested at 99% purity.

I am working from my home office today and have a relatively full plate in terms of tasks due. I am feeling a bit tired and sluggish even after a full night’s rest due to two very long workdays preceding this Wednesday. I am starting off the day with a full stomach after a breakfast of eggs, sausages and greens that I shared with my partner Kai. Throughout the experience Kai is present in our home, most often in the same room as myself working on her own computer-based tasks. I have not used stimulants in the past two weeks and consider myself to be tolerance free. My previous experiences range across all genres of substances [typtamines, phenethylamines, dissociatives, opiates, stimulants, etc.]. Within the stimulant group I have a relatively extensive amount of experience with a diverse assortment of compounds. This includes a fair share of the pharmaceutical variety, more novel research chemicals, and other more common materials.

[T -01:03] 8:57 AM
I administer an allergy test of 2 mg sublingually.

[T 00:00] 10:00 AM
I feel no effects or reactions to the 2 mg and decide to move forward with my first attempt to use 2-FMA as a performance enhancing substance. I prepare a dosage of 20 mg on a reliable and freshly calibrated .000 gram scale. The powder is white in color, with a slight greyish tint. It seems to clump together very easily and is fine in texture, more like flour than anything crystalline. I have a stuffy nose due to a minor common cold but as I put my nose over the open bag I detect an immediate amine smell that is vaguely similar to fresh tires and tennis balls. I don’t find the odor off-putting. I wrap the measured powder in a single ply of tissue and swallow.

[T +00:23] 10:23 AM
I am settling into the work routine nicely this morning. I was not excited about the project I am working on when I woke up this morning but I seem to be getting sucked in a little easier than normal. I find that looking away from my work to record notes about the experience is sort of an annoyance.

[T +00:37] 10:37 AM
Like the flick of a switch; I am instantly aware of a physical energy in my arms. Although sudden, the sensation is very much so in the background. I feel a steady pressure building throughout both arms from the shoulder down. The pressure is a pleasant feeling and I smile a bit with anticipation and curiosity.

I am certainly more alert now, not feeling tired or sick in any manner. My mental focus is great. I am far less distracted by other activities [that I would rather be doing at home today] than I would be sober. Even Kai being in the same room as me [not working] doesn’t pull my attention from the tasks at hand.

[T +00:44] 10:44 AM
Leaning back and forcing my eyes away from the computer screen I detect a bit of a ‘typical’ amphetamine head rush. There is a feeling of my brain stretching and reshaping inside my head. I wonder if perhaps I feel the sensation so strongly because I am not used to it? It has been a long time since I ingested any stimulants that were not on the “entactogenic” side of this substance category.

I am feeling increasingly optimistic about achieving my goals at work today. My mood in general is improving. The euphoria in my mind and body is not like a ‘roll’ at all. It feels nothing like 4-FA, 6-APB or any MDXX compound. The effects are more similar to dextromethamphetamine if I had to pick a substance to compare to. This is not a great comparison however, as the 2-FMA feels much more gentle and light in its nature. I am hoping that the euphoric sensations don’t increase much from this point. I’m at a solid + rating on the Shulgin Rating Scale.

[T +00:49] 10:49 AM
Probably mostly lucky timing, rather than the 2-FMA working actual magic, but I achieve a breakthrough in my coding project for work. A problem I have been working on for about a week suddenly evaporates as I find the successful combination of words and numbers on the computer screen. I feel great, a massive sense of accomplishment. I pack this feeling away and drive forward to continue progress on the project. Without the presence of 2-FMA I would normally have sat and enjoyed the glory for a while.

[T +01:15] 11:15 AM
The initial “rush” is either beginning to taper off or I am adapting to it and not as bothered by / aware of it.
Taking stock of my physical condition I note that my feet are cold and a little sweaty. Similarly, my hands are the slightest bit clammy, nothing concerning or uncomfortable. I could probably adjust my attire (currently long underwear, gym shorts and no shirt) to remedy this. At this point however I can’t be bothered as I groove away on the computer.

[T +01:33] 11:33 AM
I jot down a note stating: “Initial glow is definitely coming off - still maintaining increased focus and alertness.”

[T +01:49] 11:49 AM
Stimulation in a general sense and other effects (across the board) are becoming more background. Everything is still there, but less intense. Although this is what I initially wanted I find the thought drifting into my mind that I’m missing that “Hell yeah let’s do work!” kind of attitude.

[T +02:01] 12:01 PM
Anything that I would describe as a “high” is gone at this point. What is left is a very clean feeling of elevated mental abilities. Boy is this stuff smooth. Smoother than Freddie Hubbard playing ‘Cold Turkey’.

[T +02:10] 12:10 PM
Although I woke up with a bit of a cold, all symptoms of this have vanished. Since I am feeling better and wanting to test out various facets of this substance during my first go-round, I head to the gym [in our house] to see how I feel during some cardiovascular activities.

[T +02:52] 12:52 PM
I am a fair bit sweatier than I normally would be. At no point did I feel any chest pain, pressure or discomfort. I did not get a heart rate reading mid-exercise but as I prepare to jump in the shower I record it at 82 BPM [perhaps five minutes after stopping]. The shower does not feel much different than normal. There are some noticeable tactile enhancements in how pleasurable the cold water feels on my skin, but this is nothing extreme.

[T +03:09] 1:09 PM
I dress now in only gym shorts [ditching the long underwear but sticking with the bare chest] in an effort to curtail my slightly increased body temperature. I notice some slightly shaking fingertips as I sit down to my computer to resume work. I quickly find myself back in the zone; my increased focus and energy are at the same intensity levels as they have been since the initial disappearance of the euphoria feelings. The 2-FMA’s effects are easy to work with, not pushy or intrusive, integrating into my day with ease.

The experience is delicate, light and clean; so much so that it is almost as if the substance effects are not there at all. I find this perfect for this application.

[T +03:44] 1:44 PM
At this point my body feels very sober. My resting heart rate is down to 58 BPM. Temperature feels normal, not clammy / sweaty etc. I am running perhaps a bit warm but if so it’s by a nearly indistinguishable degree.

Mentally I feel clear and sharp. Powering through obstacles with tenacity I don’t think I would normally have. I am getting distracted less often, keeping on the task at hand.

Outside of these desirable effects I am basically unaware I ingested anything this morning. A complete lack of hunger does suggest that suppression of appetite is occurring but I’m not surprised to find this.

[T +03:52] 1:52 PM
Reach a stuck / stopping point with work. Decide to let my mind loose on some writing and editing that is recreational in nature. Excited!

[T +03:59] 1:59 PM
Forgot I had a conference call at 2:00 PM so I jump on quickly. I am able to multi task efficiently and my thoughts are not racy or jumbled, allowing me to communicate effectively with co-workers.

The rate at which I am working seems to be about the same as an average day, perhaps a little faster but not much. Not being easily distracted is the biggest thing I notice in terms of productivity benefits.

At this point, the effects are fading even more to the background. A “baseline” will be hard to determine on this experience unless I note issues falling asleep much later tonight.

[T +05:01] 3:01 PM
I yawn as I pause from some writing I am working on. I experience the feeling of being tired, but synthetically stimulated at the same time. The sensation is fleeting and I quickly get back to the task at hand. I feel this is potentially going to be the beginning of the comedown?

[T +05:24] 3:24 PM
I feel a tad hungry and munch a few crackers. My sense of taste is not affected and I keep eating a few more handfuls as I debate eating a late lunch or just waiting until dinner. I decide to wait until dinner but add some hummus to the mix as I can tell I need some nutrients. I am happy to realize through the process of chewing that my jaw is not sore from any clenching or grinding.

I pick up the drumsticks and snare pad to run through some drills and a piece of music I have been working on. I don’t particularly feel like playing but am curious what effect the substance may have on my abilities.

[T +05:58] 3:58 PM
Checking the clock, I am surprised to see a half hour has passed since I started playing. It seemed much shorter than that to me. Concentration abilities on physical efforts such as stick height and finger control are certainly increased. Mentally walking through the memorized notes also flows easier than it normally might. I am a bit sweatier than I normally would be for this amount / intensity of playing.

I almost can’t believe the mental effects are still so effective this late in the experience. I am continually tricked into thinking I am perhaps at the very tail end, only to notice a boost in attentiveness or some other quality. These boosts are just barely significant enough to rule out placebo.

[T +07:01] 5:01 PM
I head outside to take my dog Gee for a walk. I take the time to reflect about the experience thus far. As I do so the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that I have not done this yet today. 2-FMA seems to keep my mind centered in the present. As Gee and I walk along the snowy streets, my mind isn't racing or jumbled, nor has it been at any point today.

The physical effects are completely gone now. I would say the mental effects are as well but every time I believe this might be the case, I once again feel a bit of extra mental ability. I can’t find words to describe how “in the background” the effects are at this point.

My thoughts seem to indicate some increased levels of empathy. I feel particularly content right now and think back introspectively about today’s and past day’s actions. I realize my emotions are very strong as a deep but refreshing sadness comes over me. I ‘see now’ that I complain too much on a daily basis and that I am not giving thanks and showing appreciation for the wonderful people in my life, particularly Kai.

The sadness transforms back to happiness which pairs with excitement about my new found realizations and the ability I will now have to act “better”. My thoughts are not racing or amped up. Instead they are almost shockingly calm and serene. A 'cool with anything' attitude overlays my decision making process. This is a welcome change to me as a person who can be extremely indecisive.

“This is a great everyday stim!” I write into my phone note app while Gee impatiently waits for the walk to continue. I notice it is hard to type as my fingers are very cold. So are my toes – which is unusual for me in this weather [just over thirty degrees Fahrenheit]. There seems to be minor vasoconstriction occurring, which is reducing my body’s circulatory abilities resulting in cold digits.

[T +07:34] 5:34 PM
After nearly thirty minutes of walking, my hands and feet are now a comfortable temperature but my back and chest are beginning to sweat lightly.

[T +07:52] 5:52 PM
I am back home now and although I still believe I can detect a small amount of effects I am 99.5% to baseline at this point. The only noticeable lingering sensation is slight alertness present only when I close my eyes. I only note this because if I was attempting to sleep right now it might be more difficult than normal. If I did want to go to sleep in this condition at this exact moment I have absolutely no doubt that some cannabis, wine or benzodiazepines would do the trick.

[T +07:59] 5:59 PM
I pour and begin to enjoy a glass of cabernet sauvignon [12.9% ABV]. As I do this I realize that I have not thought about having a drink all day. This is notable as I am currently actively reducing my intake of alcohol and am certain the thought would have crossed my mind at least once had I been without the 2-FMA - another ‘check’ in the “benefits” column for this chemical.

[T +08:24] 6:24 PM
I finish my first and pour my second glass of wine. The alcohol provides a slight boost in energy, playfulness in my mood and minor deterioration of motor skills: all typical effects for me.

[T +08:47] 6:47 PM
Kai and I have decided to go to see a movie in the theater and in preparation for this outing I vaporize 150 mg of an indica-dominant cannabis strain. I find that I don’t get typical ‘cannabis only’ effects but rather that the leftover stimulant in my system synergizes with the cannabis, swallowing up the munchies and ‘stoned’ feeling. I do still notice that I am laughing easier and am certainly the most tired I have been all day.

[T +10:49] 9:49 PM
We arrive home and I am mentally and physically exhausted with a minor headache setting in. I almost immediately climb into bed to prepare for sleep. I vaporize 135 mg of cannabis [indica strain once again] as I change into cooler and more comfortable clothes. My body is running warmer than normal and I can’t have more on me than a sheet. Besides being hot, my body is very happy to be laying down. I am able to lie completely still and it feels wonderful, no desire to toss and turn like I normally do. This is state I often find myself in when coming down from a “rolling” / entactogen experience.

[T +11:35] 10:35 PM
My mind continues to be on the emotional side, thinking a lot about sobriety, how and when it is appropriate to use substances, how they affect my body and how this could in turn affect the lives of the people I love. I am now starting to annoy Kai as I turn over to put a note in my phone for the morning every few minutes. Each note is a thought or realization that in the moment I believe is important that I cannot dare forget it during my sleep.

I am slightly concerned that I am still feeling the 2-FMA lingering in my system, potentially potentiated by the cannabis. I decide to simply lie still and practice some mindfulness techniques, focus on my breathing, and hopefully drift off to sleep.

[T +12:10] 12:10 AM + 1
I am still lying in bed comfortably, but with increasing frustration. I am positive now the 2-FMA is what is causing my insomnia. I give in and leave the bed, opting for the couch and my laptop to do some reading.

[T +13:05] 1:05 AM + 1
I decide to take a benzo to assist in my sleep. I am not pleased about this but it seems to be the best choice at this point. I realize the benzos are in the bedroom and I don’t want to disturb Kai any further so I opt for a dosage of night time cough medicine. I orally administer the green syrup with a dosage of 55 mg of Dextromethorphan, 1192mg Acetaminophen and 23 mg of Doxylamine succinate. I trade out the reading for some Netflix viewing.

[T +14:13] 2:13 AM + 1
Cough medicine has done its job and made my nose a bit stuffy but most importantly I am exhausted. My eyelids are heavy to the point of shutting themselves. I move back into bed beside Kai and fall asleep within minutes.

[T +19:14] 7:14 AM + 1
Kai wakes me up and I would do just about anything to keep sleeping right now. Unfortunately, I need to get up and get my work from home day started. I shake off my heavy eyelids with relative ease although I do not feel particularly well rested. I wonder if 20 mg of 2-FMA might turn this unmotivated and tired me around?

A few comments in summation:

From the moment of ingestion up until 10 PM 2-FMA met and exceeded every expectation and hope I had for the chemical. The unbelievably delicate manner in which this chemical tweaks my brain’s functionality is absolutely brilliant. The substance’s presence was so light and airy it was difficult at times to remember the effects I experienced were brought on synthetically.

Although I did not mention it actively in the report body, I did make a point of staying hydrated throughout the day. I kept track of at least five liters of water I drank over the course of the experience. I felt my need to hydrate was increased by the 2-FMA. Also undocumented in the report but noteworthy were the lack of increased desire to socialize and presence of sexual thoughts. The lack of these effects was great since neither align with the productivity-based goals I had for 2-FMA. In terms of intensity, the report peaked at a + on the Shulgin Rating Scale. This fit the bill nicely in terms of my ability to not appear under the influence to any people I did not wish to make aware of this fact.

I was very impressed how the chemical kept my focus where I wanted it to be. Sometimes when working from home I have the TV on or find myself checking my phone too often. I don’t think I looked at my phone more than twice throughout the entire workday. Even music I kept at a lower volume than normal to allow complete focus on work. This really stood out to me because many other stimulants, even those prescribed for study aid purposes, let me perform at 10X my normal mental capacity, but that intensity gets directed in whatever direction I am looking at any moment. 2-FMA somehow elevated my ability to focus the extra mental capacity towards productive tasks. It not only allowed me to work productively, but it made the work enjoyable on a day when I woke up without much motivation.

The following day[s] I did not notice any hangover or lasting effects such as anhedonia. Surprisingly some of the thoughts and realizations I had about making changes in my life [to be healthier and more positive] have stayed around and seem more legitimate than revelations I have had on other entactogenic and psychedelic substances. I found the lasting authenticity of the 2-FMA thoughts a nice breath of fresh air, proof of some synergy between my mind and the substance, rather than feeling as though a synthetic substance was in the driver’s seat of my mind for a day.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111663
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Feb 28, 2018Views: 8,098
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2-Fluoromethamphetamine (668) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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