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Light Start
Amanita muscaria
by Pickle Rick
Citation:   Pickle Rick. "Light Start: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp111535)". Jun 13, 2018.

1 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (ground / crushed)


Light Start With Amanitas

After much reading and a lack of access to magic mushrooms in my home state (new england) I decided to harvest and try some amanita muscaria. Where I was working I had noticed a nice little patch of amanita muscaria var Formosa (the yellow-orange fly agaric). When I went back to the patch to harvest, someone had kicked over and smashed a bunch of them. There was one healthy adult specimen that I harvested to bring home with me.

After I got home, I decided my way of preparing them would be to dry them out. Through my research I had deduced that a low heat drying process would work best, so I sliced my mushroom down (approx. 70 gram cap) and placed it on parchment paper, and layed the parchment across my space heater (stand up radiator type).

It took about 8 hours and regular flipping and rotation of my mushroom slices to get them dried to my satisfaction (they turn into powder when rolled between fingers).

So I had this bag of about 5.5 grams of dried amanita, and all that I saw recommended a 5-7 gram starter dose of dried amanita. I'm so glad I was precautionary in my endeavors. I picked this mushroom in the fall, when they are supposed to be of lower potency, with a more narcotic effect than the summer harvests have.

Here is my report-

~12:30am- I decided to start light and respect these amanitas, because I personally know people who did not respect this 'bread of the Gods' and ended up in the hospital. I weighed out 1 gram and started chewing them up. Very surprised at how good they tasted, reminiscent of sunflower seeds. I washed it down with some white cran-strawberry juice, as I have read that carbonated beverages may cause adverse reactions to the mushroom.

~1:00am- Surprised again, no nausea. There was a great full body buzz that I could feel, but wasn't sure if that was from the cannabis or the amanitas.
There was a great full body buzz that I could feel, but wasn't sure if that was from the cannabis or the amanitas.

~2:00am- No visual effects noticed yet, but the body high was clearly not from the cannabis. Waves of euphoria similar to what I feel on a light dose of mdma. Very comfortable, relaxing in bed watching t.v.

~2:45am- My wife who was staying up with me to make sure I was okay, decides to go to bed. Started to notice visual effects in my peripheral vision, however if I focused in on anything it would stop. Noticeable change in perception of sound, family guy characters sounded strange and not normal.

~3:45am- visuals still in my periphery, starting to move into my full field of view, however if I focused in on it, it would stop.

~4:30am- I decide to head to bed myself, very relaxed and thinking about how the next time I take amanitas, I'm gonna need just a slightly higher dose.

Upon waking up around 11:30am no ill feelings or change in perception, just a very dry mouth.

So, I decided to play it safe with this trip and I'm glad I did. Had I eaten 5 grams right off the bat, I'm sure that it would not have been this enjoyable. Amanitas have been used throughout history as a hallucinogen, by priests and priestesses, by seers and shaman. This isn't a liberty cap, this is no psilocybe, this mushroom deserves and should be treated with respect, lack of doing so would make me regret it.

I plan on taking a 2 gram dose soon.

Stay safe.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111535
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Jun 13, 2018Views: 1,274
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