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Horrible and Very Vivid Dreams
by Rich
Citation:   Rich. "Horrible and Very Vivid Dreams: An Experience with Kratom (exp111127)". Oct 20, 2017.

  oral Kratom (ground / crushed)


Nightmares from Kratom

I only started taking Kratom (3-7 grams) one and a half to two weeks before this.

Kratom was a great drug for pain and relaxation for me because I have chronic back pain. I also thought it would be a good mood enhancer because I was coming off of Prozac after 12 years on it. It was a good mood enhancer. It was similar to opiates but different.

Everything was great until the night before last. I had 2 or more horrible and very vivid dreams. There where moments in time where I was half awake hearing voices that I thought were the neighbors but that's impossible. The main one that I can remember from that night was a crazy fat man trying to rape me. It seemed very realistic. I was fighting him off and eventually escaped but it scared the shit out of me because I rarely every have bad dreams especially how vivid this one was. It only got worse last night. I had multiple dreams. In one of them I was sitting on a couch outside watching a big screen TV. In the dream there was a video that played on the TV of some sort of bounty hunter. He was equipped with lots of weapons and he forced some unknown person of importance to say something on camera. By the end of the the video I was up to my neck in water. I had another dream where I went to see my cousin in some random location which he described in the dream as the middle of nowhere and there was nothing to do but smoke cigarettes and drive his Jeep. In the dream I had no control over my body. I was with my Mom and I kept collapsing and trying to speak to my mom but words wouldn't come out.

After I woke up from that I went back to sleep only to wake up to my cat next to me and he seemed to look deflated. My mom came in the room and said 'Have you been up all night? The cat doesn't look so good' and then I actually woke up and she was gone instantly and the cat was next to me looking perfectly fine. As soon as I woke up I yelled 'What the fuck!' After all of that I only got 3 hours of shitty sleep last night. So I tried going back to sleep at 8am this morning because I was insanely tired. That didn't work out too well. I had a dream where I was sitting in my basement and the exact same bounty hunter from the other dream I saw on the TV grabbed my from behind. I said 'Who the hell are you?' He responded, 'I catch people and make them do things.' Then I said 'You're the guy from the video?' to which he responded 'yeah'. I tried to scream for my dad and he said 'I wouldn't do that if I where you. Things will go smoother if you don't.' But of course screaming for my dad did nothing, words didn't come out for some reason. But I got in a bloody fight with this guy. I pulled scissors off the table that are actually sitting there in real life and stabbed him in his chest. He fought back and had so many hidden weapons. I remember having 2 of his knives and he was in a corner and said kill me now and I said no I don't want to. Then he showed me a see through knife and said 'good thing you didn't try that.' It was insanely real and I vividly remember killing him.

In the end of my dream my dad finally came downstairs and threw the basically dead body across the room. Halfway through the guy turned into my cat. That's when I woke up yelling 'What the Fuck?' again and my dad actually came downstairs to see what was wrong. Basically I am afraid to go to sleep again and I don't know what to do. I haven't done any Kratom today because I've come to the conclusion that that is what is causing my nightmares.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111127
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Oct 20, 2017Views: 2,809
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