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Mostly Harmless
by bb
Citation:   bb. "Mostly Harmless: An Experience with 2C-T (exp111102)". Nov 9, 2017.

T+ 2:40
1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis


T+00:00 2C-T 85 mg oral
T+02:40 beer (one can)
T+04:00 cannabis (one mini joint)

45 year old male, around 95 lbs, experienced. I've tried and loved all the classics (DMT, LSD, Mushrooms, Mescaline both from cactus and synthetic), many new classics (most 2C-x and DOx, MDMA), and several other widespread compounds (NBOMEs, Methylone, many 4-sub and 5-MeO sub tryptamines, Mescaline analogs etc.).

I use no prescription drugs on a regular basis, and I avoid even OTC meds like aspirin unless I have real need.

Drugs in the 2C-x family are among my favorites. In my experience, there are significant differences within the family, but they do share a certain endearing quality. Therefore, whenever I find a product I haven't yet tried in that family, I am more than inclined to explore it.

So this vendor has DOT (Aleph) in stock. It's not a 2C, but it's still a related phenethylamine. Probably a bit bland, but why not giving it a try? Unfortunately, when I receive the package, it turns out they're out of stock. I only get a small sample of Aleph, rather than the (still moderate) quantity I had ordered. As a replacement, I am sent 2C-T. I've never heard of 2C-T, so I go and read up. From what I find, it appears to be the Cinderella of the 2C-T-x's, but it might still be worth a taste.

The suggested dosage is much, much more than I am used to with the 2C-x's (4-6 times more). Is that right? I check Pihkal, and it's confirmed: 75-100 mg. Next question is: did they REALLY send me 2C-T - and not, say, 2C-T-7? Such a mistake could be fatal.

My scales (the Gemini), are good at measuring 5+ mg, with a sweet spot around 10-20 mg, so here's my safety check: I weigh 5 mg and eyeball it into 4 equal parts. I ingest one of the parts, which, even with reasonable measuring errors shouldn't be more than 2 mg. I feel nothing special, maybe a hint of something between T+00:30 and T+00:40. This reassures me that I'm not likely to overdose. I prepare an average dose (85 mg).

The trip is the day after the safety check. Sunday morning, I'm going with my GF, my brother and his family to an event that is half flea market, half street food fair. As usual, I take shorthand notes in my phone while the experience develops, so the timings are accurate to within 5 minutes.

T-02:00 Moderate sized breakfast: fruits, biscuits, coffee.

T+00:00 As soon as we arrive at the event, I excuse myself ('where's the toilet?') and ingest the material without telling anyone.

T+00:40 I'm feeling the comeup. No anxiety, no discomfort. A bit of the 'waiting room' effect (am I there or not?), but not as annoying as a too-low dose of 2C-B. The most prominent effect is the body load, not unpleasant but not delightful as 2C-B or 2C-C. It's mainly a gentle but unrelenting pressure on the stomach. My heartbeat feels normal, so I don't make an accurate measurement.

The sunlight annoys me more than usual. Normally, I'm not bothered by mid-morning sunlight in a shady place in October. My conclusion: 2C-T enhances photosensitivity.

The colors seem to saturate a little, but there are no significant OEV. It might be just me, because I have little visuals in general, and with 2C-s in particular - with the exception of 2C-E.

T+01:10 More color saturation, but still no visuals. General feel-good mood, but nothing like 2C-B or 2C-C. The substance appears to be more on the stoning side (2C-P), and less on the stimulating side (2C-B). This must be the peak.

T+02:40 Still peaking. I am not really hungry, but I'm curious about all the exotic street food, so I do eat a little here and there. My GF also wants to try several specialities, so we end up sharing quite a bit of food. I also have a beer. It feels refreshing as it should. No stomach discomfort. I probably ate and drank a little less than I would have if sober.

T+03:00 My GF says the sunlight is annoying. It is an unusual complaint from her. So maybe it's just the weather, and not the 2C-T after all.

T+03:30 Not quite baseline yet, but the effects are fading out.

T+04:00 Long tail? Still not baseline. The experience wasn't interesting enough. I would like some magic. Cannabis has lost most of its charm with me, and nowadays I almost never smoke if not in the company of one of my many stoner friends. However, I happen to have a very small, mono-dose joint of a good sativa that I had prepared and brought with me 'just in case', so I find a suitable spot and smoke it. It really helps: the colors get very interesting (almost LSD-interesting!), the mood improves. No paranoia, just peace and well being.

T+04:30 Still feeling something, but I doubt it's the 2C-T at this point. It must be the joint's tail.

T+05:00 Baseline.

I slept very late that day, but not because of excess stimulation. Much later that night, on my way home, I get a call from one of my 'stoner' friends - he's at working at his place and would like my help with something. I'm a bit tired after all the driving, but I decide to go. We get some work done, and he smokes the last of my mini-joints (me: just a toke, for company). So when I finally get into my bed, it's really late. I'm a little worried because I have an early morning coming. However, I manage to wake up without trouble. The following day I'm active and in a good mood. I do feel a bit tired, but I'd say it's par for the course given 2 intense days one after the other.

2C-T feels like a 2C-x, but it is much lighter then the others on a mg by mg basis. It appears to lack personality somewhat, at least at this dosage level. Duration is short. Tail effects might be longer, but they are subtle. I am not sure it is worthwhile to try larger doses like 100-120+ mg, but it does feel safe. Will the effects scale linearly? I could re-test this material in combination with others, as I often do with 2C-D. It caused me no physical or mental trouble. The day after felt remarkably normal (in a good sense), so this could even be reckoned as a sort of afterglow - I'm not really sure.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111102
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 45 
Published: Nov 9, 2017Views: 2,453
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2C-T (805) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), First Times (2)

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