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I Was Floating in Dissociation
Citation:   MediocrePsychonaut. "I Was Floating in Dissociation: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCP (exp110847)". Aug 14, 2017.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral 3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:00 = smoked Cannabis  
Background: I'm experienced with LSD, Ketamine, MXE, MDMA, Whippets, DMT (2 trips, both sub-breakthrough), different stims... and prob some stuff I forgot. Also tried 3-MeO-PCP twice before this time, 7mg & 11mg - both snorted. I probably had some disso tolerence, but nothing too much, and I weigh less than 60kg which probably affects the influence of dissos. I also had no real passive-mental pressure, just 2 courses I attend this summer (in which I do rather well) and my driving lessons.

T+0: the time was 13:30, I was in a good mood and wanted to visit the dissociative world once again (I fasted 2-2:30 hours beforehand). Unfortunately, I had to stop using Ketamine to avoid tolerance (I will participate in a Ketamine experiment in about a month from now).

I researched this substance many times beforehand, and had experienced mild to slightly strong effects. I'm pretty experienced with Ketamine (already holed a few times, but nothing too crazy) so I thought I'm ready for a hefty dose. I weighted what I had left in the baggy, which turned out to be more than I expected, 25mg. It's not typical for me to take heavy doses, but for some reason at that moment I felt like I'm ready for it. Got the powder in a shot glass, filled it with water and downed it. Repeated once more to make sure I got all of it. Went to play some Risk of Rain on PS so I won't get bored during the comeup.

T+0:40: My gaming skills were deteriorating, and the gaming experience was starting to feel unfun. Depth perception was a bit odd and I started to get that wonky feeling of dissociation. Decided it's best to let go of the PS as long as I am able to change the cables properly (I have only 1 screen that has no sound system, so I have to connect 2 cables from the PC to the PS every time I want to play). Took me like 10 minutes to finish a 2 min task, but at least I got it and was able to listen to music. I also logged in to some drug-related chat.

T+1:00: reading & writing was a bit difficult. Everything was bright and unfocused. I wasn't able to think of music to hear so I just put whatever YT recommended (which is usually pretty fine cuz I use YT alot for music). I said on the chat that 'I am floating in dissociation'. I'm not quite sure what I meant, but this term felt on-spot at that time. I also said that 'I feel like I'm in Hummus', in which I probably meant that weird body load that dissociatives give. Music sounded very mechanic - like I was hearing lagging it through an air vent or something, and everything felt in slow-motion. I managed to think of an album that I like but that too was unpleasant to listen to. I was recommended by someone on that chat an artist that I really like to listen to under the influence of dissos, and although it sounded way better than anything else I tried, I was still unable to enjoy it properly.

T+1:30: I gave up music. Somehow I was still able to type and read on chat. I was nearly blind at that point and I seriously can't understand how I managed to do so (of course, I had so many typos). I was lying in bed at that point, feeling quite euphoric, but also rather bored. I was using my phone and it didn't feel like it had any boundaries. I mean, it felt like I was using a UI similar to what Iron-Man has in his helmet, and everything on my phone was 3D. I have this digital sunset background on my chat and it painted my entire field of view with this orange sunset color, and the sun was setting OUTSIDE my phone. I didn't SEE it, I FELT it. It wasn't a real 'visual' like I have on psychs, but felt like one.

T+2:00: I message a friend (N) to try and meetup with her. Apparently I thought she was reacting to my messages because I kinda spammed her with how I felt and how drugged I was. My long-term memory was beginning to lose its strenght and I kinda forgot who I am at this point, and constantly had to remind myself why I'm in this room (because I was afraid I was in someone else's room, and he'll come back at some point and will get pissed that some druggy is lying in his bed. IDK). I was still lying in bed, being in nearly constant euphoria. Depth perception was a complete mess at this point. I felt like everything was going in low frames per second - like 2-3 frames per second. I had to get up (standing up was WEIRD AS FUCK) and piss at some point and I just couldn't believe that I got there so quickly, because it only took like 10 frames.

Looking myself in the mirror was a strange experience, I felt like I had short legs, huge shoulders, and a tiny head (I also got an haircut the previous day, which definitely changed my head volume, so the 'tiny head' thing was probably my sub-conscious). I was also completely unaware of the temperature (it's very hot nowadays here, was probably over 30degC at that point) and I had no air-conditioner on. So yeah I was sweaty.

T+???: I closed my eyes and drifted further and further into the dissociative world, I thought I was nearing a hole. I had some quite vivid closed eyes visuals (never happened on 3-MeO-PCP before), as well as the physical feelings of falling and floating. For what I can remember, which is probably not all of it, the CEV were mostly of space & stars, depths of the ocean, and an abstract world filled with mixtures of colors. It was, definitely, the most pleasant thing I had experienced from this substance.

T+3:00: (If I didn't have time-stamped messages to confirm these times, I probably would've guessed it to be T+2:20). N finally responded, and told me I can join her and her friend, E, at her house. So I got up, managed to shove different things (no idea why, but I had a sweater in my bag. It's summer now. Temps can get to 40 deg. IDK). Took me about 20 min instead of the usual 5, which IMO is pretty good considered the circumstances.

As I left the house and went on the street that sun was still high up in the sky, and everything was SUPER BRIGHT. I could barely see. I still had that low-FPS and that mechanic sounds things, which didn't help at all. When I was walking I felt like I was badly maneuvering a low-budget android.
When I was walking I felt like I was badly maneuvering a low-budget android.
Every step had a frame, so I couldn't know how weird I actually walked. I had to cross the street without a crosswalk, but because I had no depth perception I didn't know when it was safe to cross, considering there was a car driving up the street to my direction, so I waited until the street was completely clear of cars to cross it. After about 5 minutes of walking, I had this irrational fear that I didn't close the apartment door, so I started to walk back. when I reached my street again, and saw I have to cross it again, I gave up and resumed walking to N. Luckily, during the rest of the walk I only went through like 2-3 crosswalks with traffic lights, so it was rather safe.

T+4:00: Finally reached N (Keep in mind that's a 15 min walk from my house to hers). Effects weren't as strong at this point, but still stronger than anything else I experienced from this substance. The sound distortions were still present. I was barely able to keep a conversation with E and N, but it was definitely far more enjoyable than staying by myself. I told them that 'I can't feel my face', and N slapped me to confirm this (at my approval). They were smoking weed and I was offered, however I remember from previous experiences that weed synergises so well with 3-MeO-PCP, that it completely changed trip. So at that point, I said no. Euphoria was still present, and I smiled randomly at different things (usually because I thought of something that made me happy).

T+5:00: Sound distortions weren't as bad, but still present. I could focus better, things weren't as bright and the euphoria wasn't so easily achieveable. I decided to smoke. Unlike previous experiences, I just felt kinda high and a slight increase in dissociation, and while it synergised well, it wasn't a complete change to the trip. Guess I had to match the doses ^

Over the following 4-5 hours the effects were slowly degrading. I kept smoking weed throughout the evening (just a few joints, nothing big) but there was not noticeable increase in effects. Around T+9:00 I ate (I had to at this point), and I still had no meaningful sense of taste. Went to bed at around T+11:00, and still had some CEV (Fell asleep easily, I was exhausted).

Overall, it was a very interesting experience and I'm glad I went through it. However, this substance is rather dangerous in the mental health aspect (I even mentioned I was losing my long-term memory, perhaps I was actually nearing psychosis), and I definitely won't do this dose again, nor do I recommend anyone going over 20mg orally. If anyone have access to this substance and intends on using it, avoid using day-after-day (if you can, actually avoid using more than twice a week), and start low. I started at 7mg even though I had enough experience with Ketamine to deal with much higher doses.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110847
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Aug 14, 2017Views: 6,980
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3-MeO-PCP (558) : General (1), Alone (16)

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