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Mysterious Entity and Total Synthesia
4-HO-MET & Cannabis
Citation:   Millo31. "Mysterious Entity and Total Synthesia: An Experience with 4-HO-MET & Cannabis (exp110737)". Dec 18, 2021.

120 mg oral 4-HO-MET (capsule)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]
Hello my friends!! After recently requiring a large amount of 4-ho-met, I decided to go for a truly heroic dose to trip with my friends on this past 4th of July. I had 3 of my best friends to trip with, 2 of them taking a 40 mg dose for their first trip, and the other taking 80 mg since he had a bit more experience. Having done 80 mg before, I was ready to take things to the next level and decided on a 120 mg dose, that I would take all at once instead of staggering as I had done with my 80 mg dose. Anyways, the story!

All my friends have arrived by 6:30 pm and I had already weighed out capsules for everyone. We pour the powder out of our capsules into our little glasses of lemonade and drink it all, taking the capsule too for whatever was left in it. Vibes are good and hype as I start to roll a fat blunt quickly before I start tripping too hard, as the come up typically comes up within a half hour for me with this substance.

After about 20 minutes, were feeling a little different and decide to smoke a bowl together to start the visuals going. After the bowl, we all start easing into the trip and put on LSD by a$ap Rocky. Very quickly my visuals were starting to get increasingly complex and 3 dimensional: rather than just patterns, visuals seemed to be deep and complex 3 dimensional shapes that morphed the walls in the room and caused my apartment to seem increasingly unfamiliar. We put on Lingus by Snarky Puppy and come to the realization that were all coming up hard as fuck and should probably smoke the blunt before we are unable to. It was a good plan because shit was starting to get weird fast, and I was coming up harder than I ever have.

Once we got outside and lit the blunt, my time perception changed drastically: my apartment porch looks straight into a forest with lots of colorful trees and plants that just seemed to grow infinitely, fractal like, and straight up switch color pallets from yellows and greens to blues and purples. Suddenly, time seemed to freeze in place and the visuals went still. I turned around to look my friends in the eye when I said 'guys...?'. Soon they responded and I told them that time had froze, but it was speeding up again. As time kept slowing down and speeding up, I was overcome by the sensation that *I* was in control of time, and that time only exists because *I* am there to perceive it. I felt amazing, almost god like, that I seemed to control time with the way I felt, and had never been more confident while tripping that I was in control.

I could tell I was getting to near the peak as my visuals started to get 'interdimensional' as they felt. The world around me was starting to tear apart into 3d shapes that almost looked like rooms, and I was losing grasp completely. I went onto my couch with some of my friends still on the porch and focused very hard on typing in a song with my tv remote, all the letters flying out of the TV and into the room. I put on Cockroach King by Haken and sat down, when I saw one of the strangest visuals I've ever seen: suddenly in front of me, a vase grew from the lightbulb holder in my ceiling fan, and poured a glass of water in front of me. It was so real and life like, the vase was tall and full of liquid and then eventually shrunk back into the ceiling fan. I laughed out loud at the absurdity of the situation, and began to enter the most intense part of my trip.

The walls, ceiling, and floor of my room grew and tore in all directions, filled with 3 dimensional shapes that resembled galaxies and stars. I felt myself being ripped out of my body, when I visualized myself, or more like a silhouette of myself, shoved into a box and sent behind the other side of my wall. Very quickly it no longer felt as if I was in my room with my friends, and instead felt a very strong presence of an unknown entity that began to communicate with me. This being took the form of almost a gaseous being that came through the ceiling, almost as if it was a portal to a whole other world. He wasn't always visible, but he was always there. I stared into the wall behind me and saw very complex 3d imagery that went far behind the wall and looked like ancient Mayan temple.

The entity seemed amused and smiling the whole time, not in a devious way, although it felt like he was entirely in control of what was happening. Soon, I see 6 lights appear, almost like lines in a rainbow, but separated, and instead of being a rainbow, they were all my favorite colors, a nice light azure blue, a pale-ish pink, purple, white, orange, and yellow. I was overwhelmed by a realization that those werenít just lights, *they were the pieces of myself*. The entity seemed very amused at this point, and all the colors stuck together in a rainbow and, quite forcefully, I was put back together by this strange entity who seemed to insert the pieces of my mind in my head and behind my ear. The whole time I am over taken by a sense of wonder and amazement, I had never felt more content in my entire life. I felt safe with the entity and was able to hold its many hands in the air, and it felt like he was smiling the whole time. Soon, the gaseous entity brought down this geometric container, from the ceiling. This part was strange, as it seemed like many hands reached down from the ceiling and almost forcibly put the container in my hand. I remember my hand shaping to the container as I held it, which was weird as it almost felt like I wasn't in control of my hands and they naturally grasped the container as if it was actually there. I held it close to my chest. It was shaped like a hexagon that was also a cone, so like a hexagon base that went into a point like a pyramid, except it was longer than it was fat, and was just small enough that my hands could completely close around me. It had lines and seemed to be engraved with an eye. Soon after I was given the box, my ego began to return, almost as if it was in the box that had been given to me. The entity (which at this point seemed like multiple entities with many faces and hands but only voice) began to recede into the ceiling. I reached up, gasping the hands, and it almost felt as if I would be able to be pulled up into the ceiling with them. I begged the entity 'Please, let me come with you, let me show my friends, I have to show them this' and the entity told me that I wasn't allowed to tell my friends about this, and that it was his time to go. I begged and pleaded, but slowly I lost grip of his hands, and he left and closed the ceiling behind him. As he left I kept asking, why can't I tell my friends? Why aren't they allowed to know about this?! Alas, he just laughed and put a finger over his mouth and smiled, as if he was saying shhhh. (I could see his face and he seemed somewhat human shaped even though he had a gaseous appearance).

Soon, my communication with him was done, although I still felt his presence very strongly. The next song by Haken comes on, and I am still tripping very hard. Soon, I'm overcome by an unexpected sensation: taste! I begin to taste my mouth, which tasted JUST like grape candy. I said to my friends who I could notice were sitting around me, '...I taste grape' and everyone began laughing. As the song changed the flavor changed: at one particularly intense part the song got spicy, like black pepper. My senses seemed to all become one sense, and I experienced the incredible sensation of tasting, hearing, seeing, and smelling the song all at once. It was really fun and pleasant and I ended up sniffing and smacking the rest of the song!

The peak was over soon but I was still tripping REALLY hard. The floor still seemed to tear into other dimensions as I noticed all my friends tripping hard having their own crazy experiences. I felt happy for them, and almost smug like, as my experience talking to the entity made me more comfortable and content tripping than I ever had been, and it just felt like smooth sailing for me afterwards, despite me tripping hard still.

We couldn't talk for a while, but soon we all regrouped and started talking about life, and about what consciousness is and what it comes from, and me and my friends had deep discussions about how were all on the same plane of consciousness, and it felt like we were all reading each otherís minds and we were all together in one soup of consciousness. We listened to vapor wave and chill music this whole time which set a cool trippy vibe for us to talk about these things with.

Soon we settled down and watched Moana on Netflix, which I had never soon before, but DAMMMN it was a great movie! I could feel and empathize with the human emotions on a deep level and appreciated the movie and its morals. It was visually beautifully and made me feel so... human, the music, everything about it blew me away and I ended up crying a couple times. It was a truly incredible movie that made me feel like I did when I watched Disney movies when I was younger, something I haven't felt in years.

We smoked another joint prolong the trip, and although the visuals were still very vibrant and distracting, at this point I wasn't paying as much attention to the visuals and was just riding the vibes. I felt great, refreshed, better than I have in ages. I couldn't stop talking about how happy and fortunate I was to have this trip with all my friends that I care about
I felt great, refreshed, better than I have in ages. I couldn't stop talking about how happy and fortunate I was to have this trip with all my friends that I care about
, and felt high as fuck on life. We all felt the munchies by now and made a pizza, listened to music, and just hung out having a great time as friends. By this point everyone is still tripping a little bit but it feels mostly over. We ended up talking for HOURS, until 7 am the next day about how awesome our trips were and how crazy and beautiful life is. I'm still feeling the afterglow, and I can confidently say I had the best trip of my life!! It was DUMB intense, but so awesome and amazing in every way. Eventually we fell asleep after watching the newest Dragon Ball Super episodes (WORLD TOURNAMENT!!!) and although it was hard falling asleep, I woke up feeling great the next day.

All in all, it was an INCREDIBLE experience. I wouldn't do a trip like this unless you are completely mentally prepared to have your mind and ego dismantled and be completely unable to move or function normally during your peak. Full on synesthesia, speaking to entities, and world tearing visuals are to be expected. Thanks for reading my story, and I hope you guys have a great day! :)

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110737
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Dec 18, 2021Views: 864
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4-HO-MET (436) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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