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All in All Good
by C
Citation:   C. "All in All Good: An Experience with Cocaine (exp110571)". Sep 25, 2017.

  repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
    repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
    smoked Cannabis  


Coke and Mimosas

Iíve done a considerable amount of drugs. I smoke pot everyday, drink every weekend, and have some serious experience with acid, LSA, and mushrooms. I have a Ritalin prescription and take Xanax as needed for hereditary panic disorder. Basically, at any time I can get a massive adrenaline rush and feel the need to run away from a situation, it only happens a couple times a year but its enough to make me not want to do anything but smoke weed and drink anymore.

Iím back at my old college (I transferred out because it was not for me) with some of my best friends, vibes are good. We were planning on doing coke for a festival the next day, but I decided I wanted to try it with just my close friends that night because I was worried I would have my panic attack during it.

8- 1 line insufflated, after 10 minutes of contemplating doing it or not.
8:05- I feel warm and I start to get a pretty nasty drip, IMO worse than molly.
8:10- We start walking around in my friends backyard because Iím starting to feel talkative and up, honestly feel on top of the world. Not too stimulated, I feel great.
8:30- effects lessen but still feel good, having a fire with my friends and go to bed pretty early because the first drinking event of the day is at 8am tomorrow.

The next day:
Wake up at 8am and take a shower, much less nervous about doing coke today because of the fun experience I had last night.
8:30- Drink a few mimosas and go to a ďkeg raceĒ which is an event that is fun to watch but not participate in because everyone throws up. Watch frat boys puke their guts out for an hour and laugh, see lots of people that I havenít seen in a couple years and have a really fun time.

9: I do my first line of coke, mixing it with alcohol feels great but I am aware that the chemical it produces can be harmful to your body.
9:30 other people come over to my friends house, we are playing drinking games and doing coke and all having fun. Probably at 2 or 3 lines so far today.

10: Hereís where things go bad for a little while, we decided to smoke some weed before going to get free tacos at this event. Just before I smoke weed I drunkenly decide to do 3 lines of coke in a row (the same amount I have done all day long). Initially I feel great, then I smoked a bowl between 3 people. Almost instantly after taking my first hit I got chills down my spine and my entire body went numb. Not like I couldnít feel it, but pins and needles. I have a small panic attack, but with the amount of coke I had done it was clear that it wasnít going to be easy to get out of this hole. My heart was beating upwards of 180 BPM, we timed it. I couldnít stop myself from thinking I was going to die, but I didnít want my friends to have to babysit me so only one stayed behind and the rest went to get tacos. About an hour later I calmed down and was able to go out and have fun.

12pm: Been dosing coke all day, about a line an hour, not going to make the same mistake I made earlier.
12pm-9pm: Just seeing people I havenít seen in years, talking and reminiscing about all our memories. Everything is great, I honestly donít think I could have even had a panic attack at this point.
9-8am: Still dosing coke and drinking and hanging out with people. Had a great night, no negatives after the first coke mishap. Stayed up a full 24 hours and then had to catch a flight back to my school 6 hours later.

All in all my first cocaine experience was good, and maybe if it was less expensive I would do it more but I could see it being an occasional thing I did with close friends. Iím not crazy into the big party scene. Moral of the story is, even if youíre very drunk, know your limit and donít overdo it. It was clear that I was not actually going to die after 30 minutes (thatís how I feel every time I have a panic attack) but that feeling was not a good one.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110571
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Sep 25, 2017Views: 1,410
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Cocaine (13) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Multi-Day Experience (13), Large Group (10+) (19)

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