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For More Than Dreaming
by Kid A
Citation:   Kid A. "For More Than Dreaming: An Experience with Mugwort (exp110482)". Jun 20, 2017.

1 bowl smoked Mugwort (dried)


TL;DR at the bottom!
This happened to me [17M] about 15 minutes ago.

I have had an ounce of it for a while and I've used it a few times with little result other than feeling quite relaxed. Anyway, it was 6 PM here, the sky was still light but the sun was below the horizon and I wanted to do something. I had just decided not to go to a party and I felt kind of lame so I wanted to make the best out of my evening after turning down the party out of social inhibition.

I decided I would go find a nice place to sit and meditate in the forest and hopefully gain something from that, whether it be a relaxing experience or perhaps a solution to a problem that has been on my mind. I walked down the street from my house for 5 minutes and soon found a little road that went into the woods. The dirt road was a completely grown over with all kinds of low, green plants and the road was off limits for cars, as was indicated with a big, metal fence. I walked down the road for a bit and stopped where I could still see the main road, but I was still very out of sight. I leaned against the fence, facing the road, and smoked a bowl of mugwort slowly, taking each puff deep into the lungs and slowly breathing it out. Then I tried to meditate.

After 10 minutes of nervous thoughts racing through my brain I realized it wouldn't work. I simply didn't have the right mindset. At this point I felt nothing more than slight relaxation. The sky was dark with a hint of purple and the only light was an orange glow from a streetlamp on the main road. Then the strangest thing happened. I had this urge to take off my clothes and I did. I took off all my clothes and... I felt free! It was so odd, I started walking down the road into the forest, barely able to see anything, but it felt so great! I walked for a few minutes, then lay on the ground and felt a soft rain begin to fall. Here's where it gets interesting. Eventually I headed back to the fence where my clothes were, and sat there for a bit. Slowly, the streetlamp down at the main road began to look different, the tree that it illuminated started to come alive and slowly move, it looked like an animal slowly waking up. The streetlamp turned into an eye, a red glowing eye that was looking straight at me. I blinked and the vision was gone. I wondered briefly it I should try to interpret it as anything. Nah, I decided, it's nothing.

I decided it was nothing meaningful and I continued to sit. But after 30 seconds I started to hear noises. It sounded like movement was coming towards me through the trees, and then I heard a dog bark a few times, close by. A flashlight appeared at the end of the dirt road and I saw a dog and a man's silhouette against the orange glow of the streetlamp. He flicked his flashlight over me briefly, nervously, and then muttered something to his dog, and walked off. I don't know what he saw, probably (hopefully) just a person leaning against a fence. Anyway, I quickly got dressed and walked back home.

I'm still not sure what I should attribute to mugwort, and what was just random stuff I decided to do. Anyway, I'll definitely experiment more with this herb.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110482
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jun 20, 2017Views: 4,717
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Meditation (128), Mugwort (292) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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