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So It's Not Orange Sunshine Into Jedi Flippin
ALD-52, Cannabis & 4-ACO-DMT
by Monarch D. Wolf
Citation:   Monarch D. Wolf. "So It's Not Orange Sunshine Into Jedi Flippin: An Experience with ALD-52, Cannabis & 4-ACO-DMT (exp110231)". Apr 9, 2017.

T+ 0:00
300 ug sublingual ALD-52 (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:30   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 6:45 5 mg insufflated 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 13:00   oral Coffee  
  T+ 15:00   oral Caffeine (liquid)


Dosage: 300ųg ALD-52, 5mg 4-aco-DMT after peak subsided, aka the 'Jedi Flip' (normally LSD+Psilocybe Mushrooms, this being their acetyl- group prodrugs as an alternative)

Set: Balanced, relaxed, and happily anxious for this trip. I struggled to decide whether I would take just ALD-52, just 4-aco-DMT, or a lighter combination of both. I kick my flip flops in the air and decide based on how they land. One lands right side up, the other down. ALD-52 it is then. I think to myself, 'This was once thought to be the fabled 'Orange Sunshine' but that was recently proven otherwise, by its creator nonetheless. Regardless Hofmann discovered this substance and Shulgin made some note of it.'

Setting: My own bedroom and the woods behind my house. My roommate will be present for the beginning, as a tripping partner. He's insufflated 15mg 4-aco-DMT, a modest dose he can handle if I end up needing his help (not his first experience with the substance).

Previous Experience: Psilocybe Mushrooms, LSD-25 (including an accidental 1200ųg dose), 1P-LSD, and AL-LAD.

(T-0:15) Roomy snorts his powder.

(T+0:00) Three 100ųg tabs of ALD-52 are taken sublingually. No taste but the paper. We roll and smoke some green.

(T+0:30) I feel a lightness about my body, and a soft warmth embraces me. My roomy is starting to feel his, he's happy with his dose.

(T+1:00) We go outside. It's colder than expected but the visuals are coming on for the both of us, and it's a beautiful starry night. Headphones go in and we enjoy the night for a while.

(T+1:30) Well, turns out we were both shivering the whole time, waiting on the other one to want to come in. It was hard to appreciate anything like that, but the trip is definitely stronger now. Roomy retires to his room for his peak, but will return soon.

(T+1:45) Listening to Muse (the resistance and 2nd law albums) and lying on my bed I feel the boundaries of my existence melting away. When I remain still I can't tell where I end and the bed begins. My dogs are lying with me and I feel their love rolling over my body in waves.

(T+2:00) I start to drift off into the infinite, but remember my roomy will be back soon. It becomes quite difficult to see at this point, as I can no longer tell the difference between having my glasses on or off. This made me realize I need to get to know my own eyes again (I've been wearing contacts for 10 years and refuse to do anything without them, unfortunately I changed brands recently and they fit like shit, hence the glasses).

(T+2:30) Roomy re-enters and rolls again. I smoke, but only a few tokes. We attempt to chat for a bit. Hilarity ensues as we ramble endlessly over the top of each other, almost completely incomprehensible jargon I might add. We stop many times to laugh at our failed attempts at verbal communication. Twas a grand time. Roomy soon excused himself for bed, as I was clearly lucid enough to enjoy my trip solo. Then shit got groovy.

(T+3:15) I put in my headphones and resume my Muse-ical adventure. The CEVs are immersive and interactive at this point. The magnificent light show I've been gifted with plays out in front of me, as if I was front row on Broadway.

(T+4:15) I've enjoyed the greatest light shown on earth for quite some time now, I decide it's likely not getting any stronger than this so I decide to get up and get dressed to go in the woods.

(T+4:30) I was wrong, I've only managed to get one sock on. Soon I'm overcome with a rush of psychedelia and an all encompassing euphoric ecstasy. Muse was playing in the tv in the background, so as I'm writhing in pleasure the grand light show begins again.

(T+5:00) The introspective headspace has been wonderful the entire time. It was quite personal, but just know It was the love and compassion for all of existence that most of us seek. I sat and pondered on the fact that I had lost my mind in this very room six months prior. 1200ųg LSD-25 would be difficult for almost anyone if they were prepared, imagine if you thought it was only 400ųg.

(T+5:30) My thoughts never strayed to the darkness. No anxiety came.
(T+5:30) My thoughts never strayed to the darkness. No anxiety came.
I simply sifted through what before had only been jumbled and blacked out memories of hell and heaven simultaneously. Finally I see. I see why it happened. Why I needed to go through that.

Three reasons:

*a) I was abusing this loving substance by using it so frequently.

*b) I needed to be a guiding light, not everyone is so interested in doing their own research prior to using substances, so I need to triple down on my own research and spread safe use information/harm reduction practices.

*c) For my own personal exploration. That immense, incomprehensible anxiety I felt is one of the darkest places I could ever go. The unbearable feelings of dread and doom, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But for me, for what I was to accomplish, I need to know that place. So I can hopefully avoid sending myself over that edge again, but even more so that I can possibly help anyone who has fallen from grace as I did, or prevent the fall altogether.

Because I've sat there helplessly with no ability to help a friend as the panic set it, I sat with her in silence as she cried and shook with fear, I wanted so badly to help but I didn't know how. (It certainly didn't make it easier that we had bother taken the same dose of mushrooms, but that wasn't a good enough excuse in my mind.) Our friendship fell away soon after that, much to my dismay. Nonetheless, I was happy for her, because despite the difficulty of that experience she made some choices that led her to a much happier lifestyle and a new soulmate (at least that's what she told me the last time we spoke). But deep down I knew she could've gained the same insights without a permanent scar on her psyche if I'd only prepared better.

Mistakes were made, lessons were learned, and that is why I could have this wonderful experience tonight despite those traumas. My Wilcard and My Moon if you read this know that you are forever in my mind and beside me on my journeys, even if you just walk your own path. I'm forever sorry it had happen that way, but I cannot regret it. Whew that was emotional, fantastic.

(T+5:45) I finally get dressed and go outside, the night is gorgeous. I wander around the woods blindly, glasses in my pocket, until I find a nice spot to lay down for a moment. Eventually I find myself pacing a trail, although it seems more like a corridor into Narnia. Soon enough I get chilly and head back inside.

(T+6:30) The peak begins to descend, it does seem a bit more gentle than LSD in some aspects (with just as much power), but that could be different for each subjectively driven journey.

(T+6:45) ....and a Jedi Flip! 5mg 4-aco-DMT was insufflated. Clearly not enough to engage in a full blown trip again, right? Wrong. I roll and partake in the ganja once more.

(T+7:00) My open-eyed acid visuals were basically gone, but a scene of shroom-like visuals envelopes my view. Muse is still playing on the tv. They have a lot of high quality live videos. I feel like I'm at the concert, the same feeling I had when I went to Broadway earlier.

(T+8:00) I've completely entered a new headspace from before. The psilacetin completely overruled any come down I would've felt from the ALD-52.

(T+8:30) The OEVs are shadows at most by now; although the CEVs are still brilliant, there is a difference two them now, more polygonal in style compared to the rounded edges earlier.

(T+10:00) The afterglow is almost identical to shroomies. For the next few hours I'll smoke a couple times and think over what I've experienced. Hopefully sleep comes easily afterward.

(T+13:00) Sleeps not coming. Still feel a light trippiness about myself. Screw it, drink some coffee, might as well stay up.

(T+15:00) Great.... Now I have to dig up the pipes going to my septic tank and try to unclog them.... 2 Monster energy drinks down the hatch.

(T+17:30) Finally done. Body giving up. Must find bed. Crash now.

I slept for 15 hours. Woke up extremely refreshed. Next time I'll try a lower acid dose with a higher flip dose. Overall best experience I've had yet.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110231
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Apr 9, 2017Views: 2,584
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ALD-52 (748), 4-AcO-DMT (387) : General (1), Music Discussion (22), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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