Fantastic but Long-Lived
by MrMoran
Citation:   MrMoran. "Fantastic but Long-Lived: An Experience with DOM (exp110174)". Apr 26, 2017.

2 hits oral DOM (blotter / tab)
  25 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine  
      Pharms - Bupropion  
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


DOM - 5mg, Orally

0:00 - At approximately 11am, I took two blotters, each labeled '2.5mg DOM' There was a bitter taste on the blotter, reminiscent of 25*-NBOMe, but not immediately objectionably bitter. No numbing of the tongue, in that regard. Took 25mg Lisdexamphetamine (half my daily vyvanse dose) an hour prior, as well as bupropion, but those seem not to interact adversely with any psychedelics. I had a breakfast consisting of biscuits and gravy.

0:45 - Maybe feeling the first few effects. Some nausea seems to be looming on the horizon, and I feel a lethargic restlessness coming on. Mild clamminess in my palms, but mentally, I am 100% sober. A slight tingling begins as well, and the high of cannabis when smoked at this point seems to be slightly different, but implacable. I knew something was different. +/-

1:15 - Feeling a bit more chatty and energetic, despite being on only half a dose of vyvanse. My mouth begins to dry out, but the cannabis seems to have abated any nausea. As we were standing out on the front porch smoking cigarettes before starting the day, I noticed a slight change in my vision - a mild increase in saturation. +

1:30 - Considerable increase in body load, with a certain buzzing sensation, accompanied by a giddy feeling; and yet, I am calm. Up until this point, the effects have been primarily amphetamine-related, with the focus and chattiness of it. At this point, I can easily see how someone might redose if they thought this was LSD, because it felt like the effects might have been only half way there. It's a slow, but strong build, and I can tell it's not completely done. My sense of taste is enhanced as I drink a raspberry Monster Rehab. +/++

1:45 - Begin noticing my tactile sensations increasing, and it feels most akin to 2C-B or 2C-I.
1:45 - Begin noticing my tactile sensations increasing, and it feels most akin to 2C-B or 2C-I.
Music is enhanced, but not significantly, at least not yet. I feel as though I have an idea where things will be going, though. Visuals at this point were getting stronger, warm tones began to shine through textures, with bright colors around. Contrasts definitely increased. The car's AC feels nice blowing across my skin - it certainly is hot today (~35-40 Celsius). ++

2:30 - I am downtown at a free concert at a barbecue festival, watching my favorite band play. The visuals off the buildings are absolutely stunning. Contrasts were quite a bit higher than normal, and the color depth followed suit. I remember staring at the roof of an old building behind the stage, where I could see how the stone had aged, and how it starkly contrasted the buildings around it in style, showing some affinity towards geometry. However, organic structures and patterns were also highlighted as they would be on acid or mushrooms. This feels very amphetamine-like in terms of its buzz and sweating, but not as bad as proscaline or methylallylescaline. The visuals remind me a lot of 2C-T-2, 2C-B, or 2C-E. I also notice a mild adrenaline taste in my mouth. ++/+++

3:45 - Fully peaking, and have been for the last hour or so. Visually, this stuff is stunning. Very 2c-like, which makes sense since it's the amphetamine of 2C-D. I'm surprised that it would likely combine well with most things, and that it's not making me sweat so badly. CEVs aren't too prevalent, but the body high of a 2c definitely is. Music enhancement is closer to MDMA in terms of loving beats and bass, but also acid-like in clarity, depth, and richness.

4:35 - Visuals are still very prevalent. At a strong +++. What I've noticed is that a cigarette intensifies, which might suggest some interaction with Monoamine Oxidase (MAO), because nicotine is a mild MAO-Inhibitor. The trees and clouds were what caught my attention the most during this time, and I remember staring at the bark on the trees and seeing it a good degree of clarity, but that it almost seemed as though tiny rainbows were shimmering off the texture. The tobacco and DOM blend is somewhat synergistic. +++

4:45 - DOM is a lot like MDMA and LSD. It takes forever to kick in, but when it does, it's worthwhile. And it lasts quite a while! The way it materializes is what's most amphetamine about it. The organic rainbow shapes in the trees and how they flowed together. Along with the constant stunning visual display of trees as I rode in the car down the highway, a Jerry Garcia guitar solo was playing on the radio, and I heard it note for note, tone for tone in such unbelievable clarity. How his fingers were making the strings bend felt almost how I was being mindfucked. It felt almost as though it was a long candyflip. +++

5:34 - We went to a crystal festival where people were selling quartz and the-like. I wanted to buy a stone, but I found it difficult to speak and I felt anxious about drawing attention to myself. I had to have my girlfriend get the shopkeeper's attention, at which point the transaction went okay. Still, I realized I am way too intoxicated to be interacting with people, so I kept to myself in some degree. +++

6:55 - Surges of energy begin to shoot through my extremities, buzzing. Music and visuals are the same as before - awesome and intense. Eating food is difficult, because it tastes delicious, but I have no appetite at all. +++

7:27 - Surges continue to shoot through my body. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so random in intensity and frequency. It felt like every few seconds, I couldn't help but want to clench something or have some way to direct that energy. I decide to play the didgeridoo, as it helps me direct energy and calm me down whenever I trip. +++

8:25 - Very long lived and loved, but I feel like it might be getting near the end of the peak, but it could also be that good ol' 2C waviness. It's so awesome. It's a perfect blend of psychedelic and amphetamine. Trippy like LSD or 2C-B, but shares a lot in common with MDMA in terms of body and emotions. During this time, my friends and I played Cards Against Humanity, and found ourselves having a wonderful time. I found associative thinking quite easy, which helped me gain an advantage a little bit. +++

12:04 - And yet the visuals still keep going. I felt like they were fading out earlier, but it really was just a 2C wave. Holy fuck, though. 12 hours since I took it, and 8 hours of peaking, and I am STILL peaking. This is incredibly long-lived. +++

16:00 - Still going, but winding down, and has been since ~14:00 or so. I guess the peak lasted about 10-12 hours? The comedown is very lengthy, probably a reflection of the long onset. Around this time, after everyone at my house crashed, I was still up, so I decided to start drawing a picture of the DOM molecule, along with how I felt like it felt. I would continue this until about 7am, or 20:00 hours after dosage.

20:00 - Able to sleep, and slept until 1pm.

Extensions and Commentary:

I think I understand why this was also in Shulgin's 'Magical Half-Dozen.' It does a lot, and while it's quite long (much longer than what most are used to or would like), from this dosage, I didn't find it particularly overwhelming. It felt comfortable, aside from the random but periodic rushes of energy. I'm sure what was on the blotter was DOM, and the dosage written was accurate.

Why I feel like it made Shulgin's magical half-dozen is because it brings a lot to the table. It's very visual, but about as clear-headed as MDA or MDMA. The empathy component was there, but was markedly less than 2C-B, and much less than MDMA, but still very much present. Visually speaking, it's was a lot like 2C-E or 2C-B, the patterns were somewhat helix-shaped, or sinusoidal, contrasts were amplified, colors were saturated, and tracers moved in a mostly smooth manner, with some jaggedness to the tracers. The energy is in someways clean, and someways dirty. Sitting, not moving around, etc., caused jolts of energy to almost continuously flow throw my legs, making me want to shake them the fuck out. It has that amphetamine component to it, which instills a sense of confidence, so I didn't feel like I was at risk for having a bad trip so much - not nearly as much as with tryptamines and lysergamides. The near-constant jolts and zaps of energy through my extremities were not the most unpleasant sensation I've felt, but it is enough that it makes it certainly not for beginners.

I can't even imagine what taking 10mg, much less 20mg, would have been like back in the 1960s. Back then, this was the second most potent thing to LSD, in terms of dose per weight and dose-response curve. So the thought of someone taking this for their first time, thinking it's LSD, and getting this instead, scares me. Its come-up is SO LONG! Much longer than anything else I've experienced. 3-4 hours before the peak, and about 1 to 1.5 hours before I feel anything? I can understand why people, thinking it's LSD, would redose. It's on blotter. They don't know real LSD from fake. They don't know, and that's the problem.

At 1 to 1.5 hours, I felt next-to-nothing but some kind of buzz. If I were to think it was LSD and take it, and think it's underdosed based on that, I'd be in for quite the surprise. It builds so slowly, and creeps on you so much that you don't even realize it.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110174
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Apr 26, 2017Views: 2,529
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