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I Eat Lightly, if at All, When I Take This to Avoid Issues
Citation:   ThePoobaman. "I Eat Lightly, if at All, When I Take This to Avoid Issues: An Experience with Kratom (exp110005)". May 29, 2018.

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Food and Kratom A troubled relationship

My sister recently returned from rural Thailand, and she says farmers their have a saying: 'Those who chew kratom before dinner spend the night in the toilet.
Those who chew kratom before dinner spend the night in the toilet.

I've been experimenting with kratom for about a year now. I use it, at most, three times a week. Usually I don't do it that often. There's something I should note about its effects on food (and food's effects on kratom) that everyone should be aware with.

But before all that: my resume. I've done just about every drug a layman could name, plus many more obscure drugs.

I'll only list the related drugs I've done, the natural drugs: shrooms, poppies, salvia divinorum, marijuana, blue lotus, yohimbe, coffee/tea/yerba mate; and the opioids: morphine, codeine, opium, hydrocodone, oxycodone.

Back to kratom: I do not eat while I'm on it. I don't know what it is about kratom, but whenever I eat on it, the high is 75% gone within 15 minutes. And that's the best-case scenario. Worst-case, I get nauseous and can't eat anything more for hours.

Worst of all is spicy food. I can usually take spicy food in stride, and I love extremely hot dishes that my friends are incapable of handling. On kratom, however, I begin sweating violently and shaking if I eat anything spicy. It doesn't taste spicier, the physical effects of the spice are just amplified.

Taking kratom after eating is also a disappointing experience. I get delayed onset (up to 90 minutes) for a fraction of the effects. This isn't unique to kratom, but it is especially severe.

And unlike many other drugs, upping the dosage doesn't help. It simply increases the nausea and makes for mild dysphoria.

All of these factors have led me to one conclusion: food and and kratom don't mix. I eat lightly, if at all, when I take kratom. Liquid food is much better. A small bowl of cereal can be tolerated on low doses.

It's a serious bummer food and kratom don't mix, because I love food and I love kratom. I don't have a sensitive stomach, but people who do have reported severe nausea EVERY time they eat on kratom, especially high fat foods. I would be very interested in knowing the scientific reason for this.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110005
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: May 29, 2018Views: 1,397
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