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Most Confusing Experience I've Ever Had
Morning Glory
Citation:   David. "Most Confusing Experience I've Ever Had: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp109947)". May 21, 2018.

10.5 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
 Okay so I am writing this retroactively to tripping, and I'm not sure which category to put this in because it was such a mixed bag of wonderfulness, and then just utter ridiculousness.

  Prior to this, I have done lsa multiple times, but I believe this was the highest amount that I've ever done.

  Preparation: Me and my buddy went to Target and we both took 7 packets of heavenly blues, which I believe have about 1.5 grams each. Now I'm not sure if some of the side effects produced came from this, but we didn't alter the seeds out of the packet whatsoever. So whatever was on them when we got them was on them when we ate them.

  Usually I have a really really really hard time choking down these seeds, but tree way we ate them, and I'm surely going to do this in the future, was pour tyre seeds in my mouth, then take a sip of energy drink, and while I was chewing, if I tasted the seeds, I would take another sip. The seeds were much easier to take this way.

  Another reason why I think I had a harder trip is usually I eat the seeds 15 at a time. Me and my friend were pouring in whole packs at a time, so faster consumption, faster come on/ effects.

  After we had finished we went and smoked a cigarette, and walked around the mini mall waiting for the effects to kick in. We walked into a store and were sitting on the furniture when the first effects started kicking in. Sadly I had to leave my friend at that point, and go home. I remember the nausea before that point was disturbing, but on the car ride home I had to really focus on not purging.

  So I got home and went to bed and the effects started slowly taking place. I spent a lot  time on the computer and on my phone, among other mundane things. I believe about two hours into the trip I was feeling intense euphoria, so I hit up my friend that had taken them with me. He had thrown up, and would twice more, and felt like he was going to die. He said he got twisted demon visuals, but the brain structure of my friend is not similar to that of all people, so I'm not surprised. All I had were the standard twisting candy visuals, and all the dots on my ceiling were opening and closing and that looked really cool.

  This is besides the visuals, and what had freaked me out the most. I was by myself mind you, with a laptop. But I became extremely sexually open. Things I would've never thought about were now flooding my space, and I was now okay with them. Now I didn't discover I  was gay or bi etc. But it was extremely unsettling in retrospect. Normally I wouldn't include zomething of this nature, but it was just such a huge part of the trip, I couldn't leave it out.

  Between the previous happenings I had gotten dressed and left my house on my bike at about 12:30 in the morning. I biked up to the shopping center and got a cigarette, then I biked back down to the middle school by my house. This is something I love doing on mgseeds, I just layed down starfish style on the ground and looked up into the sky. It's amazing from that position how the sky looks like a fishbowl, and it looks like I'm staring right into space. After that I climbed atop a chain link fence and stared out over the city for a bit. After that I went back into my house and layed down.

  This is when I'm going to talk about the vasoconstriction, because with all the crazy awesome things happening, this arguably ruined it for me. My legs and back were crampy, and my jaw, Jesus Christ my jaw and my teeth I wanted to just pull out of my head. Also spawning from this I had a monster headache. Thinking back on this I realize I had 3 vasoconstrictors, the caffeine, the tobacco, the mgseeds. It was just overwhelmingly horrible, the whole trip wasn't, but the physical aspect was.

  This is when I fell asleep for about two hours, and this was too much, when I woke up the next day. I was still tripping, I was in disbelief, honestly dissapointed, because it had taken so much effort to fall asleep. Given I was on the comedown, so no more visuals, but a lesser degree of the jaw feeling, and the same mind state of the trip were going on. I struggled to sit through my lectures, and I was just so fried out, sleep deprived, I'm not even sure how I got through the day.

  When I got home I was home for about an hour, then slept for 13 hours. That time when I woke up the effects were gone. In conclusion, this trip was fucking amazing, with some very high ups and some pretty low downs. All I know is that I'm doing 7 again next time, and will plan it out so I start tripping around noon instead of 10. Quick note, I only do the munch method because every cwe I've done has been me grunding seeds, putting them in water, drinking said water, and being dissapointed. The munch method never dissapoints :)

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109947
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: May 21, 2018Views: 1,254
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