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Lessons Learned From Finally Writing a TR
2C-B-Fly & 4-AcO-DMT
by rumpelstiltskin
From Bluelight Collection
Citation:   rumpelstiltskin. "Lessons Learned From Finally Writing a TR: An Experience with 2C-B-Fly & 4-AcO-DMT (exp109941)". Feb 11, 2017.

T+ 0:00
9 mg oral 2C-B-Fly (pill / tablet)
  T+ 3:50 24 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 5:00 10 mg oral Pharmaceuticals (daily)
  T+ 5:00 200 mg oral Pseudoephedrine (daily)
  T+ 5:00 2 g oral Acetaminophen (daily)


Set and setting: In my apartment, on my usual Thursday evening, having nothing to do on Friday except catching enough sleep to be able to go to work at 21:00 for a 12h nightshift. I just got over a cold that lasted a good week, taking 2 Cetirizine/Pseudoephedrine (5/100mg) tablets for my more-than-usual clogged nose/sinuses and 2-3g of Paracetamol daily for the accompanying nasty headache. I was very anticipating this trip, because I hadnít decently tripped for what must have been over a year. I did do some heavy Ketamine doses a few weeks prior and a couple of totally-not-worth-it or bunk RCís.

Substances: 2C-B-FLY, 9mg. 4-AcO-DMT, 24mg.
The 2C-B-FLY was ordered from an online vendor, this was my first time ordering from them. Careful allergy/dose testing was done the day before, ruling out the possibility of it actually being Bromo-Dragonfly. The product came in yellow, lightly white-speckled round pellets, about 6mm in diameter and 2-3mm height, weighing 170mg. One side had a breaking line, on the other side was a stamped ď10Ē, the reported amount of active material being 10mg.

T -24h: I crushed the pellet between 2 spoons, put aside a tiny chunk of about 1x1x1mm in size, what must have been approximately 2mg in weight (estimated to be 118mcg of active material). If it would have been Bromo-Dragonfly, I would be on the safe side whilst being able to detect any activity if present. I ate the chunk, which tasted a tiny bit bitter. No apparent activity was noticed in the next 12 hours.

T -12h: At my second dose test I put a chunk of what would have been 1/10th to 1/20th the size of a whole pellet, let dissolve for a minute under my tongue and swallowed. Active material would then be in the range of 500-1000mcg. Again no effects were noticed during the entire day.
I had normal meals in the morning and at noon, abstaining from food for the rest of the day, last meal being at T -7h.

As for the AcO-DMT, coming from the same vendor, I made a 100ml solution of 2,5mg/ml in demineralized water/ethanol in a 70/30 ratio. The small tan crystals didnít seem to dissolve in ethanol itself, but dissolved clear into the H2O/ethanol mix with a bit of stirring. The solution was put in an amber glass bottle and stored in the fridge. I didnít use any of the solution that day, because I wanted to determine if the crystals would precipitate when the solution was cooled. Note that I did not test this chemical prior to dosing, nor had I ever taken it before. (I knowÖ)

T +0:00 (19:00)
I ate the rest of the crushed-up pellet I used for allergy/dose testing, washing down with some water. My other half and I then start watching a TV series called ďOnce upon a timeĒ.

Iím starting to feel a little euphoria coming up

From time of ingestion up to this point, all I really noticed was a slight buildup of physical and mental euphoria that reminded me a lot of the first effects felt on MDMA, although I might have been steered into this thought from reading the whole BL B&D 2C-B-FLY thread over the past days. I can however not describe it in a better way than that. I did, in contrast to MDMA, feel mildly sedated, rather wanting to sit down in the couch than move around. I didnít expect any further developments in effects, I even found they started to slope down so I got up and cooked up my 4-Aco-DMT elixir. As stated above, I didnít ingest any of the solution but instead I measured out another 24mg for the trip.

T+4:30 (T+0:40 for the 4-AcO-DMT)
Finally! Thatís what came to mind when I noticed movement in the corner of my sight. When I turned my head to read the clock, I realized there was much more to perceive than just the corners of my eye, but because I had my focus on the TV, I didnít notice that. I remember the lights in the living room were dimmed, and looking away from the TV brought up light, mildly flowing and colorful auraís around objects. Not very distinct, but they were definitely there. Recognizing this effect from the come up from past mushroom experiences, I was so happy that I ďfinally would have a longed-for tripĒ, it instantly boosted my euphoria by 10 fold. I have these ceiling lamps that shine stripes and patterns all over the ceiling when closed and the patterns started to slightly wave. I felt some nervousness setting in, a familiar feeling for me when coming up on mushrooms, however it didnít bother me and was easily ignored by watching TV. The unwillingly rubbing-my-feet-thing was also present.

T+5:00 (T+1:10 for the 4-AcO-DMT)
Me and my other half decide to go smoke a cigarette. It was then I really noticed the body high of this compound. My legs and body felt heavy and light at the same time. I mean, they felt heavy, but were easy to move. While smoking our cigarette, I couldnít help but laughing and giggling the entire time. Also very reminiscent of mushrooms. I couldnít stand still because I wanted to explore the heavy/lightweight body feeling . It was fun and, being a person that likes to do silly things and laugh, I made myself laugh, my other half asking me amusingly if I was doing okay (she knows how I act like when I am on mushrooms). I equally amusingly gave her a positive reply (donít know if thatís even a correct English sentence). I knew she was already getting a bit tired, so I suggested we plunge in the couch and watch some more TV.

T+5:30 / T+1:40
I must note that I felt subtle empathy for the characters on TV, which I have a lot when watching movies/series when on mushrooms. (I vividly remember this one time I watched the movie ďHookĒ while on a 5g extract of mushrooms, I was actually feeling as if I were Peter Pan himself. That was a really ďrealĒ experience and took me some time to readjust to reality when the end credits rolled over the TV.) My wife fell asleep after some time, so I put on another TV show (Mythbusters, not really tripping material, but itís a good laugh).

T+6:15 / T+2:25
The internal dialogue rises whenever I go to smoke a cigarette. Getting away from TV set this in motion every time. I guess not having the visual input/mental focus material might be the reason for this. I couldnít really hold a thought for very long, for that thought itself set another dialogue in motion, which quickly went to another subject and then another and another.

T+8:00 / T+4:10
Iím getting down to baseline and feel a little nauseous/hungry. I canít really tell them apart, so I decide to have something to eat. Noting to myself that I havenít eaten anything in the last 15 hours, the idea of food appeals me. Some soup and leftover pizza happily relieves me from the nausea. Chewing and swallowing the pizza requires some effort, so I stick to the soup. Half an hour later I went to bed. I had no trouble sleeping and woke up around 16:00, feeling well rested and in a good mood.

In retrospect:
I donít really see this trip as a combo of 2C-B-FLY and 4-AcO-DMT, but merely as a test run on the former and a good ++ experience of the latter. I didnít have any visuals whatsoever from the 2C-B-FLY, just a feeling of tranquility and euphoria and barely noticed anything of that at the moment I took the 4-AcO-DMT, so next time Iím going to jump in the 2C-B-FLY at 15mg with a booster of 5mg if needed. Though, knowing myself, I will probably do the 20mg in one go. My next 4-AcO-DMT dose will be at 30-35mg I reckon.

I think I wasted a good deal of my trips just watching movies. Thatís one thing I learned from this experience. I should be more active when tripping or at least not watch TV. Movies can be great on psychedelics, I donít doubt that, but I still feel I can get more out of my drugs when I get out of the couch once in a while. This thought has come up more than once before, usually at or after the comedown of a trip. Another thing I regret is not having tripped in the daytime or outside for like over 2 years now. And lastly, company is a great trip-enhancer. For some years now I do most, if not all, of my trips alone, on Thursday nights (this being related to my work schedule mentioned earlier). I miss a co-tripper or at least a sitter I can interact with, thatís for sure. Writing this TR (it really is my first decent one) made me actually reflect on and think about what happened, so hopefully I will keep myself to continue writing TRs in the future.

Myself: male, 32y, 73kg, in good health except my clogged-forever-nose. Lots of experience with mushrooms, MDMA (albeit my heavy use is more than 10 years ago), ex pothead (thanks to my current wife for pulling me out of that misery), some crack cocaine, Ketamine, LSD/LSZ/1P-LSD/AL-LAD, a minority of experiences with Salvia Divinorum, aMT, 2C-B, 5MeO-DALT, bK-2C-B, Diclazepam, Flubromazepam, MPA, Nitrous, 3-MeO-PCMo, Ephenidine, MXE. Also did some speed and heroin back in the days, but have since long lost my interest in these. I may forget a couple of substances but those will be insignificant experience-wise.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109941
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Feb 11, 2017Views: 7,167
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2C-B-Fly (350), 4-AcO-DMT (387) : Combinations (3), Personal Preparation (45), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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