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Ferment the Tea or Pay the Price...
Heimia salicifolia & Kratom
by Pinecone
Citation:   Pinecone. "Ferment the Tea or Pay the Price...: An Experience with Heimia salicifolia & Kratom (exp109932)". Mar 18, 2017.

T+ 0:00
10 g oral Heimia salicifolia (tea)
  T+ 4:15 5 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)


I have plenty of experience using psychedelics, cannabis and kratom... I recently picked up a bunch of legal entheogens from an online vendor and was excited to give sinicuichi a try. Below is my experience:

Setting: A cool, cloudy Sunday. I have nothing planned today so I will run an experiment...

12pm I begin simmering 10g of sinicuichi...

12:45pm I pour off a quart in total of liquid and add a bit of honey and lemon to the tea.

1pm (00:00) I begin drinking the tea... other reports I read complained of the disgusting taste. I thought the tea tasted like green tea that had been steeped too long mixed with what I'd imagine hay to taste like. The brew is definitely tannic. Obviously not the best, but I've had plenty of things that tasted worse...

1:15pm (00:15) I get the last of the tea down the hatch as I take my dogs for a short walk in the woods. In the future, I would probably boil the concoction down to a pint rather than a quart. The last 2 or 3 gulps were a bit of a struggle as I felt the brew repeating on me. (Probably because my body knew it was ingesting something toxic, more on that later)

2pm (01:00) I get back from the woods wondering if I am feeling anything yet... I am calm, introspective and feeling creative but do not see everything in yellow tint nor am I hearing auditory hallucinations as I have heard is common with sinicuichi.

2:30pm (01:30) I get back to my house, light up a spliff and begin writing lyrics and working on some songs I have previously written. While I don't feel like I have auditory hallucinations, I do find making music to be enjoyable and definitely find myself with a creative spark.

4pm (03:00) I have been lost in the soundscapes I am creating for some time now... I begin to slip out of the trance I have been in and say to myself, 'I'm not sure this sinicuichi worked at all'... and with that, I feel a part of the plant's energy leave me. The world around me instantly got more dense, I feel like my body got heavier and my thoughts no longer seemed as visionary or creative... I realized that I had been feeling it the whole time! I had the realization that sinicuichi subtly guides me to euphoric and visionary states, and does not force me there as some other stronger psychedelics might... Give thanks to the spirit of sinicuichi! I am now very relaxed and feel as though I have been blessed by the spirit of this plant teacher. Should I boil another batch!??

4:30pm (03:30) Before I can act on my impulse to repeat the experience, I begin to feel soreness in my calves. I had read that drinking sinicuichi can cause serious muscle soreness, but I thought it was like rolling the dice and since everyone is different, you may or may not become sore.

5pm (04:00) I begin to feel soreness like I had just done a killer workout throughout my ENTIRE body... my jaw, the muscles in my hands and feet... everywhere! This sucks.

5:15pm (04:15) I decide to take 5g of kratom powder in water to counteract the pain from this soreness.

6pm (05:00) I can feel the kratom doing its thing, but I still feel achy all over and am now starting to shiver... it feels like I have the flu. I decide to relax in the hot tub to help counteract the aches and shivers I am experiencing.

7pm (06:00) Wow, I am still in here!? I have been dozing off in this tub for an hour now. The warm water relaxes my muscles, but the second I move them I feel the soreness come back. As I found myself drifting between waking and dreaming, I definitely had some auditory hallucinations. Different clicking sounds I heard in my head were related to the dreams I was having and I felt like the sounds represented entire paragraphs and complex explanations of the events I was experiencing. Unfortunately, that's all I can describe, as I was pretty out of it.

7:30pm (06:30) I come out of the tub freezing! Like shivering. And still totally sore. It feels like I have the flu. I get into some comfy clothes and lie down with a blanket to watch some Gregg Braden videos. I take my temperature to find I have a 101.6 fever. WTF!
I take my temperature to find I have a 101.6 fever. WTF!

8pm (07:00) I drink plenty of water and call it an early night.

Next morning: I sweat out the fever during the night and now feel fine. Maybe some slight muscle soreness, but no fever. It seems to me the fever was related to my body's reaction to whatever is in the sinicuichi that makes your muscles sore.

Conclusions: I will have to really do my research before repeating this stunt again. I haven't dug into the science of the plant much yet, but it seems that traditionally the tea was left out in the sun to ferment for a day or 2. In the process I would assume whatever alkaloids cause your body to feel so sore would be converted. I haven't heard of anyone else getting a fever from taking this, only soreness. I wonder why my body acted that way, I guess to rid whatever toxic compound was in my system from drinking the unfermented sinicuichi tea.

Now disclaimer aside, I really did enjoy the experience before the soreness kicked in. If I can figure out how to get rid of the soreness I will certainly repeat. I felt calm, visionary, sensitive to the unseen, creative and euphoric from this entheogen. Granted, it was subtle enough that I did not really realize all its effects until afterward, it seems to be a gentle and guiding plant teacher.

I hope you find this report helpful. I think this plant works for those who are sensitive, but prepare your recipe with care so you don't have to needlessly suffer from side effects.


Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109932
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Mar 18, 2017Views: 4,686
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Heimia salicifolia (150) : Combinations (3), Health Problems (27), General (1), Alone (16)

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