A Whole New World
3-MeO-PCP & 2C-B
Citation:   Dustystix. "A Whole New World: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCP & 2C-B (exp109704)". Erowid.org. Dec 28, 2016. erowid.org/exp/109704

10 mg IV 3-MeO-PCP
  15 mg IV 2C-B
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
It was a Friday afternoon and my friend and I were at my house waiting to be picked up by our other friends to go and buy a selection of our personal favorite narcotics. On the way to my dealer heís texting me, suggesting for me to try a new combination of drugs I hadnít tried. We were on our way to go buy 1.1g of MDMA and 100mg of 2C-B, but my dealer was telling me I had to try the combination of 2C-B AND 3-MeO-PCP. Being a fan of ketamine I was interested in it but no one else was, so we didnít organize to buy any. However my dealer ended up giving me some for free anyway.

We drive from our dealerís house back into the city center and we head off to a park where we split up the MDMA into 11 100mg bags and the 2C-B in to 4 25mg bags. I take my point of MDMA and my little bag of 2C-B and tuck them away into my wallet; we sell off the extra MDMA and half of the group head off to go to a gig after oral dosing their Molly. The other half and I walk from the park to my Girlfriends car to go meet up with her and so that her and another friend of mine can IV some MDMA.

After both of them have shot and are solidly pinging, we head back to the park to prepare the three sober people and I for a shot of 2C-B. I roughly measure out each of the 15mg doses, stir them in a bottle cap, draw through a filter and tap out the bubbles. Iím doing this one by one, preparing them all at once so we can just dose one after the other. The only difference being mine has 10mg of 3-MeO-PCP in the shot. After I shoot each one of my friends, wrap my belt around my arm and push in the needle, push down the plunger and bam, I can feel it.

T+ 0:00:05 Ė Five seconds in after removing the belt from my arm I can feel the familiar burn of the 2C-B flowing through my veins, and I begin to rush only something isnít the same as usual.

T+ 0:00:15 Ė The visual have kicked in as hard as usual, but I donít have the overwhelming intensity in my body, I donít have the constant change of ďThis is amazingĒ and ďMake it stopĒ. In fact my body feels heavy and as I lay down on the grass, smoking a cigarette, and listening to comfortably numb by pink Floyd I start to feel the dissociation take full effect.

T+ 0:01 Ė The rush has taken me into overdrive, my body has not only merged with the grass but it has dissipated completely, I couldnít tell you what part of my body was which, I couldnít even tell myself what part of my body was which. I was incapable of movement but I didnít feel trapped, I felt amazing. The stunning visuals werenít like that of a standard 2C-B IV experience; They were more rounded, less sharp and werenít speeding all over the place.

T+ 0:04:45 Ė The guitar solo to pink floyds comfortably numb play, I was sent to a completely new universe, the clouds morphing to the music, changing colors, I was experience complete synesthesia, as I do a lot of the time on psychedelics, but nothing could compare to this, my body still no where to be felt, but somehow I could I could feel everything. The easiest way to explain it would be to say My body had split up and spread out at the atomic level, whilst simultaneous the been compacted and being under water.

T+ 0:10 Ė After the initial rush had subsided a bit, and after listening to comfortably numb one more time, was able to move myself back to group, now take that statement with a grain of salt, I got back to the group, stumbling, falling, my legs moving like that of a foal or baby giraffe, I managed to fall over 2 or 3 times moving 5-8 meters. We sit in the circle and smoke cigarettes while we all wait for the rush to calm and allow us to function as humans again.

T+ 0:30 Ė The 2C-B rush has died a little for the others, but I am still so far gone, Iím on another planet, we split up, the 3 on 2C-B and the one other girl on MDMA went off to a gig and my lady friend and I went off back to her car. The walk through the park was challenging but honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life. Walking through the trees, as the leaves from the branches over top either side of the footpath formed an invite arch shaped canopy. The red orange light from the park lamp lightly illuminating everything and making it look as though I were walking into the sunset. My lady friend, who I shall refer to as C from now on, Went to go to the bathroom, I wandered up to the playground and hopped on a flying fox, got off and lay on the ground staring at the sky. This was the most body high Iíve ever been. Iíve IVíd large doses of ketamine before and it could not compare to this level of dissociation. C came over to me and we wandered back to the car.

T+ 1:00 Ė Arriving back at the car, somehow managing to direct our way there as I was the only one out of C and I that knew the way. The whole walk I had no trouble understanding where I was, but my perception was pushed out to the side I had no idea what was happening while being fully in control. Back at the car we hop in the back and lay down on the mattress, wind down the windows and roll some cigarettes. I mean, I tried to roll one but I ended up not succeeding very well, I could even succeed on comprehending the concept of my own fingers. C rolls some smokes and I play with some scissors. The easiest way to describe how I was feeling would be to say I became like a small child. Thatís what I felt like at least

T+ 1:30 Ė After cigarettes and relaxing the trip is starting to die down a little, if it had just been 2C-B I would already be fully on the comedown, but as it the 3-MeO-PCP in the same shot, It seemed to be lasting longer. I was getting visuals but it was mainly a state of dissociation. Still unable to feel any of my body, C managed to get me hard and we somehow managed to have sex. It was a bizarre feeling, but it was amazing, just very strange. After that we relax and begin to return to the park to meet up with the rest of the group.

T+ 2:00 Ė Itís basically died completely, things look more vibrant but Iím not getting visuals as such, I have mild dissociation but that would wear off quickly, we meet up with everyone else at the park and spend the rest of the night doing hits of NOs and chain smoking before returning the car.

T+ 3:30 Ė All the effects have seemingly worn off, I feel exhausted and completely run down from that, I canít imagine what I must have put my body through, but even though I am absolutely shattered I canít sleep, itís almost 1am and Im sitting in the car, C is passed out drunk, Iím chain smoking out the window and eventually get cold and lay down. I end up getting to sleep maybe closer to 2:30am

The next day waking up I feel no after effects or comedown, Iím ready to get up and start my day. I feel pleasant and the experience leaves me in the morning better than it found me. I always find that with 2C-B, it always leaves me better off than the beginning. The 3-MeO-PCP fully mellowed out the overwhelming intensity of IV 2C-B, yet gave me the most intense body high Iíve ever had.

Not all drugs react to everyone the same way, and this is really intense, although I had an amazing time, I wouldnít recommend this to people that couldnít take 5+ grams of mushrooms, or like high doses of psychedelics. Although this may be my favorite combination now, I wouldnít recommend this to most people. Blasting 2C-B alone is something I enjoy but it's very overwhelming. Adding the 3-Meo into the mix takes it to a whole new level.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109704
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Dec 28, 2016Views: 4,695
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3-MeO-PCP (558), 2C-B (52) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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