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Citation:   nervewing. "Hyperreality: An Experience with LSD & 3-MeO-PCP (exp109619)". Jan 1, 2017.

T+ 3:20
14 mg insufflated 3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
T0:00- Dose tab of LSD immediately upon returning home from work. This is a batch I had a good bit of that I wanted to test for potency. I wash dishes and do chores around the house as I come up.

T1:30- I have been coming up for quite some time now, the comeup has been slow and slogging, as if the drug has been fighting its way through knee high muck to find a place in my mind. It feels as though a little electric storm has infiltrated my brain, that it is pulsing little sparks and flashes of color throughout my consciousness. Itís sparkling and tingling, and that raw feeling of dry stimulation deep in the marrow of my bones, shaking them dry, sending ripples of stark warmth through my muscles. Chills run up and down my spine and I chew some gum to combat the onslaught of bruxism. I roll a joint that will calm my body, when I hear a knock at the door.

T2:00- A friend has come over. My roommates come out to hang out and we are all sitting around as I continue to go up and up. Talking and laughing feels particularly jovial and it feels like I can feel every muscle fiber in my body as they contract. I light up the joint as weíre all hanging out. The weed smooths the rough and jagged edges and points of the trip, eroding them into a pleasant round cobble and blasting the experience with pulses of color and shimmering jittering dancing light. My roommates want to try some drug tonight, so we devise assigning each side of a die to a drug in my collection and rolling it. We settle on deschloroketamine. I decide not to partake just so I can ride this trip out a little longer and make a judgment on this batch, but we go upstairs and I provide it for them.

T2:40- Now that thatís all over with, we go back downstairs. They are immediately struck with the onset, and seem to be having a great time playing videogames and hanging out. I smoke more weed with my other roommate who did not partake, and am content to observe them as they enter an experience that I am quite familiar with. More cannabis feels like adding more heat to the fire, it feels like the trip is burgeoning and glowing and smoldering and I am ecstatic to be privy to this.

T3:20- My friends are all crashing over the peak of their experience and I feel like tasting some dissociation myself. I go upstairs and find that I do not have as much deschloroketamine as I thought. I decide to instead feast myself on 3-MeO-PCP. Weighing out the tiny precise amount is difficult with my shaky hands but I decide on a higher dose than usual and suck it down. I return downstairs.

T3:40-The burn has subsided and at this point I have entirely forgotten that I have taken anything on top of the acid. It first presents as a slight note of physical numbness, of the world appearing blurry, not visually, but as if the symbolic meanings of every object around me have begun to become indistinct.

T4:00-It feels like a great volcano is erupting within me, there is a massive swelling of fire and energy radiating from my core and pounding into my skull, not even pounding and pulsing, but rather a steady constant stream of warmth. I am swarmed with abundant energy, and find myself unable to stand still. Rather I am pacing back and forth around the room, talking up a storm as if I need to expend all of this vitality. I cannot for the life of me sit still, remaining still is entirely inconceivable and even when I try I am still shaking my limbs, fidgeting nervously, eagerly and impatiently awaiting the next opportunity to flex and utilize my desperately burning muscles and mind. And it just keeps getting stronger. It grows exponentially and I soon find myself a bit concerned at how completely adrift I am. Like I was having a fun time swimming in the deep water at the beach but now I find myself being swept out to deeper water by a merciless riptide. I flee up to my room for a bit to try and ride this out. As I enter, I am struck with this odd feeling. Everything seems ďhyperrealĒ, like I am visibly seeing everything with more clarity than I normally do, like I have shattered the blurred veneer of reality and that my nerves and sensory organs are truly in touch with their stimuli, taking the bits of information in with greater capacity than they were before. I feel more deeply in control of my body, able to entirely control the momentum that my limbs exhibit, able to entirely control every little contraction of my muscles down to each individual sarcomere. I feel like superhuman.

I lie in my room and listen to music for a bit, and while being alone is nice and provides me an idea of how strong this trip is, I soon get bored and restless and flee back downstairs. I am jumping around on the furniture now, standing atop the banister of our staircase and touching our ceiling, looming above the rest of the room. I just want to jump and climb, I wish I was in a vast boulder field or out in the woods where I could appropriately expend this energy, but all I can do now is excitedly run around the house. My two friends who ingested the deschloroketamine are couchlocked and helplessly watch me gallivant around the space. I go outside and it feels incredible, I feel like I could flap my wings and fly above the neighborhood like I have in so many dreams, I stick my arms out and loom above the space like a great crucifix, or a spectacular bird spreading its wings over a precipice, I feel majestic and powerful, beautiful and mighty, and manic beyond measure.

T4:20- I return inside to find my friends still splayed out on the couch. The desket has hit them like a freight train. I am still pacing and still manic, with the visual aspect of the acid experience significantly kicked up. Visuals trace their way down the walls and flash and breathe in magenta and teal, yet everything still appears as hyper-real to me. How neat! My reality has been redefined I suppose, to where this strange pulsing rippling world has become the status quo. Soon however, that feeling fades, and is replaced by quite the opposite- as if the world has become blurred, and the overlay on my reality has made everything flat and indistinct. It feels like the world has become lo-fi, that I am viewing it through a cloud of static on a CRT that cannot attain a proper signal. My friends suggest playing around with a guitar for a bit, so I follow them into a room and bring along paper and pen so I can draw pictures.

My one friend plays guitar, the other is seemingly in no state to do anything but lie back as he is subject to the dissociative maelstrom. I am trying to draw, but I am not patient enough to do anything meticulous. I am furiously scribbling, making pictures that are composed of lines being powerfully thrown against the page, nearly tearing the paper with the pen. My friend plays a few songs, marveling at how he is still able to play guitar and remember the lyrics. I ask him to play a rendition of one song he wrote and he belts it out completely from memory, itís spectacular to witness and I ask him if I can record it. My recording capabilities consist of my laptop speakerÖ But we set it up nonetheless, and I am struck with this childish sense of make-believe, where I am pretending that this is some actual recording studio and I am doing actual music stuff, even though once again, itís my laptop on a chair with the music being recorded in audacity. I had this projection overlaid on the whole activity granting it greater significance than was warranted, but it felt so nice, it felt like such a great use of time. I was entirely euphoric and ecstatic.

T5:00-My friends are beginning to come down and the comedown is very rough on them, tiring out their bodies and subjecting them to nausea and vomiting. I ride out my trip for the next couple of hours playing videogames, smoking weed, and generally just enjoying myself quite a lot.

T6:00-The dissociative feeling from the 3-MeO-PCP has entirely faded now, or rather I do not feel 2 distinct drugs, it feels like the experience, with the help of weed, has blended together into one singular neutral feeling, to the point where I hardly feel altered anymore. I know Iím altered, but this feels like my new baseline, and it feels fantastic. We watch a movie together and I feel like it is being etched into my memory deeper than such an experience normally is. We order a pizza and I am delighted to find I still have quite an appetite.

T9:00-Everyone has gone to bed now and I go upstairs and shower. In the shower I realize how altered I still am, and itís absolutely fantastic. I feel so incredibly in tune with my body, fully aware of every little movement I make, every shift in my bones and every pull of my tendons. The warm water flowing over my body invigorates me, makes me appreciate the miracle of my working body, of all the muscles and the instant nerve impulses that move them. I come out of the shower radiating warmth and staring at awe at my bare flesh. I relax in my room and smoke more weed while reading about stuff on the computer for a few hours.

T11:00-The trip is mostly over now. I go to sleep.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109619
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jan 1, 2017Views: 3,226
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LSD (2), 3-MeO-PCP (558) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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