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Short-Lasting Bliss and Relaxation
DALT & Mugwort
by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "Short-Lasting Bliss and Relaxation: An Experience with DALT & Mugwort (exp109372)". Nov 10, 2016.

100 mg smoked DALT (powder / crystals)
  1 bowl smoked Mugwort (dried)


DALT Explorations Pt. 1

I obtained n,n DALT mostly because it was very cheap and I wanted to expand my collection. I tacked it onto an order of some more desired substances from an online vendor. I was not able to find much about it on the internet save for a few scattered reports. I opted for smoking it, as insufflation was reported as painful and Iím not keen on plugging.

In these experiments I smoked the HCl salt. Iím unaware of the heat of vaporization or the heat of pyrolysis for this salt or for the freebase chemical. However, the salt is certainly active to some degree when smoked. I am not sure how this might affect dosage either. The powder was smoked from a conventional glass pipe, sandwiched between layers of either Cannabis or Mugwort. Combustion was achieved with gentle controlled heating, Ďteasingí with the flame similar to how DMT is smoked.

These were several trials performed across a period of 8 months. I am not including them in chronological order, but rather in the order of which reports I think are the most relevant or useful.

This one is just DALT alone. A followup will detail all of my combinations.

T0:00-Sandwiched the DALT between 2 layers of mugwort, its consistency is very granular, like salt. I light it, teasing it gently with the flame. The smoke is bitter and acrid, although a bit sweet too, better tasting than DMT. It goes down smoother too, although it is a bit harsh.

T0:07-By now the substance has sort of melted and consolidated and mixed with the burnt bits of plant material, forming a solid black mass that smells of the chemical. I can still get sizable hits by combusting this mass however.

The effects are anxiolytic and dissociating. Itís not the classical dissociative feeling of numbness and lack of coordination, rather a feeling of my body sinking into a warm bath and dissolving. There is also this sinking feeling focused on my head, a familiar dissociating sensation. A feeling like I can feel the weight of my brain inside my skull, that my meninges are the fabric of reality and my mind is sinking like a gravity well into its depths, and the rest of my being, my sense of body, my sense of self, is slowly sinking down into it, flashing, pulsing, rippling.

It has a flatness to it that reminds me of its cousin 5-MeO-DALTÖ For reference, thatís a feeling of my entire field of vision becoming a single flat image with no spatial distinction between objects or anything really, I am gazing upon one singular image. The taste in my mouth is now reminiscent of the way a clothing store smells.

T0:15-I feel like I am just fading, but it is so deeply comfortable and relaxing. Itís like a blanket has been thrown over my mind, smothering me in its reassuring warmth. Iím getting quite a head rush, itís not a quick rush like water being sprayed from a firehose, but a great languid rush like watching a swollen river flow with debris. Everything feels like itís going to be ok, it feels like the drug is gently holding my hand and coaxing me into the experience, it is humble and kind and knows that I am not going to experience too much intensity, but it wants to guide me there anyway like any good host would.

My vision is blurring and twitching and falling out of focus, but really just because I am not paying as much attention to visual input. OEVís are there, but evade description. Like they are entirely noticeable, but donít manifest in any familiar way. Itís not patterns, or warping, or breathing, or swirling, or shifts in color, no pulsing or bulging or rippling, things just look different. Maybe itís a slight shift in perspective, or maybe itís my mind being shifted off kilter in such a way that normal visual input is interpreted as being altered.

T0:25-Itís a gently warm overcast day with a nervous sun occasionally peeking through the clouds. The sense of calm and bliss is sublime, my bed feels more comfortable than ever and it feels like I am covered in great downy blankets. All I want to do is smile and feel gratitude that the current passage of time has left me unscathed with worries or troubles, that the world is flowing by and I am safe from all of it. The grey air feels like great warm waves washing over me, tossing me about in the tranquility of a balmy moonlit night at a secluded beach. Yet there is a physical restlessness I cannot shake, it twitches deep in my bones and in my veins, indeed my heart rate has felt artificially quickened during this experience despite my otherwise calm. Itís pulsing weight, pulsing flatness, gentle waves rocking me on a glassy lake.

T0:45-I am out of the peak now, there is just a stoned sedated feeling left, and Iím unfortunately not even left with the pleasant psychedelic afterglow that I enjoy from most other substances. Itís just a calm dazed feeling, and a sort of anxiolytic relaxation almost reminiscent of benzodiazepines. Sometimes there are flashes of jitteriness.

T1:30-Back to baseline.

Conclusion: DALT is a recipe for quick, acute, short lasting psychedelic bliss and relaxation. Itís like throwing a great warm psychedelic blanket over my mind, and having it dissolve over the course of an hour. Itís quite pleasant with a bit of restlessness deep in the body. If only it lasted longer, if only it was easier to consume. Itís both intense and lacking any sort of intensity, itís a very unique and novel substance and experience, although many probably wouldnít consider the effects Ďworthwhileí in comparison to other psychedelics. DALT by itself is honestly not too interesting, itís when combined with other drugs that it really shines.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109372
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Nov 10, 2016Views: 2,530
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