The Drug That Showed Me Hell
5-MeO-DMT & Cannabis
Citation:   Ominous Gaze. "The Drug That Showed Me Hell: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT & Cannabis (exp109085)". Sep 10, 2016.

  repeated smoked Cannabis
    repeated smoked 5-MeO-DMT
[Erowid Note: While the author reported the substance used as 5-MeO-DMT, they seem to conflate NN-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT. These substances have different effects and dosages. Most often the error made is that the term "DMT" is used as shorthand to refer to 5-Methoxy-DMT. However, because of the ambiguity in the substance name, it is uncertain whether the author is speaking about 5-MeO-DMT throughout this report or not. See 5-MeO-DMT is Not "DMT".]
I have never know such death before last night, August 20th 2016. As I am preparing to write this on the events of the preceding day, I would like to note that what I write is my best job of putting the experiences I had into words, some things can never be explained.

My story begins the day before yesterday, when a buddy of mine told me he would sell me some DMT. (I have be interested in trying DMT since the first time I heard about it as a freshman in high school, 5 years ago.) After I acquired my goodies, I smoked a unknown amount of the DMT through a oil rig equipped with a quarz banger cooled to a low temp that wouldn't burn the DMT but allow it to vaporize. I did this twice, not breaking through either time. I told a friend that I had this shit, knowing he had knowledge on the matter, he said he would help me break through.

When the planned time came, he picked me up and took me to our buddy's house where we were planning on tripping our brains out.

When we arrived, I settled in on the couch an pulled out my goodies. My friend pack a bowl of bud laced with the DMT in the middle. I felt safe in his one bedroom apartment having been there numorus other times. I was determined to break through into the great unknown. I was passed the bong and instructed to hit it until the bowl was burning well. Then I was to hold the hits in for 5 seconds, before exhaling. I began this process and finished the pack without being sent into a trance like the two prior times. I assumed I had built up a tolerance to the drug.

I started hitting another pack without water so it would be more effective. I hit it but this time I held it in for ten seconds. After exhaling the smoke I ran to the sink and threw up a little bit of the last meal I had eaten. I was ok and sat back down and hit it one last time before giving up. I realized I was definitely tripping but it wasn't as strong as before. Time slowed as I watched the walls dance. My body became heavy, painfully heavy, like I was about to be crushed under my own weight. I exclaimed suddenly that I had a horrible migraine, a black pain tore into my head. I had never had a headache so painful as that.
I had never had a headache so painful as that.
That is my last conscious memory before I had a seizure.

(This is where things get confusing for me to explain so I will try my best.)

I went into a seizure. I was told I straightened into a plank position on the couch. My head bent back, face blue, and my mouth open. I have memories of my thoughts and awful pain from the seizure. My tongue fell down my throat and my teeth felt like they where  falling out of my mouth. The gravity I felt was trying to tear my body apart. The seizure lasted a little less than a minute. My friends had layed me down on the floor when I snapped out of it. My body hurt unimaginably. I was still tripping when I became conscious. My body felt so tight. I looked at my legs, they looked skinny and I felt I had become anorexic (this I believe is because I have lost weight recently and was thinking once about if I keep losing weight and shriveled up. It was a subconscious fear of mine that arose in my trip). 

When I was back I was informed I just had a seizure. No... What..?... I couldn't believe it. My body hurt so bad. It felt so tight, like I was blown up like a ballon. I got up and sat on the couch. It felt as tho my bones where twisting.  I began to feel my tongue falling down my throat. They told me to lay back down. I felt pain, fear, and helplessness. In those moments I begged for a god and recieved death.

I chose not to go to the ER, but to just sleep it off. I feel fine now (with only a achy body) the following day. I am staying away from psychs for a while. That was the first bad trip I have ever had, it was terrible. Be careful you know what your taking. Stay safe on your travels.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109085
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Sep 10, 2016Views: 5,921
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