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Birthday Trial Run
by Juan
Citation:   Juan. "Birthday Trial Run: An Experience with Proscaline (exp109061)". Aug 17, 2016.

30 mg oral Proscaline
    smoked Cannabis
[This report originally appeared in the Shulgin Lab Book 5, Book 5 PDF page 108, 109.]

Since you noticed my behavior and observed before you and Ann went to bed I'll mostly deal with after experiences. It purveyed a warm tingly sensation with any contact and I found myself very open to discussion. Though chills were present they did not become uncomfortable. I found a remarkable clarity of thought and an enjoyable audio alteration. Pain threshold was greatly reduced and sensational sexual control came easily.

Once you and Ann went to bed both Helen and I blasted off to a sensual plane of consciousness that I have never felt before. I know Helen will agree with me saying that through further explorations of this substance we would benefit in finding a pathway further the loving aspect of our relationship. Though I would like to say that after our first experience with 'pro-line' (catchy huh!) We could retain the ability to return to said sensual plane. Unfortunately the doors are not that easy to open, (at least for me). I feel an urgent need to unlock these doors for Helen's and my use. We would like be part of continued research on this subject.

I would like to reassure of my fervent belief in caution, discretion and beneficial use only. Helen and I discussed at great length the result of this application of the substance, Helen mentioned that we had a little trouble focusing and single thought but I had an overall expanded view of life, love and
lust and after watching T.V. for about 10 or 15 we found that it was hilarious and much easier to look at the artistic information of Sat. Night Live I adapt skit-'The Bizzaro World.' But as usual we turned off the tube in favor of more nefarious activities.

I did have a short surge of confused running thoughts about childhood escapades.
I did have a short surge of confused running thoughts about childhood escapades.
Helen and I conferred on this and the feeling passed. We found that our pain thresholds were depressed along with almost all our inhibitions. We lay down side by side and lovingly explored each others faces - this has to be one of the more erotic things we have ever done together. By the time we were stirring for earlier delights both Helen and I were electrically aware of the signals that pervaded our sensual beings. Helen who by the way sometimes worried herself during foreplay about her sometimes scarcity of lubrication. I love her any way possible so it is of minor deference to me, but sometimes it inhibits her if she feels that she should be damper. Always temporary mental and physical dysfunction disappear when she becomes encompassed by our love making. Last night she was so single minded in her perseverance in pleasure that before I had stroked her nether regions once, she was bedewed with love elixir. (steamy stuff eh! not)

As for myself I was able to put a handle on limitless control of my body as well as my sex organs, The heavenly feeling of the light reflected off the cloud ceiling, filled the room with a soft outwardly glow and all life, with the exception of my love and I, ceased to exist. Orgasm was entirely reachable to both of us but there was an easygoing lack or urgency that marked the ultimate feeling that the loving was more important than the orgasms themselves. A visual softening and a distinct electric purple glow after we had culminated round one exotically.

We wandered down from our state of bliss and realized a definite slackening of the effect of the compound. We both agreed that our state of awareness increased as soon as ya'll left us. I think that we both were on a definite +1.856789999 and would like to reach for a slightly more intense phase. The night air was sultry and seldom was evacuating my bladder such a sensory encompassing experience.

The night outdoors whispered beseechingly to my soul. amplifying the ache in my heart to go out and live a simple reactionary way of life. We returned inside after making the decision to spark a dubart' to see if we could bring back some of the elusively escaping magic. It had the desired amplifying and supplementing effect as I have found it unfailingly does. We leisurely engaged in conversation on returning to our delight and love for this newest spell that Sasha has created.

We agree in that we feel remarkably lucky to be involved. We wondered through another bout of love. Again later when we had eaten. We both are very anxious to embark on further Pro-line experiences.

Thank you for the birthday celebration



Exp Year: 1982ExpID: 109061
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 17, 2016Views: 3,443
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Proscaline (758) : General (1), Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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