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Welcome to the Funhouse
ALD-52 & Cannabis
by Markers
Citation:   Markers. "Welcome to the Funhouse: An Experience with ALD-52 & Cannabis (exp109013)". Aug 16, 2016.

1 hit sublingual ALD-52 (blotter / tab)
    smoked Cannabis  

I ordered ALD-52, also called 1A-LSD, from an online vendor. My brother and I each took one blotter. That day, we had not consumed any other drugs, except weed the night before. We also had a solid meal 20min. before taking the lysergamide.

25 minutes after the tab landed on my tongue, I began to feel a tingly sensation in my belly, like the one you feel when you're in love.

10 minutes after the belly tingles, my legs started to feel light and I felt something coming up in my head. The head part was gone after 5 minutes or so.

At that point we left for our place to trip: a friend's yard with a swimming pool, a trampoline, and a big field. The sun was shining, temperature was perfect, we were both excited for the experience. In other words: set & setting were perfect. Riding on the bicycle was great, felt like gliding through the air.

We both first chilled on inflatable mattresses floating gently on the water. I felt relaxed and happy, and this is the moment where the first random giggles appeared. It was a kind of happiness characterized by 'relief', I felt like nothing could go wrong.

The trip kept coming up, I felt waves of tingles cleansing my whole body. I sat on the grass with crossed legs and closed my eyes, to meditate for a bit. I felt vibrant and alive like never before, like I finally reached a state where I developed myself and all my talents. I didn't need anything at that point: no food, no water, no weed, no nothing and I was more than happy with it. I thought about how amazing it would be to be in love and to be with that person at the moment (I am single).

I stood up and opened my eyes. My brother was riding around the pool on a kick scooter, this is when I started to laugh. Seriously. There were moments where I was laughing so hard that it became difficult to breath. It didn't scare me though, I was still laughing in my bed. It was all fun.

The effects of 100g of ALD-52 were strongly reminiscent of childhood, while staying lucid at all times. Our behaviour was that of children. We were just having fun and playing around. I remember 'hiding' behind a bush and spying my brother who was still riding rounds on the scooter. I giggled.

The 1A-LSD had us stimulated without a doubt, but resting felt nice as well.

After jumping on the trampoline, we chilled on it and looked at the clouds. I had never seen the clouds like that. First of all, they were very detailed. I could see the vapor moving in and out of the clouds while they were folding and unfolding themselves. I would see a lot of things in the clouds. At one point, I would see faces in every one, at another I would see open legs in every clouds.

The ground was breathing, colors were brighter and letters moved. Closed eye visuals showed geometrical shapes. Visuals weren't crazy, but they were present.

I went for a walk in the field and crouched. The tall grass and plants were a tiny bit taller than me. I felt in security crouched in between them.

I had brought some cannabis with me. The strain was 'Dr.Grinspoon', which is a 100% sativa: the body high is really light and the mental high clear with psychedelic borders. I thought I couldn't have picked a better strain from my stash. I first wasn't sure whether or not I would smoke weed as I had lived a not so pleasant trip on Morning Glory seeds and cannabis a few months ago.

My brother rolled, and took a few hits from the joint. He said that the effects intertwined nicely, so I had myself a joint too. I rolled it pure and oh my! I had never tasted weed so much in a joint. (Normally, it has a 'smokey' taste with hints of weed, but here the taste was nothing but weed. Delicious!) The weed had a divine smell as well.

The ganja added some potency to the trip, visuals were stronger. My vision became slightly colored at some points, and CEV's were patches of changing colors each time I moved my eyeballs.

The trip slowly came down and disappeared for the most part after 8 hours approximately.

The following day, I was pretty irritable and didn't really want to communicate a lot. I wasn't being an a-hole neither, but wished that I could be left alone.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109013
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 16, 2016Views: 6,159
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ALD-52 (748) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), General (1)

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