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Tripp on the Hill
by McIntire Rae
Citation:   McIntire Rae. "Tripp on the Hill: An Experience with MDMA, 1P-LSD & LSD (exp108676)". Jul 22, 2016.

T+ 0:00
1 hit buccal 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 1 hit buccal 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 2:00 1 hit buccal 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 250 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:00 3 drops oral LSD (liquid)


Substance: 1P-LSD, MDMA, LSD

Known results from 1 square of 1P-LSD by itself. Known results of up to 10 doses of LSD by itself as well as in conjunction with up to 0.5g MDMA. Known results from up to 0.7g MDMA by itself.
I anticipate that a combination of the substances, at higher doses, and timed intervals should reveal intensified visual and noise hallucinations. With the presence of MDMA, I anticipate that the experience will be enjoyable.

The weather is sunny, hot, and humid; with a light breeze. It's 5:00 PM when I arrive home from work and begin experimenting. I have eaten nothing since lunch time. I should be home alone until about mid-night. Situated on a hill with a great view of nature. I have the freedom to do as I please. No medications or abnormal substances had been ingested for at least 3 days prior to the experiment.

3 squares of 1P-LSD, 0.25 grams of MDMA, 3 drops of LSD

Let 1P-LSD blotter sit in mouth for around 10 minutes before swallowing. Take 1 square at a time, separated by 1 hour. Wrap MDMA in thin paper and parachute with a drink. Drop 3 doses of liquid LSD onto hand and then lick it off with tongue.

Time Stamps:

5:00 PM
I take 1 square of 1P-LSD and 0.25 grams of MDMA. I go into the yard and do some chores.

6:00 PM
I return to the house where music is playing and take another square of 1P-LSD. Tiny vibrations cause a fuzzy effect to my visual senses of everything around me. I feel intimate and euphoric connections.
I am sweating but very relaxed. I drink a beer and smoke some weed.

6:30 PM
Noticing vibrant colors more, heightened awareness. I have a feeling of slight anxiety since my motivation to be productive is slipping away. I am definitely feeling in the groove. Savant is playing on the computer and I increase the volume. I am still sweating heavily. I am only able to concentrate minutely – I cannot seem to direct my focus and concentration; a sense of fait controls it all. Slight speedy feel – to just dance would be perfect.

7:00 PM
I notice that it’s been another hour and so I take another square of 1P-LSD. Swooshing of movement. I cannot seem to keep a smile down. I begin to share my experience with a friend and my wife and make them aware of my research trials.
I experience a sensation deeper than hearing – a tickle of something more (like sounds move through my brain causing a sense of feel and a real physical presence within me).
Sounds and atmosphere directly affect the visual appearance of things (colors and shades). There is an Aura of light, color, and sound present in all that I perceive – each directly affecting the other.

7:30 PM
I am absorbed in the trip and really feeling the roll. There is a wave and pulsation to everything in my vision. My limbs and body parts all seem to be far away and small. I am surprised at how well I am able to do things. The river's current is so strong, yet alteration takes but a twig. Things that are in my vision begin to move and dance freely as if they are not tied to the place where they are. I feel deep rhythm. I have slight stomach discomfort – possibly caused by a shift in music / Ora.

Things move away and get closer on their own as if they are breathing. An in and then out – chattering / shuttering of visuals; like waves of becoming overwhelmed. I have a huge feeling of being swept away, like so much is coming in, over, and onto me. Colored dots and foreign specks independently invade my entire visual scope. Feeling the need to breath, feeling a flood over all of my senses. Feeling the need to yawn. Where my mind is clear – it’s crystal clear, everything else seems to be blurred out and hazy. Very acute awareness and deep feelings of emotion and natural universal connection.

7:45 PM
Listening to #1 club hits 2014 Best of Dance. Visual hallucinations are vivid and intense.

8:00 PM
I notice that its 8:00 and take 3 doses of LSD. I am already completely consumed in the music and the feelings. Genius thoughts go through my mind, but too fast to grab at. To concentrate beyond waoh is very difficult. Almost consumed in my trip. I feel a peace though, and a good understanding of what I am getting into. A sense of calm about it all; as, by the second – more and more sensations come in upon me. I am comfortable.
more and more sensations come in upon me. I am comfortable.

8:30 PM
Nearly incapable of focusing outside the trip. Still becoming overwhelmed.

8:45 PM
I am so into the music – I am just sitting and feeling. A truly magical place lies just beyond what I can see. I go to water the plants…

10:00 PM
Finally settling into my state and gaining the ability to focus and concentrate. Feeding the plants was good for helping me to relax and pass the time. I begin straightening up the house – still experiencing intense hallucinations. I can function within the trip.

11:00 PM
I had lost track of time and was slightly startled by the sound of the truck coming up the driveway. My wife arrived home and I went outside to greet her. She was aware of my experiment and was very gentle in our interactions. We spent probably an hour on the porch in the calm cool summer breeze while she played a card game and I mostly stared into space. The stars seemed to be dipping, shooting, and dancing all through the sky. There was a depth dimension to space and I could visualize the vastness of the universe; like how the sky which we see is but a tiny portion of the mass we call space.

12:00 PM
My wife and I ate bagels with cream cheese and watched Game of Thrones in bed briefly before falling asleep. No issue falling asleep or staying asleep.

6:00 AM
Woke up to my alarm with some slight grogginess and fatigue but hardly more than normal. After a cup of coffee and getting some morning chores done, I am ready for the day and off to work like normal. Some slight fuzz brain during the day and a minor headache. Headache relieved by ibuprofen. No real lasting side effects besides a calm and sense of understanding and fulfillment.

I am pleased overall with the experiment. I believe that starting a trip with some MDMA does enhance the onset and noticeability of the hallucinations caused by 1P-LSD. I believe that separating the doses of 1P-LSD by 1 hour caused for a hallucination onset that was manageable and not too much at once. Spanning the intake of 1P-LSD and LSD over 3 hours caused for about 4 hours (6PM – 10PM) of peak time.

The presence of music is key in carrying senses into a vivid hallucination state. Next time I would do the dishes before beginning the experiment as unfinished chores caused some anxiety. Any future experiments should include the intentional and scheduled consumption of water. I believe this would lessen the grogginess and fuzz brain during the following day.

It is likely that my empty stomach aided in the intensification of hallucinations but the feeling of hunger was present, uncomfortable, and distracting throughout the trip. At these doses, a light meal prior to the intake of substances would not be expected to effect the intensity of hallucinations by very much.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108676
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Jul 22, 2016Views: 5,088
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MDMA (3), 1P-LSD (682), LSD (2) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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