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A Galaxy Far Far Away
3-MeO-PCP & Mushrooms
Citation:   LaikaF. "A Galaxy Far Far Away: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCP & Mushrooms (exp107588)". Jan 9, 2017.

    repeated vaporized Cannabis  
  25 mg insufflated 3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
  30 mg insufflated 3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
  30 mg insufflated 3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
  20 mg insufflated 3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
    insufflated 3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
All events in this story took place over one long 39 hour day. My ability to function on dissos at this level is due to tolerance. No one dose was enough to put me near a 3hole though I have seen it once before.

It was 10 am according to my phone. I rolled over and went back to sleep. The previous night I had been out late after sampling 2c-t-7 for the first time. I had taken it with two guys rolling, one on mda, one on mdma. The one had promised me K and never delivered. I still wanted that K though.

It was 11 am, and this time I pushed myself up. I let the HPPD fade to nothing as I begin to send texts. I had nothing really planned for the next forty eight hours so it was time to make a move. First the K. I fired off a text to both the guys about it as well as my weed guy. Two said they get back to me in the end though no one would come through. I sent another text to a guy I had made tentative plans with. He canceled. I moved onto the next guy I said Iíd visit and confirmed he was on for 5:30 after he got off work. That worked out well.

2c-t-7 has quite a fierce toll on the body. Iíd vomited within twenty minutes of taking it, and ever since Iíd woke up my muscles had been so painfully tense. Luckily I knew just the place to get that pulled out of me. A tiny little massage place that was pretty cheap and pretty good. Iíve been getting a massage about once every three or so months to get rid of the stress build up from the term (I'm a college student). Donít have a significant other for such thing, but such is life.

6:40. Iíd originally planned to walk the forty minutes to his part of the city, as I like a good walk when slightly stoned. My stomach let me know it was time to eat. Iíd eaten after my trip the night before but that was the only food Iíd consumed during the previous forty eight hours that wasnít vomited up.

The guy I was going to meet letís call Bonaparte. We were going to get pizza, the type of quick pizza that you eat when youíre starving. Twenty minutes later he pulled up the curb and I hopped in. We chatted about his work, grades (weíre both college students so itís a pressing thing on both our minds) and the normal bullshit you chat about while in a greasy pizza joint.

Food, glorious food. I could smell that Hawaiin Pizza the whole ride to his place. The thought of that sweet pineapple and salty ham was all I can think about. But before pizza it was time to take drugs. I busted out my MG scale and my vial of 3-meo-pcp. Itís in crystal form but the appeal of labeled glass is something I enjoy greatly. Just makes it seem more official than plastic baggies everywhere, and the labels donít wear off this way.

I think I took 25ish mg of 3-meo-pcp up the nose. He took less though exact doses are hazy. We threw on some youtube videos and just talked and talked. I like to term it as an upper alcohol. It makes words flow from me, and doesnít make me sick. Weed was smoked, music was played, shit was shot. At some point his room mate came home which was a bit awkward for me, as how do you introduce yourself to someone when youíre fucked to the gills and you have no clue how theyíll react to any of it. She busied herself elsewhere though, and seemed nice enough for what little I do remember of our conversation.

3-meo was coming down now, it was about midnight, perfect for a booster. Normally Iím very against dissos after 7pm as I know it basically means no sleep for me at night.
Normally Iím very against dissos after 7pm as I know it basically means no sleep for me at night.
But fuck it what was I doing tomorrow? At this point there was no plans and I figured I could sleep it off if needed. Another 30mg for me, and 15mg for the other guy. Iíve noticed redosing I need more to get the same effect as the night goes on. Everyone who doses from me just seems to trust my judgement. After reading this weíll see how many still do.

At this point we started hitting the bong hard. Iíd brought this guy a half of powdered shrooms, and a half of weed. Two strains Blue Dream (one of my favorites), and something Iíd just scribbled Flowers on. (Flowers is what the first guy I used to buy heavy amounts of weed from called any strain he didnít know. I did know this strain at some point, I learned it when I got the oz of it the previous day while high on 2c-t-7. It is lost to time.) Flowers was fucking good weed. Hadnít had weed that good since the summer, and it fucked us both up pretty good.

The night goes on, we end up attempting some coding project, but Iím way too stoned to deal with the limitations of Crouton. Git + Crouton + my not that experienced ass at Linux + weed + 3-meo-pcp was just not an equation that ended with getting anything done. I said as much to the guy but I still felt bad because he seemed excited. If my doses were lower it could have worked.

Three am rolled around, weíre trashed. He breaks out a chess board. Fuck itís been a few years since my last chess game, letís do this. During the game we end up making a rule where each lost piece is a bong rip. Of the good stuff. I had a good early game but fucked up when I trapped my queen in the middle. At one point we literally had the exact same pieces. Another careless mistake from me lead to the game going to him. It was four am, Bonaparte had work in four hours, his last day. I just sort of spread out on his couch, he tossed me a blanket and pillow and I curled up for what I knew was a sleepless night.

Time ticked on, and I alternated between trying to sleep and fucking around on my phone. I donít believe many know the feeling of trying to sleep after a heavy disso use. Imagine your body just sort of turning off but your mind still floating, thinking. No real worries, dissos remove my sense of time, and my anxiety. Just sort of think and think. 3-meo-pcp is a pretty manic chemical, and so during this time I normally end up just making plans. What to do the next day? I knew I couldnít go home, I wasnít sleeping tonight. My parents generally trust I wonít fuck up at this stage in my life so a simple bullshit excuse takes care of them.

The idea happened. Star Wars had released at midnight. Iíd been on internet blackout. I hate spoilers, I hate hype trains, I hate expectations. Iíd refused to watch the trailer, ducked any conversation about it, and just mentally tuned out the words Star Wars for the past few months. But I knew I had to see Star Wars today. In 3d! I had a grinder of weed, a vape with about two gos left on it, and a pile of 3-meo-pcp. But I didnít want dissos for a movie. Not the right place. Bonaparte had just got a half of powdered mushrooms. Mushrooms are just what I wanted. The cross tolerance with the 2c-t-7 shouldnít be to bad, and Iím not looking to blast off anyway. This is what I would do. Take 3g shrooms and go to a 10:40 showing completely across the city.

Fast forward a few hours of being on and off my phone.

An hour or two before that Iíd hit up my friend who works in a vape shop across the city. I needed to stash my bag as walking into a theater with an MG scale, weed, and a vial of 3-meo-pcp is a bad idea. Awesome dude, which I say a lot but thatís because if theyíre not awesome why keep interacting with them? Weíll call him Thorn. At this point heís pretty used to my oddity. A question asking if he was opening the shop at ten was answered affirmative. Itís 9:50 and Iím on the bench outside. I got myself one of those juice smoothies at 711 for the shroom powder. I mixed it, a hard thing to do with powder and no spoon to work with. Movie was in 50 minutes and was a 20 minute walk away. 40, where the hell is he? Is he opening this shop or what? 35, text him (You still home), 33 (Yeah just about to leave) 30, I shove the bag into his hands and take off. Drank the smoothie on the way to theater. From previous experience I know I have about thirty minutes until it kicks in. 20 until the movie and I need a good seat damn it, Iím on shrooms. Iím in line, picking up my ticket. 15, Iím in line. What is a movie experience without popcorn am I right? Also picked up a pair of those goofy 3d glasses they were selling. Needed a souvenir for the day. 5, a quick bathroom stop. 0, I slide into a seat, a good one right in the center. Theater is crowded but thereís a gap between each group and no party of more then two. I didnít really look around as I was still a bit fucked up on 3-meo-pcp and the shrooms were kicking in. -20, credits done, shrooms in full force it happened.

The most distinct opening noise in cinema. A star field, the title scrolls onto the screen. Iím hit all at once with everything I know about star wars, every emotion Iíve ever felt watching or reading, every bit of nostalgia, everything all at once. Itís happening itís here. The Star Wars of my youth was EP 1. Back then I could barely understand it. I was buzzing through the title scroll. Iíd successfully avoided all the hype. I had no expectations. It was now time for the experience.

Two hours hours twenty six minutes later (I stayed through the credits, partly because I was processing the experience, partly in hope of some more tidbit of film) I blink in the bright sun of a philly morning. Check my phone, Iím too fucked up to really process any of the texts on it but I still try. Apologized to the guy whoíd hit me up the previous night, sorry to fucked up to deal. I let my feet carry me back to the vape shop. My thoughts were all on what Iíd just witnessed. So many moments screamed for posters to be made.

I wanted so much to go home, to sleep. But I couldnít. Canít really explain to my parents why my pupils are dilated, or why I would be falling asleep during dinner. Told them I would be back late and started hunting for stuff to do. A few hours later...

While in devouring a plate of General Tsos with white rice both the people I hit up got back to me at once.

Well shit what do I do here? Could invite them together but the timing would be sort of annoying and they barely know each other. I shrug and head over to the first guys house telling the second Iíd be by later. The shrooms were gone at this point and it was time for more drugs.

Letís call this guy Hoffmann. Nice dude, old for a college student (in his thirties) and heís been through some shit. Spun out but always one for a good conversation. Heíd been fixing his car, and chilling with his dogs. I needed to fix my tiredness problem so it was time for more 3-meo-pcp. I think I did another thirty, gave him twenty. Hoffmann had done a lot of DXM. A lottttt of DXM. He had a period of seven days where he said he could control the universe. The conversation morphed and changed. Hoffmann and myself have very different views of the world. Heís a firm believer in that thereís a sense of connected controllingness to it. Iím firmly in the camp that itís all just us processing random sensory data. But itís important to listen to the other side, and Hoffmann is good at stating it when he can. Difficult to communicate the universe in just speech. Learned more about the creature he met while on Dex. A fascinating story I hope he commits to text some time. During the time there, we vaped, and reflection at the current moment makes me realize I forgot to throw in. Iíll get him next time. I took another twenty milligrams of 3-meo-pcp, and gave him another ten, then took off.

Ten minutes later I was walking through another door to another set of people. Shot the shit with Steven while we waited for his roommate. Steven, and Gyoza are formed students of my college. Both are in the film industry, or at least trying. Gyoza drives pizza deliveries in his spare time and has a car. A car I soon found myself in the back of with both of them zipping across town to a Lowes to pick up something for a shoot. I was just along for a ride, 3-meo still blasting, and making the traffic interesting. Normally home improvement stores are pretty boring, but as fucked up as I was I donít think thereís a place I could be that wasnít fascinating. Soon enough we were back on the road and had made it back to their place.

Time for more drugs. I dosed them both with 3-meo-pcp, no clue how much. This is where it gets dangerous to trust me. Fucked up I will generally make the right dosing decision but I wonít remember what it was. I took more sublingal. A minibong was broken out, and I donít remember if I helped fill it. I hope I did my memories are pretty bad at this point.

They brought out Munchkin, which is just the sort of game thatís great to play on low doses of dissos. High dose plus the weed made for some teleporting moments. Hard to plan when you canít remember whatís in your hand. We played and talked. My memories of this are foggy at best. Itíd been well more then twenty four hours now, and only the 3-meo was keeping me from collapsing. Lucidity got a bit better towards the end of the game, and I was able to come from behind and win. I find the best strategy for Munchkin is the one I employ for all my life, sit back and let it happen with just the occasional prod in the right direction.

I won the game, it was near 1:30. I was too fucked up for a train. Luckily Uber has been invented, the closest thing humanity has to a teleport. The driver was talkative, Iím not sure he was aware how fucked up I was. Finally at 2 am I stumbled back home, and up and into my bed. My vaped was still packed from earlier in the day. One more and time to sleep.

Iíd been on internet blackout pretty much all day. As I checked my various messengers and vaped my weed I started smiling. The shrooms came back, the 3-meo surged, and the weed floated me up. What a fucking day I thought as I passed into sleep.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107588
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jan 9, 2017Views: 2,481
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Mushrooms (39), 3-MeO-PCP (558) : Various (28), Multi-Day Experience (13), Combinations (3)

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