Magic Found Again
Ketamine, 4-Fluoroamphetamine & Piracetam
Citation:   Luzifer. "Magic Found Again: An Experience with Ketamine, 4-Fluoroamphetamine & Piracetam (exp107435)". Feb 9, 2017.

T+ 0:00
85 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:40 100 mg ocular 4-Fluoroamphetamine (capsule)
  T+ 1:40 1 g oral Piracetam (liquid)
  T+ 1:40 1 g oral Vitamin C  
  T+ 2:10   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:15   smoked Cannabis  
This is my first trip report, and this is the first time I think 'This experience must be shared!' I will mainly talk about the part of the trip, which led to this insight - the magic part! Sorry for my English. This is not my mother tongue.

I consider myself as quite an experienced psychonaut, in my early 50s, though my career started comparably late at the age of 40. I have used Mushrooms (lots), LSD, MDMA, Cannabis, 2C-B, Methylone, Mescaline, DMT and 4-Fluoroamphetamine before. P, also in their early 50s, is much less experienced. He just started exploring the unknown dimensions some month ago but with great enthusiasm.

My good friend P and myself in my apartment. We have the whole day and evening for experimentation. The goal for today is our first contact with Ketamine. As always, we prepared the place with mattresses on the floor of my living room and lots of candles around us spending warmth and light.

I feel a bit tired and depressed. I stopped smoking weed regularly/daily some weeks ago, what led to a major improvement with regards to mood and psychic stability. Last week I started smoking weed every day again and my depressive symptoms seemed to reappear. Nevertheless I am curious, what my first dissociative would be like. P is in good and positive mood, as always!

We decided, that P will be the first one trying Ketamin, while I will be trip sitting.

T:00:00: 100 mg Ketamin insufflated by P

T+01:45: P reports on his trip, which was somehow underwhelming.

T+02:00: 85 mg Ketamin insufflated by myself

T+03:30: My first trip with Ketamin was nice but I know, there must be more to it.

In order to fill the remaining hours with a little more pleasure, we decide to do some experimentation with 4-FA in combination with Piracetam. I've read a lot about Piracetam amplifying the effect of certain psychoactives. So why don't I give it a try?

T+03:40: We take 100 mg 4-FA powder each accurately weighed in a gel capsule together with 1 g of Piracetam dissolved in water. For minimizing health risk, we also take 1 g Vitamin C in a sustained release tablet and 400 mg of Lipoic acid in a gel cap.

T+04:10: The soft and heart opening quality of 4-FA is already present to some degree. Also the very pleasurable body sensation starts. We decide to smoke some weed.

T+04:20: This is magic! My whole body is filled with pure bliss! It doesn't matter what I look at, which music I hear, how the world appears to my senses - it feels like every cell of this body is dancing and blooming in pure light and ecstasy! My breath is going deeper and deeper, as if I otherwise couldn't withstand this enormous tsunami of joy, love and ecstasy. P and I look into each others eyes. He is also filled with bliss!

For about an hour or two we indulge in this incredible experience. It's like the first time with MDMA again or even better.
It's like the first time with MDMA again or even better.
I already had forgotten the magic of these first experiences years ago, And I feel blessed for meeting it again now!!! I have to shout this from the roof tops!

Of course, appreciation of music is highly enhanced, too. And so we are soaked in bliss and pleasure for the next ~ 90 minutes until a real smooth come down gets us back to friendly ground.

T+06:15: P decides to give the night another chance for showing him the magic and takes 8.1 g of dried mushrooms (psilocybe cubensis). I want to ride the 4-FA a little longer and smoke some weed again. I've had the experience, that this always reactivates the actual trip again. And so it does this time!

Of course I do not reach the heights I saw before. But the evening is a long smooth come down with smaller waves of euphoria while listening to the music I love and watching P searching for the truth of existence.

T+11:00: There is still so much thankfulness about the grace I was given today. P is still trying to find the answer. Or did he find it? I am tired and go to bed. I have no problem falling asleep.

T+20:30: I wake up after a good sleep and feel good. No hangover. This is when I start writing this report.

I don't know, what exactly lead to this extraordinary experience. I think, 4-FA and Piracetam are the main factors. Though Cannabis and maybe also Ketamin may have had some contribution. There was no preloading with Piracetam.

For P it was the first time taking 4-FA and/or Piracetam. I did this combination with less 4-FA some days before (50 mg 4-FA + 2 g Piracetam) and didn't observe any synergistic amplification.

One thing is sure after all: I will try this again!

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107435
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50
Published: Feb 9, 2017Views: 3,989
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