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A Pleasant Complement to the Beer
Amanita muscaria
by garyoldand_experncd
Citation:   garyoldand_experncd. "A Pleasant Complement to the Beer: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp106919)". Nov 30, 2017.

1.5 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
  50 mg oral Pharms - Paroxetine (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Tobacco  
    repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
    repeated smoked Amanitas - A. muscaria (ground / crushed)
    repeated oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)


After learning these are legal in the entire US, I decided to try, for the first time.

Description of mindset & setting - calm after a tough week - pleasant home setting alone with cats - my own music + favorite internet sites - chatted with friends online.

Details of any preparations made for the experience - used coffee grinder for smoking.

Notes on prescription or over-the-counter medications, herbs or supplements that were being taken at the time of the experience - 1.5mg xanax and 50mg zoloft in the morning.

Started off small, common sense to test its effects at that level. Also cracked first beer of 6. Also smoked cigarillos throughout the day.

1:00pm - ate lunch
1:30pm - crumpled 2cm of dry red skin from top to smoke
1:45pm - not much happening
2:00pm - ate small amount of 3 inch cap - most likely 1/2 gram....
2:30pm - nothing noticeable
3:00pm - smoked bowl of a ground up cap
5:45pm - nothing noticeable
6:00pm - ate 3 gm cap - taste tolerable, like cardboard
6:15pm - finished final 6th beer

6:30-7:00pm - urge to lay down - no nausea -felt more energy and alertness - no CEV'S OR OEV'S - although I noticed a certain shimmering to everything (again, nothing major) - no pupil dilation, but sense 'something is different'
9:00pm - still no nausea - soft music is on
9:30pm - slept intermittently for 2 hours
9:30-11:30pm - noticed ceiling fan and its shadow appeared to be going slower - felt a 'trippy love' for held cat - having more enjoyment playing with cat than usual - not particularly thirsty but water felt better than usual going down
12:00 am - went to bed
6:00am - woke up as usual with a pleasantly slight 'afterglow' - no significant dreaming
7:00am - all effects gone - fed cats - had breakfast

Overall its was a pleasant complement to the beer. @50 yrs old, no real desire to do this often, but I see potential in its anti-depression/anti-anxiety properties at this small level.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 106919
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50 
Published: Nov 30, 2017Views: 455
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Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199), Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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