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Methaqualone & Cannabis
Citation:   JordanBelfort. "Uninhibited: An Experience with Methaqualone & Cannabis (exp106705)". Oct 6, 2022.

375 mg oral Methaqualone (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis  
I stumbled across my grandfather's old medical kit and inside it was a bunch of Quaaludes and enough vials of barbiturates to last a lifetime.

I took one full 250mg pill and half of another pill for a total of 375mg which is a bit higher than a common dose. Taken on an empty stomach.

Twenty minutes in and I start to feel a pleasant tingling course through my body and my face begins to feel warm and flushed. A sense of disinhibition creeps up on me and I start talking louder to my friends who are there just hanging out with me in the basement. It feels like the head space of MDMA except no empathy. Just total uninhibited thoughts and actions and general disregard for consequences or social norms.
It feels like the head space of MDMA except no empathy. Just total uninhibited thoughts and actions and general disregard for consequences or social norms.

45 minutes in my vision is completely blurry and I can barely see anything. I get up to walk around but my coordination is a mess and I stumble around trying to gain composure. At this point I'm saying whatever ridiculous things come to my mind out loud including calling my friend's girlfriend's sister who was there 'fuckable' to her face. Fortunately she took it as a compliment and laughed. The drug has very pronounced pro-sexual effects and I was horny as hell which I found strange since benzos destroy my sex drive and I thought the two chemicals were similar but now I know they're not at all.

I keep on stumbling around the basement shooting the shit with people and talking about god knows what because I don't remember much. I never have loss of memory from anything including Xanax so I found it very surreal to wake up the next morning with chunks of my night missing from memory. I know I ended up smoking a joint which really brought out the Quaalude high and the euphoria was very intense. A mix of MDMA and Xanax. There was a very pronounced physical and mental euphoria so I would not compare it to benzos or alcohol like so many others do.

My friends go to bed and I basically collapse onto the couch and call the girl that I called fuckable over and she comes and sits next to me. I commence verbal diarrhea for the next hour and disclose things about my self that I really shouldn't have to a stranger. Long story short I end up having sex with her and I remember it being very, very euphoric. I can imagine some Quaalude parties in the 70's turning into orgies pretty quickly.

I woke up very early in the morning and with some of my motor skills back. I snuck out of the house and drove back to my own house to sleep/escape the embarrassment of seeing my friends.

Quaaludes are a very unique drug that really can't be compared to anything. I'd say GHB is the closest thing but Quaaludes are much stronger and more euphoric. One thing I know now is that I cannot take it and function in the slightest in society.

I still have a dozen left so I will be trying new combinations out. This time I will have a friend around to fill in the blanks that I don't remember.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106705
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Oct 6, 2022Views: 1,037
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Cannabis (1), Methaqualone (218) : Sex Discussion (14), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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