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Crushed Approximately 1g in a Joint
by Sue Denim
Citation:   Sue Denim. "Crushed Approximately 1g in a Joint: An Experience with Wormwood (exp106700)". May 19, 2020.

1 cig. smoked Wormwood (dried)


Wormwood Spliff

Disclaimer: Reading other experience reports, I grew to believe that wormwood when smoked is psychotropic- for this reason I may have had a high suspicion to disregard subtle effects as mere placebo.

Setting: Sunday morning, light rain, in flowering fields, mid-July

Set: Lucid, no medication- otherwise I am a pretty bad substance lightweight susceptible to placebo effects.

Preparation: I crushed approximately 1g of dried Artemisia absinthium into 1 small-paper joint and smoked standing up in fields.

Effects: None noticeable

Conclusion: While wormwood taken as such appears to have no psychotropic effects, it yielded thin, pleasant tasting smoke and could be used as a substitute for tobacco when rolling joints to avoid the nausea of a nicotine high while smoking marijuana.

After suspending my marijuana use for fear of harming my memory before starting university, I decided to try other supposedly psychotropic herbs growing locally in England. Wormwood was a very obvious candidate as it is famous for being the plant from which hallucinogenic absinthe is derived, not to mention its striking physiological similarity and similar pungency to the cannabis plant.

I had researched it, understanding that it contains thujone as an active ingredient. My research suggested that serious poisoning was caused by patients consuming concentrated extracts. I decided to use organic, dried buds in response to this, assuming that they would contain a marginally harmful level of the toxin. I used the 'dankest' species of wormwood, Artemisa absinthium to ensure a perceivable effect.

(I have experienced many marijuana and nicotine, numerous Salvia divinorum and some psilocybin highs, and so understand the varying range of effects organic psychotropics can produce)

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106700
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: May 19, 2020Views: 799
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Wormwood (50) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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