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It Makes Me Love Life
Citation:   ConstantEnergy. "It Makes Me Love Life: An Experience with Kratom (exp106116)". Jan 4, 2017.

3 g oral Kratom (plant material)
My Love for Kratom

I love Kratom, because it makes me love life. It gives me motivation, inspiration, relaxation, good night sleep and positive mindset, which are the recipe for good life. It has really made my life better.

When I take some White Indo for instance [no more than 3-4g at a time], I clean up my whole apartment with pleasure while listening to my favorite music. That's the best kind of Sunday. It really makes doing something, that my lazy ass would procrastinate on, an awesome experience. My dad has a hoarding disorder and he never cleans his house, so you can only imagine how horrible his home is. I don't ever wanna end up like that, but I've always been lazy by default. Kratom helps me with that.

I stopped using alcohol 6 months ago, all thanks to Kratom. It gives me all I wanted from alcohol and more without giving me horrible side effects like hangover and such. Also I don't lose control like I would with alcohol. On Kratom I have that extroversion without being clumsy and embarassing myself. There's also a lot of alcoholism in my family, so I want to break the chain and live an alcohol-free life.

After a workout it works as a great muscle relaxer. Green Malaysian or Green Elephant always gives me this amazing after-massage-like feeling in my neck and shoulders. My neck and shoulders are very tense usually, so it feels awesome. Kratom has also helped me fix my ugly forward head posture by relieving the pain and the tension.

When I take Kratom, I see the positive side of everything. All the needless problems my over-thinking brain creates fade away. I said this to my friend: 'Kratom makes your inner demons shut up, but unlike with alcohol (and other substances), the demons are not compensating by being louder after the effects stop' and I think it really fits Kratoms effect on the way we think.

Music on Kratom. Don't even get me started. Even though Kratom makes my ears a little more sensitive to loud noises, I enjoy music so much more on Kratom. It's almost like I understand more of the lyrics and the whole concept of the song and feel like I can relate to it more easily, especially when it's positive and relaxing music. I can catch the vibe more easily.

Kratom is also a great appetite suppressant. I've been on a huge calorie deficit and Kratom really keeps the hunger away. Without it I probably would've stopped ages ago.

Also, I'm a rapper and Kratom really helps me be creative with my stuff. It gives me inspiration to write and motivation to write more.

There are couple of downsides to Kratom too, but they are not too bad. One is the sensitivity of my ears. Second is the nausea, which only happens when taking too much. Third is the dehydration and constipation, if I don't drink enough water.

Oh (<---that's what she says) and Kratom helps me last much longer in bed, while making the whole experience more enjoyable altogether. *wink*

[Age at time of experience: 18 to 20]

Exp Year: 2013-2015ExpID: 106116
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jan 4, 2017Views: 5,530
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