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Consumed as Part of Ceremonial Rites
by Musu
Citation:   Musu. "Consumed as Part of Ceremonial Rites: An Experience with Mandrake (exp106091)". May 9, 2018.

  smoked Mandrake (dried)
    smoked Tobacco (dried)
    oral Coffee  
    oral Chocolate (liquid)


I am a veteran occultist and as part of some of the rites that we (the temple the I had founded and was part of at the time of the following operation) partook in involved smoking mandrake as part of the preparatory activities preceding ceremonies.

We broke the stem (approximately 3/4 of thick stem) into very small pieces and mixed it with tobacco and rolled it as one would normal cigarette. Along with this we made an 'libation' consisting of VERY strong coffee (approximately 4 oz of instant) in approx. Pt of hot water along an equal amount of instant hot chocolate and honey (do not recall the precise amount of honey). The mandrake and libation were ritually consumed by the 4 participants and the ceremony proceeded.

Mid-way through I found myself losing muscular control in my legs, eventually I had to conclude the ceremony on my knees and the aid of an assistance because I was unable to stand, my mental state was one of INTENSE focus, but had a dream like quality. Following the ceremony I was aided out of the circle and eventually to my bed where I lay almost comatose for approx. 4 hrs. The effects included very shallow breathing, sweating, dissociation, paralysis and trance. The overall effect was one of near death.

I have repeated smoking in various doses and found that the experience can be replicated in the proper doses and have used it, though not frequently, to induce trance states. Not all participants of the above experience the same or even similar results, though persons that I have taught and embarked on various experiments with have noted related/similar results from smoking it.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 106091
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 47 
Published: May 9, 2018Views: 3,670
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