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Bilirubin Levels Were Through the Roof
Kratom (liquid extract)
Citation:   San Salvador. "Bilirubin Levels Were Through the Roof: An Experience with Kratom (liquid extract) (exp105711)". Erowid.org. Apr 20, 2018. erowid.org/exp/105711

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One Friday shortly after my 23rd birthday I decided to go purchase some kratom extract from a local head shop. I have been entirely sober for the past few months up to this point, and only have a past of marijuana use and have only drank a handful of times in my entire life.

I purchase a 16 capsule (8g) package of Malay Special Reserve Kratom Extract. I had earlier researched that kratom in higher doses can have stimulant effects, which seemed ideal for my goal of trying to kick off a weekend of studying for multiple college exams that were scheduled for the upcoming Monday. I took 4 capsules, waited 30min, felt nothing. Took 4 more 30 min later, felt nada. Then an hour after that, I took the last 8 capsules, and whatt'ya know, I didn't feel jack shit. Until 5 hours later...

I was awoken by the most intense abdominal pain I've ever experienced. I was kept awake the entirety of the night, cringing on the floor trying to take my mind off of the aching pain in my abdomen. When I took a piss that night, my urine was dark brown, and my kidneys felt like deflating whoopie cushions while I was pissing.
When I took a piss that night, my urine was dark brown, and my kidneys felt like deflating whoopie cushions while I was pissing.
My skin was also extremely jaundiced, and my eyes were all swampy looking.

I went to one of those 24 hour clinics the next morning, and was informed that I had drug-induced hepatoxicity and that my bilirubin levels were through the roof. This was my first experience (and undoubtedly the last) taking kratom. I am well aware that my experience was not with 'pure' kratom leaves and that the extracts in those capsules likely have some sort of synthetic filler, but I felt obligated to write this because I've seen alot of forums online where people ask about kratom-related liver concerns, and alot of fucktard neanderthal dumbshits try to 'prove' that anything kratom-related is totally kosher. I am an extremely healthy individual who works out daily and adheres to a vegan diet, and this kratom extract hit me like a fucking plague. I was bedridden sick for a week.

Dunno about the leaves, but I know for sure I won't ever touch anything related to kratom ever again.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105711
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Apr 20, 2018Views: 5,809
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